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Learn to Read Korean in 5 Minutes (seriously) – Viral Trends

Learn to Read Korean in 5 Minutes (seriously)

Follow me on Instagram: www.instagram.com/sgellman The Korean alphabet is surprisingly easy learn. I can’t speak a word but can read most symbols.


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Comments 49

  1. As someone who was inspired to learn Korean by videos like this among other things, let me warn you that this guy is hilariously misleading. What he essentially just presented are the very very very basic pronunciation rules which only serve to give you an absolute beginner-understanding of Korean.

    There are a decent amount of specific pronunciation rules you have to follow to correctly speak Korean. If you actually spoke and read Korean solely based on the information given here, you'd at least slightly mispronounce almost every word, and BADLY mispronounce at least 40%. No Korean on earth would understand any sentence you're saying.

    I'm not saying this to discourage you; after all, 한글 ( the Korean alphabet) follows an extremely logical system, and once you know all the rules, you can correctly say everything. However, the language is far more complex than erroneously claimed here, so if you actually want to learn it, you better start learning. A lot.

  2. I may have a problem. I'm like a language fanatic or something. I've already decided to learn
    -Italian after Spanish because that would make it harder)
    -Chinese (maybe)
    The only reason being is that I'm simply interested in them.
    (I'm mostly excited for Italian though like I adore that language so much)
    I seriously think I have a problem though like why am I so committed to learning so many languages that I'll barely use

  3. You mentioned how the ㄹ can have an "r" sound if at the beginning of the character or a "l" sound if at the ending. But in some cases, this does not apply. For example, in 랑 the ㄹ has the "l" sound since it's at the beginning of the character and in 잃 (word for lose) the ㄹ has the "l" sound but why is that so when it's at the bottom?. How can I recognize when to sound out the "l" or the "r" when I see ㄹ in these kind of cases?

  4. Ok so, I remember a few months ago watching this video and thinking what you are all thinking. "Wow! It's so easy!" Well, yes, memorizing the characters and knowing how they sound doesn't take long. But now that I can actually understand a lot more Korea, I realized how deceptive this video is. Click read more to understand what I mean.

    The 2 examples he used were unfair ones to use IMO. He made it seem like once you can read Korean you can understand the language… but that's far far far from true. The 2 things he picked are things that sound the same in english as they do in Korean. 99+% of Korean is different from english, so just knowing the letters and what sound they make is like… 1% of the battle. You have to actually understand what you are saying. Sure you can read a sign that might say "안녕하세요" and figure out it sounds like "ann-yeong ha-se-yo" but if you don't know what that means… what use is it to you? None at all… that's why I don't like this video. The tips he gave are super duper helpful if you are actually trying to learn Korean, but if you are trying to memorize what the letters are thinking it will get you anywhere in Korea, you will be sadly mistaken.

    So basically, yes you can probably technically read Korean at a poor level after watching this video if you can memorize it, but that's all you are doing. You are reading it. You are not comprehending it, except for the extremely rare cases like banana and Samsung.

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