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Short conversation about the problems most common with the VGT – Variable Geometry Turbocharger in the Ford PowerStroke Diesel application.


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Comments 46

  1. Can you tell me if my turbo could be sticking- i have a high pitch his from the clean side 2005 6.0 you can see the boost line bow up, no leaks, also as soon as i disconnect the solenoid it goes back to normal running. it has low power and seems to be over boosting at an idle. i just repaired 3 boost leaks on the y pipe it did sit for a while.

  2. Forgot 2006 6.0 on pulling out like slug 10000 miles after rebuilt was running great now building boost faster than before and no turbo power if makes any sense

  3. I have a 2006 f250 6.0 Diesel lariat 4×4 club cab I just had bullet proof 10000 miles ago now wen running right it was like hitting nitrous button wen hit throttle and boost gauge would climb slow and never get to 20 lbs boost now building boost quick off line but it is a slug turbo and vgt was put in new wen rebuilt 10000 mikes ago but now I took to where I had work done on guessing they don't understand me that put sct x4 tuner in it they said problem solved went out on pavement hit throttle still a slug I told them 4 times exactly what people was. Can Anyone help me out building boost but slug off line and wen at 35 hit throttle still slug before it had balls now it has peanuts any help thanks

  4. 95k 2006 2WD F350 crew cab here. Bought this unit used 3 years ago. Pull a 281/2 Ft RV TT bumper pull with a 6,500lb wet weight – not too bad. Since I've had it, it's always had a slow lag, slow spin up feel off the line. Then bam! It'll get up to ramming speed in a hurry. I'm okay with that, but lately this last year (2017), as I'm towing on grades (3 -6%), the turbo shuts down and gives me either a CEL or the wrench/tool icon. Nothing ever overheats as far as I can determine. Each time during these climbs, as you know, I'm screwed, glued and tattooed – no power, inching over the climb at 35-40mph until I finish the climb. Once I can pull over after the climb, I'll do the usual code reading and end up with that P0299 code. I can sit for a few minutes, start back up, the warning lights all go away, and I've got my boost back again until I hit another climb – then the whole thing starts over again. With the travel trailer off, or at home again, I can run around town, down the freeway, drive like I'm in a drag race, and never ever see those dash lights again until the next time I tow. What up? Turbo? I don't hear any weird noises, no black smoke, nothing seems wrong until I tow up a hill. Time for a gas job? This is my second diesel… my 1st being a 7.3.

  5. Would anyone happen to know if a faulty plunger would have a negative impact upon reassembly? The actuator rod from the oil plunger makes a gargling noise and is difficult to move back and forth when i rotate the unison ring. Is it normally pretty hesitant to move, or is the plunger not operating as it should?

  6. My 2004 F350 experienced a minor accident. Trailer Jackknifed moving the after market exhaust severely. The truck continued to run, but the engine vibrated and lacked power. After a few days of driving rough, it sat over the weekend. Then it tried to crank, but made a grinding noise and then wouldn't start at all.

    I suspect i damaged the turbo. I'm curious if you think additional damage occured by driving it for a few days after the accident. If so, I'm going to smack my mechanic friend with a wet kielbasa for Fing up my truck. Its at the dealer now waiting patiently in the cue. I'm terrified.

  7. Hopefully you have time for a question that has me puzzled-What causes my boost to get up to 32-33 on the dash gauge? It's all stock and running right it runs around 20 psi boost on the gauge.now its jumping up to 30PSI+ and has no power until all of a sudden the boost psi drops to 20 and the truck takes off! No codes- new MAP sensor and air filter- VGT EBP MAP MAF all are normal on SGII…could I have a plugged catalytic converter? Man I hope you can throw me something because right now I am just throwing expensive parts at it…Changed oil cooler 3 months ago and took turbo apart and polished all parts ( 3 years old from Ford) really didnt need cleaning just a little carbon soot….I inspected all parts in turbo as per your videos- no wear…so I am doubting the vanes are sticking…can you throw me a bone? Thanks man ( also normally running down the road I have 2-3 psi boost or none at all…now i have 10 plus… ( all this testing with no load)

  8. I found the 6.0 to be EXTREMELY laggy off the line. So much that the term "Cowboy Kick" was coined for the way the boost came on. I would show people how laggy it was by flooring it and waiting for the boost. Most people were astonished. "punch off the line" is the last phrase I would use for a 6.0.

  9. Have you seen a 6.4l turbo leak from where the manual VGT come out of it? Is there a way to replace a seal, bushing, etc to fix it? Its not noticeably reducing my boost. Just makes a constant hissing noise.

