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Landscape Photography USA – Arches National Park, Utah – Viral Trends

Landscape Photography USA – Arches National Park, Utah

Arches National Park in Utah is a stunning location for landscape photography. Getting there is easy if you’re in Moab. The big arches makes some great objects for photography and they’re a must see for everyone. In this episode we’ll focus on Double Arches, Delicate Arch, Landscape Arch and Balanced Rock.


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Comments 46

  1. They have now banned light painting for commercial permit users at Arches which covers workshops as they charge money for the tours. So you weren't kidding when you said that pissed of a lot of photographers. Also Zion has done a similar ban in their park for commercial permit users (aka workshops) for the use of tripods. Apparently too many paths were being blocked.

  2. I've been watching your whole series Mads. Just stunning!!!! Especially seeing the photos you've made of places I myself have been to. Puts my photos to shame, but so inspiring. Now I have to go back. Keep up your incredible work, and thanks.

  3. Really LOVE this channel and I know you don't 'normally' do tutorials BUT it is common for you to do 'Pano Stitching', would you do a video tutorial on how you do this? Compositions and Post…..

  4. Great vid. Any suggestion for an Arch to photograph on the eclipse day (21.08.17) ? Delicate Arch may be overcrowded as the sun should be on the same line behind the arch (if i'm doing well in Photopills 🙂 )

  5. Just found your channel and wanted to throw a compliment your way. Nicely presented, very high quality content here. Unique images, very inspiring! Looking forward to checking out your other episodes.

  6. Hello Mads. I had the awesome opportunity Oct. 2016 to capture many of the arches you described in the video where my newly purchased 10-18mm gave me some real "keepers". Love the way you deal with the situations beyond your control, and "make it work". A true pro, as to which, I draw inspiration. Thanks. JB

  7. Stunning images as always, Mads! Loved hearing your solution to capturing the "moonburst" at the arch, as well as your discussion of some of the failed attempts and "lemons" you were handed by the night sky and other factors. Really helps give some context and told a good story. Even though these locations are heavily photographed, you got some great and unique results! Can't wait to go there myself!

  8. Inspiring video. You do such a great job of combining the travel information with the photography, that almost every video you produce creates a desire to go to that location. I live in Utah, but have never been down to Arches. The time that I could go is during the summer, which doesn't seem ideal for photography. It is on our list to go see when I retire in a few years.

  9. Excellent videos – I thoroughly enjoy them and always look forward to the next one – great information and excellent shots – the pictures from this last video are some of the best I have seen from this area – I hope you continue doing them for long time !!

  10. Great vlog, and great images Mads! Super way to turn lemons into lemonade! I was just at Arches this past weekend and can't wait to see what I got when I get home!

  11. Great image of Landscape Arch Mads! Your videos make the destinations so appealing. I am saddened by this because these parks are already grossly overcrowded and they will certainly get more people now 🙂 I have been to Arches many times and it is unique among the US national parks. Well done video. Light painting might be banned from Arches in 2018.

  12. Great photos! Great narrative! Great presentation! My son and I will be hiking/camping/photoing in Utah for 15 days mid-September. Planning to hit all 5 NPs. Thanks for sharing your amazing work, and I really appreciate the exif data you included.

  13. I can hear how proud you are of your moon-burst shot, haha.^^ And you should, amazing job!

    Arches NP is a place I missed due to time constraints but I certainly have to come back here. What a place… 😮

  14. Mads, this is a place I know intimately. I've photographed Arches multiple times and each time there brings different compositions. The park just has so much to offer. Also, it is fairly close to Monument Valley to the south about three hours. Canyon lands, which I hope you did not miss, is basically "Across the street" from Arches. There is one park between Moab and Monument Valley that can offer up some amazing photographs. Gooseneck's state park. It is a strip of the San Juan river that winds its way southward and can offer up images almost as beautiful as horse shoe bend in AZ. Utah, is probably my favorite area so far of the U.S that I have had the chance to Photograph. I know I will be back there multiple times in the future. Great V-log as always. You are a true artist.

  15. Beautiful photography as usual, unfortunately disappointment is a big part of landscape photography but my philosophy is it always gives you a reason to come back to a location.

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