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Basic Set of Tools for the Woodworking Beginner – Viral Trends

Basic Set of Tools for the Woodworking Beginner

Original post on our site with additional information, plans, questions & comments: …


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Comments 42

  1. He must be making good money to be able to afford festools. Personally I think they're overpriced in that you're paying for a name. But if that's what he prefers and can justify it cest la vie. Pssst I would have gone with Milwaukee.

  2. I see you didnt rank them…which is really impossible…

    But I'd have to put the circular saw number one.

    1. Circular Saw
    2. Drill
    3. Sander
    4. Router
    5. Jigsaw

    That's just how I would rank them if I had to…but of course that doesnt make sense.
    Its kinda like saying a cars engine is more important than its wheels.

  3. Hi, I'm redoing my wood floors and for some reason in certain spots it's changing colors like splotchy. It's like a light paper bag brown, they really stand out. It does it even after I sand and stained it. Can you help?

  4. Was scared of wasting money in tools that thought I’ll never use but ,
    No anymore have bunch of ideas and positive if I never try I’ll never known if I’m good or not

  5. A basic set of tools is determined by the work you do.  Not by some arbitrary list maker.  Are you a trim carpenter, a framer, a cabinet maker, a tradesman of some other type or a home owner who needs some basic woodworking tools to support your activities.  Each one of these people will have a different list.  One tool they will all need is tape measure.  A hammer is losing some of its past glory but is still in most tool kits as is the square.  I have a router.  It was a waste of money.  I only used it once and even then I could have used a plane. I can never see me needing an orbital sander and I have been in the trade for 47 years.  The cordless drill is a useful tool for many jobs.  A circular saw is right up there but it would be a tough call whether the circular, table, band saw is most useful and yes the jig saw has it's moments but not as often as the previous saws.  Back to my first point… what you do determines what you need.  As for the Festool ad… I guess you're hoping they toss you a bone for that blatant ad.

  6. Nobody seems to be learning anything from this video because they are focusing on the brand and not the tool, of course no beginner is going to be buying festool power tools for a hobby.

  7. I’m a 2nd generation Carpenter And a pro tattoo artist. I want to learn more About this craft but my Father passed away when I was young
    And I feel that he would have loved to keep his tradition going

  8. hi my name is Cyril Ngaponda, i am a doctor and i live in Africa a country called Tanzania, i was randomly browsing my internet but my aim is looking for someone to be my mentor on how i can start a small carpentry bussiness, i am very interested in home furniture and decoration designing. i saw your video on the basic tools for a beginner, i was very delighted on you. my request is for you to be my mentor through this journey, we can be writing emails and whatever you tell me or ask i will follow, i am 37 years old, i believe we gonna be good partner and friends as well. my email is cyngaponda@gmail.com

  9. Thanks for making this video. My grandfather passed away and I inherited a lot of tools and I didn't wanna sell them. I wanna continue on what he began enjoying in his retirement. I have everything you mentioned other than a drill (ironically).

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