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The Third Industrial Revolution: A Radical New Sharing Economy – Viral Trends

The Third Industrial Revolution: A Radical New Sharing Economy

The global economy is in crisis. The exponential exhaustion of natural resources, declining productivity, slow growth, rising unemployment, and steep inequality, …


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Comments 30

  1. Frankly put this is good to know. It is good to know that the world leaders are coming to see this as a solution because it breeds some hope. I want to commend the speaker for his positivity, passion and drive.
    However there are some serious unaddressed flaws inherit in this solution and so MY hope is that this will be a stepping stone to a higher realization. The realization that overpopulation is the problem AND that techno fixes to techno problems only breed more techno problems. No solution is without sacrifice yes but one cannot help but lament as the philanthropists of Patagonia did "we are marching towards a cliff…who said progress is not doing a 180 turn and going back"
    I am from New Zealand – currently fighting for protection of endangered species such as the Maui Dolphin (60 left). Our government has just granted international private drilling firms the right to extract rich iron sands in their last habitat for the next 25 years (read Chinese steel mills > extinct species). The world needs more metal you see and apparently its still o.k to spend species currency to get it.

    To create a third revolution in this context requires a dramatic expanse into ocean mining among other things.

    Further – people are always connected in other ways (spiritually) but when the connection comes through vital life systems that are always constant and can be overridden, hijacked…one cannot help think of something akin to skynet. Even NZ is part of a huge spying network that has failed to stop ANY terrorist threats but continually collects and stores all data from its people. I fear what it would evolve into given complete global 24/7 connectivity and hyper gadgets.

    All in all I see why people jump at this – the man presents a very good case, seems well rounded and is very influential on the international stage. However at the end of the day he is a salesman and has (probably knowingly) omitted some serious flaws in his case. It would have been far better to hear him giving both the pros and cons of such a case, weighing them and then producing conclusions for us to think over. Problem being, and I think he knows this, is that prophets cannot falter in their solutions if people are to feverishly follow them- the must seem bullet proof.

  2. A scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.
    Max Planck

  3. This guy is scary. "Smart" anything, like driverless cars, global "regions", unified utilities across the world? This guy is talkingNew World Order, the fascists wet dream of global domination and human subjugation. You better bone up on the New WorldOrder so you will be able to recognize when the capo's of industry are selling you a bill of goods and a one way ticket to Neo Liberal feudalism featuring YOU as the "compliant submissive" slave class that sHIllary Clinton was talking about bringing "to heel". Wake up. You're being played by these sociopathic money monsters. These are the same clowns that have brought us all of this fossil fuel death and destruction we have now. They just don't want to be kicked out by We, the People, so they are sending guys like this out to curry our favor and pull the wool over our eyes for the same egomaniacs that have destroyed our lives with their vulture capitalism in the first place. The Wharton School is a place that teaches how to exploit everything to get rich at the expense of every living thing around us. This guy is wrapping a few recognizable truths in with his sales pitch hoping you are ill informed enough that you will bite down on his hook, line, and sinker. All those cars that are going to be gotten rid of? That's because they plan on getting rid of us. Check out the Georgia Guide Stones. We tried "ride sharing" in the past and it was a dismal failure. Every one of us wants the freedom to come and go as we need to or as we please. Notice he wasn't talking about putting in mass transportation like trains or trolleys similar to what they have in Europe. Nope. This guy wasn't talking mass anything, because they are planning on us not being here. These guys are sick. You better stop sleeping and wake up.

  4. very interesting but there was a lot of false info. The global economy is growing big time right now (over 3% which is very good). unemployment is going great, it's at a 50 year low here in america at least. Also I work in finance and stocks didn't crash in 2008 because of high oil prices, that's absolutely ridiculous, they fell because of fraud and the housing market which is a whole big thing I don't want to get into. Lastly, the fastest growing stocks for the past years have been ETF for developing countries, their economies are growing faster than ever! Yes, let's switch to green energy, but I have a hard time watching and respecting anyone who is just blatantly giving false info to make his narrative seem more powerful

  5. A I got a battery IDA 4 U internet of things gIz, thA sA thE bigSt problM with solar is the batREz – wL hEr a Ql sLUtion.. just Uz thE XcS solar/windmill electric 2 bring some water from the OcEN up 2 a nErby higher/g8d plateau reservoir.. wN U nEd electric on a non-sunE/winD dA, OpN the g8 have proper amoOnt water flO doOnward & turn a watermill 2 gNer8 electric.. Ftr that, at the bottom reservOir U cN DsalanIz as much water as U chUz, & rEcycL the rSt bak 2 top 2 rEplNish batery(Or OCN If 2 much). There U gO, frE reservOir sIzed bIO-frNdlE batRE & DsalNIsr.. ✋️☺️

  6. What a waste of time. Don't bother watching this – extremely limited substance with little to no practical solutions. He seems to enjoy throwing around buzzwords like blockchain and shared energy, with little purpose. He reiterates that he's no Utopian, yet his solutions seem to suggest otherwise.

  7. This video starts on the false premise that global GDP is on a long term decline. That is untrue. Global GDP grows every year. There is also no change in global temperatures. The whole video is probably hogwash but I stopped watching it when he told those lies.

  8. Why did Germany just sign a massive fossil fuel deal with Russia and sign off on a huge new pipeline construction project to pipe in yet even more fossil fuel … and why does everyone in the audience look lime they've just dropped Ketamine

  9. Most of this is utter bullshit. The world will not live in some utopia sharing community. I can't believe the number of people who are being brainwashed by this crap. You think the money and power structures that exist today will allow for this? ha ha ha. No kiddos, the world will fight over resources just like it always has and just like the animal kingdom has for ages. That's an actual and truly organic solution.

  10. Seems to be a scare tactic to have people buy into technology they cannot afford. Don't eat meat because cows are making the weather worse. Creating fear and panic.

  11. Lost me with climate change BS
    More carbon comes out a volcanic eruption than we spew in 100years & we have been only doing it that long but the first 50years were next to nothing
    The most growth of flora & fauna was during the peak of carbon in our atmosphere
    No wonder we are going to shit with treasonous turds like this misleading everyone while holding such positions

  12. this is a much better direction at forecasting the world, comparing to those who preach the crash, stocking foods, stocking gold, keeping firearms, Jesus is coming, depopulation, preparing for apocalypse.

  13. At first I got hooked up. Then I remembered that I used to like to believe in such a future… This sounds painfully like socialism to me 😀 except noone gets rid of the % for loans or bankers. Also, did I hear him right, he's against DarkWeb? He's for a centralised controlled internet, but against Tor network?

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