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My CAMERA EQUIPMENT for wildlife photography in Finland | Photographer’s Friday – Viral Trends

My CAMERA EQUIPMENT for wildlife photography in Finland | Photographer’s Friday

In this episode of Photographer’s Friday I am going through the camera equipment I am bringing for wildlife photography in Finland.
Because we are getting there by car, I am bringing a …. load of gear – what a luxury.
I am really looking forward to spending a week in the amazing wildernes of Finland and I can’t wait to share this adventure with you.

••• FOLLOW ME •••
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mortenhilmer/
Facebook: https://fb.com/MortenHilmer
Website: https://mortenhilmer.com

Some of these links are Amazon affiliate links so if you buy your stuff through them, you are supporting my work because Amazon will give me a small percentage. Thank you so much 🙂

This is the Really Right Stuff Long Lens Support: http://bit.ly/longlenssupport
My Vlogging tripod: http://geni.us/tksAg
My camera cleaning kit: http://geni.us/9VpBVfW
Protector for my Mavic Pro remote control: http://geni.us/oCQwcfM
Self Adhesive tape for my harddrives: http://geni.us/ePYCDu
Camouflage tape for my lenses: http://geni.us/4rSP


My gear list

I am using Artlist and Epidemic Sound for my vlogs and videos.
Artlist is an awesome music service for video creators.
You’ll get 2 extra months on your subscription by signing up using this link: http://bit.ly/music-artlist

••• WHO I AM •••
My name is Morten Hilmer and I am a professional nature and wildlife photographer. In this series of behind the scenes vlogs I want to share my fascination of nature with you and invite you behind the scene when I am out photographing the fascinating wildlife, the stunning landscapes and the wild nature. I work as a ILCP photographer, and nature conservation is very close to my heart.

For me nature photography is all about sharing the unique experiences and to put awareness to nature conservation. Furthermore my goal is to inspire as many as possible to get out and experience the true beauty of nature.

“I have served in the Danish military special unit, the Sirius Patrol, for two years and that has given me the skills and confidence to operate alone in the arctic regions. I have spent two further years in the northern parts of Greenland meeting the local people and working on photography projects. My driving force is a sense of adventure and my fascination for nature, and my curiosity and empathy for other cultures has led me to many remote regions.”

Read more about my time in the Sirius Dogsled Patrol: http://www.bbc.com/earth/story/20160226-photographing-greenlands-elite-dog-sled-patrol

Beside the many publications my photographs has been awarded in the Wildlife photographer of the year and European Wildlife photographer of the year photo competitions.

In spring 2017 I published my book Silence of the North: https://mortenhilmer.com/en/shop/silence-of-the-north/

See you out there !

All the best
Morten Hilmer


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Comments 33

  1. Hi to you Morten and hi to all the people who are commenting on Nikon vs Canon. I have to say that I really enjoy your videos Morten and for me, the equipment you use is interesting only in far more general terms. It interests me to see you using a ball head on your tripod with a 600mm lens for the Musk Oxen, for instance. That small (and unmentioned) detail makes me think about the effort you are making to get to the location and that the weight is so critical that you chose not to use a gimbal or a fluid head. Seeing you using a blue jacket stalking hares. That tells me that camouflage is less important than body language / how you approach the animals. These kind of things are far more interesting to me than which camera system you decide works for your needs.

    To anyone who feels sad that Morten may move to Canon, just remember that if someone finds a new camera which is better for their needs than the one they used to use, it doesn't mean that you should worry that your equipment is not good enough. Your camera didn't suddenly become worse when a new model came out. We should all take inspiration from photographers like Morten and use that energy to have our own adventures. Best wishes to all.

  2. Morten, love your stuff, but in your video you keep saying "let's just get to it"….and I wait, and wait, and wait… Brother, seriously, I need more time to enjoy and shoot myself. Can you please get the point quicker? Thanks.

  3. Great segment Morten…. looking forward to seeing the images and video you make and of course , the behind the scenes are always an added bonus. Good luck!

