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Sony a9 Real Wedding Photographer Review – Viral Trends

Sony a9 Real Wedding Photographer Review

Time for some straight talk about the Sony a9 and Wedding Photography. I may have thrown some shade on it during the announcement, so here is my real, hands on, working photographer’s verdict.

Need an a9?
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2oBLfDN
Adorama: https://goo.gl/R08oGL

Want most of the same features, but with a better mechanical shutter for way less money? Try an a7iii:
Amazon: https://amzn.to/2L4CQs2

Hit up the blog for more/bigger photos:

And don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the SD card challenge! That’s still coming. I have to finish recording my test videos before I get to that. All while still doing wedding photography every week!

Thanks for watching. Let me know if there is anything else I should be covering!

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All images edited in Capture One Pro 10 and Copyright Wes Perry Photography 2017.


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Comments 42

  1. Awesome vid thanks! I’m also a wedding photographer and currently on 2 Canon 5D III’s. I typically shoot back button focus and focus recompose as for me I find it the quickest and easiest for me to get my shots consistently. But I am very interested in moving to Sony and especially the focusing abilities. I know that I’ll need to change the way I focus however and learn to use different methods to benefit from all the fantastic features the a9 offers. I would just like to ask you; how you use the focusing of the a9 in various wedding scenarios and which focus options you find the most useful in a wedding? Outside of eye AF of course as I can see how easy eye AF would be to use. But for instance, when not using eye AF do you use the zone focusing or single point focus moving it with the joystick perhaps? Thanks for your insights!

  2. Pretty Apt video, sometime less is more. One question since you own A7 Mark 2, I currently use Nikon D3300+18-135+SB700, want to upgrade to full frame, considering A7 II+24-105 F4. Will it be great combination.

  3. A channel with focus on wedding photography is quite interesting. I shoot some each year, and I'm usually always trying to balance what gear would be best for hobby and what gear will be best for commercial uses. Subbed and looking forward to more great videos.

  4. Hello, I just want to ask one simple question about an issue that I have only heard mentioning once in all the reviews I have seen on the a9 and I will go straight to the point. Is dust a problem for a mirrorless camera such as this one? Does changing lenses frequently lead to – as inevitably does for any DSLR camera – a nitoceable build up of dust on the sensor since there s nothing between the lens and the sensor?

  5. Great review Wes – you were a brave man using that in production with only one battery, although you obviously had a backup plan. On menu design – you and the Northrup's are spot on! I think the best menu design at the moment is the Black Magic Design Ursa Mini Pro. It just completely simplifies things – its not perfect but it's logical and intuitive including having the format card menu on the opening page and not buried in some menu on the second page. Branching menus would be better and they sort of do that but they could take it another step.

  6. Good review. When it comes to Menu layouts, I reckon that Panasonic & Nikon are the best. They are clear and put together in an orderly fashion, unlike Sony's. And when it comes to touchscreen functionality, my Panasonic G80/85 has full touchscreen functions for shooting, playback and menu options-take that Sony!

  7. Will likely buy buy this model when the 2nd version comes out, in 9 month LOL. Price is a big factor, the G lenses (RED) are not cheap either. its close to Fuji GFX50S price…

    But thanks for your honest opinion and real life usesaged review.

  8. After watching countless horrible videos or incredibly bias videos, this is the best yet. Great video quality itself, and loved your perspective. A few questions if you end up having a chance. How does it feel in hand? Not a fan of the ergonomics of my XT-2 at all in regards to shutter location and small grip, vs my previous D750. The XT-2 wall charger doesn't include a built-in fold-in outlet like Nikon. Does Sony? XT-2 has a beautiful EVF and was wondering how the a9 compares? Have a great weekend.

  9. Thinking of selling the Canon 5D MKIII
    Few questions for you:

    Dynamic range compared to MKIII?

    Shooting with flash and HSS? You mentioned it a bit in the video having to switch to mechanical, do you have any issues connecting wise etc?

    The size of the camera and button layout looks a little crammed, what's your thoughts? Is it something you just get used to?

    How do you find the skin tones and AWB?

    Can you switch touch screen off? As I am not a fan of that at all

    What's it like looking through the viewfinder stabilization wise?

    I am really considering selling up all my equipment and switching.. Ultimately I am going to make a decision for my self but some opinions would be great.


  10. It captured exactly what I wanted, nobody knew I was there, 20fps silent, I push the button and it locks on the nearest eye, etc etc etc.
    Soon, the photographer won`t even need to be there . . .

  11. Silent shooting could come in handy while shooting an intimate moment such as the bride getting ready where you don't want shutter noise from a DSLR becoming a nuisance and then making the photographer not shoot confidently and missing shots.

  12. I work for Sony – I watched the video – and thanks for sharing your insights. As you know, we really do listen to our customers and we will make every effort to improve on your suggestions. Thanks again for sharing this video and your experiences.

  13. hey! I just got the A9 and would love to know how to set up the face recognition/eye AF button on the back. If you have the time to walk me through it in a reply I'd appreciate it so much!

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