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20 Unusual Ways The Royal Family Make Money – Viral Trends

20 Unusual Ways The Royal Family Make Money

How does the Royal family make money? Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3 —————————————————————————————– We’ve all had …


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Comments 44

  1. I'm British and every time I hear a word pronounced incorrectly I pause the video and say the correct word like 5 times just to make sure I'm not saying it wrong

  2. You said Prince Philip is an expensive PLAGUE unveiler. Really?
    Don’t you mean plaque unveiler. He doesn’t unveil diseases 🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. Oh please The Taiko. You put the image of the Slut as working for the Royal family? The Slut merches. She tries to make money ONLY for her. The rest of the BRF WORK. Really work to earn for the charities they are involved in. Much Fucked Me-gain prostitute SPENDS. In just a few months she has spent ONE MILLION DOLLARS . She merches clothes, make-up , shoes, and spend the money engaging PR to spin lies that keep her in the news.

  4. Please, please get your pronunciation right befotre you upload your videos. It makes you look shamefully uneducated and ignorant. There is a website that will give you proper pronunciation. Perhaps you should practice before you embarrass yourself to the world like you do on most of your videos. Painful.

  5. We need to get rid of them when Lizzy + Phillip dies, shoot the horses, sell the art, furniture, jewels and buildings to the highest bidder, buy back our Parliament buildings and other national assets and pay off our national debt. Put cowmilla and big ears in a flat and give them the state pension then send the boys out to work like Anne's and Andrew's kids do in the real world.

  6. THE wedding made a lots of money yes it cost, think about it they made its back and more, rooms that was $80 cost about $200 to $2000 and for that wedding I pay it.

  7. Do you guys ever listen through your voice over edits? :/ this is just one example of a silly mistake that really brings the level of intelligence/professionalism down in some of your videos: Prince Philip is not the 'world's most expensive "plague" unveil-er." That's just messed up to think he's spreading one of the world's most feared & deadly diseases throughout nations with regal formality. Yes, he unveils PLAQUES. I know you know this because you spelled it out perfectly in your captions. These aren't small passable mispronunciations. Also, by no means are they a struggle to correct if things are proof edited before publication. You want to be the foremost on factual videos – this isn't a good look. Hire me 😉

  8. Why was the "Royal Train Service" illustrated by a shot of an Amtrak (American) train?, NTM that the royals air travel was illustrated by a shot of a United Airlines (American, again) jet. You couldn't find a shot of a British Airways jet? Or a British Rail train?

  9. so in other words the poor people are paying for the Royals to have everything they want and need the people should come up against the Royals especially Harry and Megan because Megan has spent a fortune on clothing when Kate Middleton wears the same clothes 2 or three or four Meghan Markle on the other hand she has spent more than 1 million dollars on her clothes this is extremely overboard that is not counting what she has spent on accessories and other things so as I told you people long ago Meghan Markle is only after Fame and Fortune and money gold digger and is very evil Harry it's got to be the stupidest man on the face of this Earth she needs him around by his balls he does not care he is pathetic his mother would be so disappointed in him well known fact she does not like Meghan Markle this is been told by many psychics and tarot card readers she does like Kate Middleton she thinks Kate Middleton is perfect but Meghan Markle she does not like it hasn't even been told that she said that Harry was in love with another woman that was much for better suited for him than Meghan Markle she does not care for Meghan Markle at all this is been told by many tarot card readers and psychics and I do mean many at least at least 78 tarot card readers and 112 psychics

  10. Meghan please channel some of that royal bounty to your homeland. We can use every tax pound she sends us. We could use it for our welfare programs. She earned it, after all she is the new royal.

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