  10. Thank you for the excellent information on the Ford F350. We own a 08 F350 6.4 with 260K that recently made a brief noise that sounded like what I would imagine bearings being spun out. The truck then began blowing large amounts of black smoke out the exhaust on acceleration and under load and the mileage has dropped from 19.8 to 16.6 over a two week period of time. The truck drives OK although the power level does feel diminished somewhat.  The DTC is throwing the following codes P2263 (Turbo charger/supercharger system performance) and P0703 (Torque converter /brake switch b circuit). I'm assuming (based on the noise I heard and this p2273 DTC) that this means I most likely need a new turbo charger installed. Would you agree and could you advise me on what a fair range of cost for this repair might be ?

  11. I have 04 f350 6.0 diesel I just replaced the turbocharger, now the check  engine lite came on , and when idle oil psi drops to 0 then give a little gas  psi comes up whats going on  Joe

  12. Thanks for all the helpful videos Bill. Greatly appreciated. I was wondering how common it is for the VGT solenoid to go bad? My truck just threw a p0046 code. And I have like zero boost until I get around 3000rpm. Any advice would be very helpful. Thanks

  13.  have a problem with a 6.7 Power stroke mod. 2011 was producing a lot of smoke from diesel to accelerate me under the code 2073 and 132B, you change the MAF sensor smoke decreased but not completely and I still dialing codes 2073 and 123B. some idea of the problem? 
    Thank you.

  14. Is there not some wrong information in this video?
    I'm pretty certain that on the 6.4 turbo arrangement, the SMALL turbo is the VGT, not the large one. Am I wrong?
    Also, on my stock 6.4, EGT's typically were held between 1,100 – 1,200 degrees during regen. That's being measured right before the up pipe on the exhaust manifold driver's side. It NEVER went over 1,300 during regen. The part that bothered me the most is that the minute o would get on the highway, it would regen, and stay at the hot temps for 6 – 8 minutes. It drove me bonkers!

  15. Hi there I own a 6.0 f350 2006 and  I found these dtc displayed in my bully dog:

    P0281: cylinder 7 contribution/balance
    P0404  exhaust gas recirculation control circuit range/ performance
    P0487 exhaust gas recirculation throttle position circuit
    P1000 OBD-II Monitor Testing Incomplet 

    3 days ago It was really hard for my truck to tow my trailer on my way home after finished work. Also it throwing this dense black smoke out the exhaust. Could you give me an idea of what is going on? Thanks. Victor

  16. They really went the el-cheapo route with the 6.0 VGT. A  VGT with the vanes arranged radially around the outside of the turbine wheel and with a water-cooled electronic actuator is the only way to make them live. And I see that's about what they did with the 6.4. The problem is that Ford and Navistar ALWAYS tried to get away with something that had already been proved to be a problem and then acted shocked, amazed and outraged when their marginal engineering failed miserably. You can NOT cut corners on a high-performance diesel engine and expect to get away with it.

  17. Hey bill 05 f350….turbo acting funny. driving at highway speeds 100km/h turbo is jumping back from 8 psi to 13 psi in a rhythmic pattern (continuous). Vgt% is from 49-53 jumping back and forth again rhythmic (continuous). If i let off the throttle a tiny bit it jumps from the 8-13 psi strait up to 20 psi, then slowly goes back down. No power off the line unless i put the foot to the floor. Then it eventually kicks in with some power but is very short lived and goes back to no power again rpm's are at about 1600 when its struggling then jump to 2000. Any thoughts of where i should start looking?

  18. You are asking the wrong guy. I dont have time for this sort of silliness. If you can actually get the Turbo to physically mount with no exhaust leaks AND have some sort of screwy wiring to the TPS. What Tuning do you run? Nobody has written tunes for a VGT on a old 7.3L with VERY VERY slow cpu. The fact is that you will probably never get enough fuel at low end to feed the boost of a 6.0L VGT turbo. It would take 100s of tuning hours to get to run right.

  19. dear powerstroke help, i have a 04 f350 bone stock except for an egr delete kit. it is very sluggish accelerating until it gets to 2nd gear. then its fine. only way its smooth, is if i ease into it. if i give it anything more, its slow. what could be causing it to be so sluggish?? ive heard various things about the turbos getting clogged. any opinion?

  20. I have a bucking and jerking 6.0 right now. It will buck and then won't go above 2000rpm or it will lurch or if I hold the pedal down lose power unless I drop it below 2000rpm. I had the ICP replaced but kind of lost right now on what else it could be. It starts good and blows no smoke when it does lurch or buck.

  21. closing off the exhaust to protect it from humidity will work against you… same as if you seal a vented head lamp, it will cause it to sweat internally as temps change daily… because there is already air in there with water in it that will show it self as temps drop… colder air is capable of holding less water.

  22. hey bill,considering either the 6.4 or 6.7. what needs to be done to the 6.4 in order to "bulletproof" it and if I was to do this, what is the best way to ship it from Canada to your shop

  23. Im in the process of rebuilding my 6.4 turbos and after reassembly they both have play in the shafts now. Was wondering if you have rebuilt any yourself or not and ran into this problem

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