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Pokemon GO Trading GETS EVEN WORSE! – Viral Trends

Pokemon GO Trading GETS EVEN WORSE!

Pokemon Go Trading DISASTER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4RtNgD-XaY Pokemon News Update! Pokemon Go Trading GETS WORSE AND WORSE …


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Comments 48

  1. I've been trying go for the last couple weeks got to level 22 and I'm beginning to see massive soft pay walls already. That's fine it's a mobile game after all but it's just becoming boring. You can only catch so many pidgeys and rattatas before you become bored. and 100-400 candies just to fully evolve let alone the hundreds more to power up. It's beginning to bore me. I don't spend money on boring games. Just buy sun and moon and play real pokemon.

  2. U clearly don't understand pokemon go. The stardust cost make it so that shiny pokemon don't become common and worthless also that people don't create a bunch of extra account to get shinies and legendaries. The gradual rollout is so that functionalities can be properly tested before is available for everyone, many games do that.

  3. BLAME THE BLOODY CHEATERS!!! It would have been simple to trade but yeah it happens thanks to cheaters so that's why Niantic done it. All you need to do is build your friendship level up if you really want to trade pokemon you love. lol I don't get why you're complaining verlisify.

  4. wait, you have to pay resources to trade? i stopped playing go a while ago cause it doesn't feel like pokemon to me, this just killed any chance of my wanting to get back into it. Sorry let's go pokemon, looks like that part of the game is gone for me.

  5. You guys are rookies lol I got to 1 million star dust by the end of the water festival. I powered up a couple of guys by I still have over 900k :))) anyone wanna trade??

  6. Arceus crist, they anounced lv 10 on monday! I kinda just thought it was on the website since whenever trading was a thing in go( now i get it lol im slow like a regi lol)
    So they anounced lv 10 for trading on monday and when it rolĺed out and updated lv 40!! Without warning people. That is terrible espiessially for niantic. . Actually it is something they would do, you would think after go fest they would of learned thier lessons to keep thier players happy. They shouldnt promise them something then when they expect it, ends up something they totaly wasnt expecting.

    But i feel like they are totaly doing this whole requiments for trading, just because of thier servers, tryna get least of many people using up thier servers, i kinda feel like they probably need better servers if im being honest if thier causing that much of a problem. Now its 1000000 stardust for legendaries/shiny legendaries, my god that's a lot and still get a reroll on stats. They could at least let them keep the stats when they trade em over.

    It realy is a bad festure, and to think this is the feature that made pokemon what it is today, could you imagine if we had to wait almost 2 years trading in the main pokemon games, i dont think itll be as big as it is now, even trading in the first pokemon games was less hassle, and didnt have much requirements just grab a link cable or wait till you get to ecreteak city to trade.

    I feel like gamefreak, wouldnt of even waited soo long, but its like niantic wasnt "regi" to bring out trading yet, cuz thier servers cant even handle it. It does kinda sound like they got the slowstart ability when it comes to being behind trading and battle, idk why they bought trading out, if they knew thier servers coukdnt manage it.
    But i realy feel they done this to reduce the amount of people trading. Since they underestamed thier sucsess.

    And i agree they shouldnt defend, if they think what they did was wrong, like after pokemon go fest! or say your complaining about them because you were realy on thier side and defending them until go fest happened. One comment i seen people blaming you because trading is bad, witch is wrong. You just stating the truth and reporting on the news. As usual
    (Sorry i commented a day late)

  7. This is a rough update! So many people have been having fun playing but now can't trade due to the cost.
    My feeling is that this IS a free to play game and as such it will have a Currency and a Premium currency. Coins being premium and Stardust being something we will all soon be able to buy because many if not all of the "Core" features will be hidden behind these kinds of walls. As someone who has played nearly every installment it makes me sad to have it reduced to this massive pile of promises and excuses.
    A giant heaping pile of Pay to Win.

    Thanks for the updates and seeing it from another angle!

  8. How could people defend Niantic when they have said in their VERY FIRST LAUNCH TRAILER that they’re going to put in trade, but to took a few years only to know that people who don’t have time to play GO cannot trade because they need to play more. Niantic is acting VERY IDIOTIC now!

  9. yeah im level 32 i have a job in surgery which has me working 12-18 hour shifts , I play pokemon on my breaks with co workers. I was looking foward to the updatye and tradeing with co workers now all but 1 quit and said f this .

  10. Mainstream games: You get your starter and Dex along with one more Pokemon, and you're good to go with trading and battling with friends. PoGo: hEY YOUR WALLET LOOKS TASTY, aND YOUR LACK OF SPARE TIME SEEMS REFRESHING

  11. Good thing Game Freak has Pokemon Let's Go! on the way for those getting more than a little tired of Niantic's continued fumbling of Pokemon GO but aren't sure if they're ready to commit to the main series experience. (especially like that of previous entries such as X/Y and US/UM)

  12. First came the phenomenal trailers and popularity in 2016. Now, you have to be playing PoGo every minute of your life to even have friends on there. It's like Niantic is aiming to hinder friendships–first with Ingress, and now with broken trading systems.

  13. This feature is a giant middle finger for everyone,but for exspecially people who live country or countryish. Like hey, little town has at mininum like ten stops,and all so far away for eachother. But here in Finland, more and more you go Lappi, it's a miracle to see three in miles! Glad to be city girl but i still need to make memorials for those fallen heroes who needed alredy work harder than others!!! This feature is a really sick joke and i'm acually gaging lil bit. Like, i dont care if it does the same level fudgery as raids first did but it will go down slowly but we get there,so that will be eventually forgiven but what about the stardust???? I dont mind grinding candy but this is just bullshit. I promised to give my extra shinys to a friend so long time ago because she hasnt gotten any luck on her commonity days. And the second baddest think,ooooohhh. Like after the Unown/Kangashkan event in Helsinki,only my lil bro got momma Kan,and i been after that THIRD in a line to get it on my Pokedex,THIRD FOR ARCEUS SAKE!!! like i dont care about the last mistake of randomizing Pokemons power because these first two is alredy making me sad/sick/angry/dissapointed/depressed. Niantic has done goofed before but this excuse of a "trading feature" needs to be fixed because it's beyond "goofed". Go to Niantic,send a sugar coated but still an angry message to them,and maybe we get the trading system we deserve,but also what the francise deserves (hint hint,Let's Go Pikachu,Let's Go Eevee,hint hint)

  14. I just got back into this game…
    Already getting flashbacks to servers in 2016, and now since I can't do raids in my area… I need 1,000,000 stardust!?

    I might quit again now. Niantic clearly doesn't care about their fans at ALL

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