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Riot Games punished Faker for this? | LS and NB3 Drama | Tyler1 on Reddit Post | LoL Moments – Viral Trends

Riot Games punished Faker for this? | LS and NB3 Drama | Tyler1 on Reddit Post | LoL Moments

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  1. Some people never understand why some people keep spamming keys and actually play good while copycats fail doing it. Its a force of habit that u natural develop after playing for so long that your brain process it faster then the average player. In league the tab gives alot of info and for most viewers it may seem spam but for the player its actually staying up to date with items and score. Just to clear it out because I heard a voice say idiot to faker.

  2. Faker clicks tab so it's immediately what every player needs to do 100% of the time, what an idiot LS is.

    Edit: LS is trying to look good by clicking tab, Faker is already good.

  3. I firmly believe Faker, and others do that, just like starcraft players do it. If your hands are never idle, you will be able to react faster. They count apm (actions per minute) in starcraft. Anyone good will not be idly watching. Instead dragging boxes, looking at the state of the game, constantly moving your mouse will make it so you can handle more at a time when it comes to macro/micro. NB3 has no clue about any of this or he wouldn't have said anything about increasing apm.

  4. I like how everyone likes to take a stab on nb3, the guy is good at the game and has the biggest yt channel in the community, i dont understand the hate he gets. If you dont like him, is voice, the gameplay than just move on… people like LS just want to leech of someone else popularity. lul

  5. I saw the new patch notes and saw that zoe got nerfed…(Expectations) ooooo her q dmg must have been reduced and her e stun duration lowered. (Reality) her w got nerfed her spell dmg is reduced on her w. WTF ARE YOU DOING RIOT JUST NERF HER Q AND E WHY ARE YOU NERFING HER W GODDAMIT

  6. Everybody commenting about what NB3 said about useless keyboard spamming is true. Don't try to get me convinced with your warming up/training reflexes by spamming keys. That has nothing to do with reflexes/warming up. Some of you might think im a NB3 weeb fan, but in fact i hate him, he is what IWD would call "special", but still, he is right. People do it automatically because they have nothing to do meanwhile running from spawn to lane/location on the map. If you wanted to train your reflexes/warming up, you do it by entering practice tools or a casual game in CS:GO. Don't hit people up with that bullshittery…

  7. INstead of posting gargabe on reddit why not implement actuall dodge system in game i would suggest=
    In Champ select screen if someone troll picked or comp is so shit there should be voting for dodge and more then half should be voting yes so 3/5 and if voted yes you can dodge yes it would increase game timers BUT i would HIGHLY loved that i dont have to play with fuking gargabge champion TROLLMO as adc,supp,jungle cus if i dodged 1 time before that now i have to dodge again and wait 26 min cus someone is trolling and its holding you hostage in select screen now thats unfair and unhealthy and its in game for years and maybe add as soon as you dodge you go in end/post screen where are you able to report trolls imedietly and so they get punished not us who play normally,i just think that would be great idea( o yes and maybe actuall DODGE BUTTON so i dont have to close client and relog every fuking time its retarded).

  8. Im not a Faker,Ls or NB3 fanboy
    But NB3 is wrong spamming tab gives u a lot of info while u dont slow ur reflexes and u see ur own char and whats around.
    If u tab for like 3+sec to gather info u dont see whats happening on ur screen, when u spam it u the everything no one can surprise u.
    Its like in every other game cod/csgo why u keep spamming weapon switch? Cuz u dont want ur reflexes to slow down in these tiny breaks.
    But in ls situation he spams esc whats 100%unnecessary spamming tab gives u info while vision on ur char, but what does esc spamming? Right nothing except blocking much more of the screen.
    U get nothing good from spamming esc.
    BUT I saw many said he got it from starcraft and other games its probably a habit so we cant flame him that much.

  9. press tab every 5 sec is useless , u use tab to check if ppl got new gear and what lvl they are . they dont get new stuff every 5 sec lmao . just because faker does it , doesnt mean u have to the same shit . it;s like counter-strike . u switch to your knife and wep like an idiot for no reason . ofc u are fast with the knife but what's the point switching it every 3-5 sec

  10. Ls is just bullshitting lol even faker watched it at some point for more than second.
    Spamming tab is good if youre actually looking not if its just a button to spam like LS does. Ask him if he sees anything at all or if he has short term memory problems. Why the hell would you keep on spamming it if the enemies have been in your sight. Its not like the enemy team went to base and came back in the 5 seconds you have been fighting them.

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