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New Best Champions in Patch 8.13 SEASON 8 for Climbing in EVERY ROLE (League of Legends) – Viral Trends

New Best Champions in Patch 8.13 SEASON 8 for Climbing in EVERY ROLE (League of Legends)

Who else do you think should be here? Check out Neubria! Neubria Zone – https://bit.ly/2szPeF8 // Neubria Charge – https://bit.ly/2J7rOOo Make sure you add …


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Comments 48

  1. The new meta is so weird…. I havent played in 6 months sooo explains a bit…
    Like non marksman champs going adc, taliyah jg?, etc.
    I kind of like it but I feel bad for marksman mains coz they dont seem to be working?
    Exit: even the supports lmao, im glad fiddles can be played there

  2. I feel like Quinn is dominating the higher elos right now. She is such a bully and even though squishy, she can get a Ga and completely dominate in extended teamfights if positioned correctly.

  3. I have won 18/20 ranked games with reworked Aatrox. People are just trying to play him like how he used to play and lose. You have to realize you entire kit works not just around your Q but having 2 charges of your E so you can close the gap quickly. Let me know if anyone needs help learning the rework because I can just down almost every top laner (including that furry butt teemo).

  4. yep. Jinx+soraka carried my game when i fed with my main kassadin. enemy dove them 4v2 and jinx got a quadra kill. midgame she was like 12-0. ended game with 20-1 something. i went from 0-2 to 9-6 at the end. enemy top kept perma feeding caus LOW IQ went 0-6. We won at the end.

  5. Could you or someone else explain why Garen is stronger with the new Sterak's? According to the wiki, all of Garen's abilities scale with AD and not just bonus AD. So I don't see how the change made him better.

  6. WHat you think of Zyra right now? I've played her a bit and I'm having good results, specially with adcs like Jhin, Draven or picks like brand, veigar and whatever is being played bot now. Her damage really is insane and you can carry your lane, kinda like Brand only I like her ult more cause of the CC and the fact many don't respect it and stand in buffed flowers which can kill just about anything. Almost always end up with very high damage.

  7. I don't know why would you place zed over talon on this list. Talon is a lot easier so he doesnt require so much time to just feel comfortable on champion, not even being good with it. And i think you should talk about aurelion because his wr is super high on pretty much every patch.

  8. Phy, you should try and play Varus, I’ve been getting into him again as he is quite a good matchup against jinx if you manage to push and poke her out of lane, also when you build guinsoo’s, bork, runaan’s, phantom dancer and infinity edge on him he’s extremely strong.

  9. So if my best champs are Jungle: Rengar, Trundle, Camille
    Top: Camille, Jax
    Mid: Ekko, Ahri

    Who would you recommend I pick up or continue using to get better in solo queue? Currently sitting in bronze, I wanna reach silver 3 before I even think about higher ranks

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