  4. Nice photographers friday video Morten. I'm already looking forward of your videos and photos from your trip/adventure to Finland. Have a great time over there and look out that your not the one the bears and wolves will be chasing 😁

  5. im from indonesian and im always watching you and always support your video sure,,sorry me english so bad because im little cant english language

  6. Hi Morten are you referring my comment on your Facebook about switching from Nikon to Canon? I am not angry or upsets only did not like it that you going towards canon side. As I am a Nikon user when watching your videos its inspirational and feel very attached. For videos you dont have to go to canon you can use Nikon D850 4k video amazing quality. Its up to you. I am following you from long time and will continue. I enjoy watching your all adventures. Good luck have a great trip.

  7. Love how you always focus on photography and nature. You look at cameras and gear as a tool and don't waste time and energy on fanboying and you choose the best option for your job. Great example of having an open mind!
    I wish you a safe trip and lots of nice photos and videos! Can't wait for the video!

  8. As wild life photographers, kit is important but even more important is understanding the behaviour patterns of the animals, in that way you can start to predict what they will do and how they will react in certain conditions. This gives you a better chance of seeing them and photographing them successfully. I can thoroughly recommend a great book on this subject – "Wild signs and Star Paths" by Tristan Gooley. It is absolutely fascinating and easy to read.

  9. Hei Morten, For å få mest mulig dynamic range og valgmuligheter bør du installere en log profil direkte i kamera. Det finnes flere log profiler til 1DX MKII, men disse er ikke fra Canon. Du må "hacke" kamera for å installere log profiler på ditt kamera. Jeg filmer selv på C300MKII og her utvalget av log (C-log i Canon sin verden) fra Canon stort. C-log er nok forbeholdt Canon sitt pro-video marked p.g.a. salg. For å se hva du kan få av resultat, om det er verdt å hacke kamera, kan du filme i D-log (DJI-log) på din Mavic, og låse opp med LUT (det finnes masse luts på nettet til Mavic) når du redigerer video-opptakene fra Mavic seinere. Skal du hacke kamera vil du miste garanti osv., men vet det er flere som har gjort dette med stort hell. God tur til Finland!:)

  10. Just a thought Morten but Nikon are rumoured to be about to announce their mirrorless camera system. The rumours suggest that the new mirrorless may have improved autofocus for video. It may be worth waiting to see how the mirrorless system performs for video before the costly exercise of changing systems to Canon.

  11. Your philosophies around both photography and the environment are spot on, they must be as they are the same as mine. I agree that a lot of people get hung up over brands and type of camera rather than the image created. I do shoot Canon, but my reasons are build and balance but this is because of my difficulties rather than saying they are right for everyone. I know Nikon offer the same build quality, but I shot (and still shoot) Canon with my film cameras, purely because my older brother did and there were bits of kit we could share. My reasons are no deeper or more exciting than those practicalities. I never shoot video so things like 4K go over my head unless they are talking about my beloved Zorki. I also have a lot invested in my Canon system and it wouldn’t make economical sense for me to change. In truth my photography hasn’t outgrown my kit yet, and I still prefer my 5DII over my 5DIII and like yourself with your D5, it feels more intuitive for me to use.

    However, as I said on your previous video, I can see companies, like Sony, making a true outdoor sport/wildlife camera very soon. This will be a major game changer for top pros, like yourself, who need larger prints and tighter crops for magazines etc. Overall though, for the vast majority of us, people should just shoot what makes them happy and gets them out with their camera. It’s their money they are spending and it’s certainly none of my business what other people choose.

    The wonderful thing about disabilities it that the mobility scooter carries all the weight, so your packing looks like an average morning at the local nature reserve to me. Maybe a slight exaggeration there, but I do always take the 7DII and 5DIII with me when shooting either wildlife or digital landscapes. Yours look like amazing set ups and I’m sure neither will let you down.

    As always a brilliant video which I really enjoyed, I hope by the time you read this you have already captured many awesome images. I know you’ve gone for work, but you can still have a great time.

  12. Hej Morten, din colour profile skal være sat til “log” aka flad colour profile, så nå man skal redigere videoen i premiere Pro, hvilket jeg går ud fra du gør siden du bruger photoshop, lightroom osv. Kan man bare lavet en “ajustment layer” hvor du tilføjer en lut 🙂 men hvis du ikke har tid til alt det, er Canon jo kendt for sin gode billede farve😊

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