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Travis Scott FAILS Kylie Jenner Quiz?! – Taylor Swift SNUBBED By MTV VMAS (DHR) – Viral Trends

Travis Scott FAILS Kylie Jenner Quiz?! – Taylor Swift SNUBBED By MTV VMAS (DHR)

More Celebrity News ▻▻ http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews Taylor Swift gets SNUBBED by the MTV VMAs! Travis Scott FAILS a Kylie Jenner Quiz! AND Pete …


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  1. Taylor literally released is on there show
    It’s the only reason most of the people I know even watched the stupid award show. They just wanted to use her to get attention again.

  2. She should of one video of the year and the song it was a huge transformation and it was awesome too bad she went to the dark side but nevertheless the whole thing is rigged but she deserved video of the year at the very least

  3. She 100% got snubbed. I am really disappointed in MTV for this. Because she chose to premier it at that Award Show and it 100% gave them more views, because there were people doing reaction videos while waiting for the video to premier. And she doesn't get Artist of the year? Pop song of year? Video of year? Nomination? Are you effing kidding me? She is like the biggest artist out. Her fame power is massive. The one everyone non stop talks about. The one that breaks her own records! The one people compare winners to. The one who knocked Despacito off the #1 spot. The one that made people's wigs fly off and jaws drop when she rose up from that grave. The one that gave us symbolic, meaningful high budget videos. The one that divides people. The one people love to love and hate and keep in thier mouth. LWYMMD is the biggest fucken bop. Sexy, sassy!!!! Pure TALENT , creating a masterpiece with every hate, article, cristism thrown at her, literally using a beat from a song that was on mean girls, using everything people have said about her in 1 fucken song!!! By using her old images to argue amongst themselves!!!! wtf, she is a LEGEND, HER VIDEO IS LEGENDARY! and for her not to be nominated in these categories is just bullshit. makes no sence, at all. The fact that she has that many era's we recognise, means she is an Artist of the decade. So ….. I hope swifties are right. And she does get the vangaurd award. But still, doesnt matter if she was nominated for these awards and won them. And then got the vanguard award. I feel bad for her, because people just hate seeing her win time after time. They think "ok enough now" and then make excuses in thier mind why she shouldnt be winning. Like, she is a winner. That's it. Maybe VMA wants to give Ariana the moment after what happened. Then its less hate of Taylor's back. Who knows.

  4. Look What You Made Me Do should be nominated at least, yes she doesn't need those awards but dude MTV VMAs is an award show for Music Videos! MV that shows artistry, amazing cinematography, outstanding concept and best visuals! LWYMMD has it all! She don't have to win the award but it should be recognized at least, and also the fact that it broke so many records. VMAs really snubbed her.

  5. Clickbait Travis didn't fail the quiz it was legit 20/23 he got 20 question right out of 23 you guys can't keep lying to people for views i unsubbed you guys have been telling lies lately

  6. Honestly they really fucked Taylor Swift over with the nominees. She literally released the LWYMMD during the VMAs that broke all records and gave the VMAs millions of viewers and they fucked her over like that. That’s just wrong. And the video was 100% one of the best music videos of all time not gonna lie.

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