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Chess Puzzles Quiz #25 – Viral Trends
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  1. I figured out the last one. I was stuck a bit when the king went to the corner but then I realized that handy rook allowed the knight to sacrifice itself. It was satisfying to figure it out.

    You also missed that without eliminating the knight, it was able to block on e6 as well although I guess the White Knight protects that but it wouldn't be a forced mate

  2. 1/3 but I was very close on the first two. Put the king in the corner on the second and given check with the rook instead of knight one move before mate on the first one. 😛 B-)

  3. I got that mate in 8! You were right, that was really satisfying to take the time to solve all the way through. I almost gave up on it until I saw Rxh6 allows Bf6#. I just really wanted that Queen sac to be the answer and was glad it was.

  4. I got trapped on the first one trying to continue the knight check, but got the next two. As soon as you said the solution makes you feel good, I knew I got it… phew that's a doozy

  5. Nice video. About the first puzzle, you said you rule out the Nf7+. However, unless I am missing something Nf7+ still allows you to checkmate.

    Nf7+ Rxf7 (Alternative response is … Kh7, Rg7++)
    Rg8+ Kh7
    Nf6+, which Black has two response:

    (King moves)
    Nf6+ Kh6

    (Rook takes)
    Nf6+ Rxf6
    R1g7+ Kh6

    So it seems there is more than one solution?

  6. In the last puzzle, you could argue that the g3 pawn is neccessary to prevent black from answering discovered checks by simply taking the rook.

  7. I played chess when I was younger and was actually pretty good at it. Things changed and lost track of it. For some reason I ran across one of your videos and happened to find your commentary made chess seem entertaining. I'm definitely rusty, but your vids are helping me get back what I lost.

  8. When you review games for YouTube such as the grand finals. What chess engine do you use to judge the moves, balance, etc. Is it just a Simons account on chess.com? Or is it something else. Thank you.

  9. @ChessNetwork – Hi Jerry! I had a question! Do you know of a way that I can memorize the names of each square on the board, so that I don't have to calculate the name of each square? It seems like a really useful skill, especially to keep up with commentary! Thank you SO much for all your videos.

    Happy New Year's Eve!!!

  10. I solved the last puzzle and when you said that the pawn on g3 was involved I went back and triple checked it trying to figure out what I missed 😉 Beautiful puzzle

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