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11 Times the Justice League FAILED – Viral Trends
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  1. Does anyone know of anyone who is relatively equal in power to superboy prime? Some hero or villain from either universe that isn't stronger or weaker but more or less equal to superboy prime.

  2. So Benny is pro death sentence?
    Because, while you say "civilized societies have that", Europe does not. I'd consider Europe civilized.
    I don't want to debate the death sentence, I just wanna say: Not ALL civilized countries do have that.

  3. what doesnt make sense about the flash beating the ati life equation is why dont they just say that the flash used the speed force to run all of the possible solutions to solve the problem

  4. I read all of Futures End and for the most part enjoyed it. What you were trying to say was Oliver faked his death for some reason that escapes me right now; it’s been awhile since I read it. But I do remember that was what broke up the bromance between Jason Todd and Roy Harper who was given Ollie’s place on the Justice League in Red Hood and The Outlaws.

  5. I thought Superboy Prime ended up on Earth-Prime after Blackest Night? Lori(?) became a white lantern to come back to life and they lived together peacefully, presumably throughout the new 52 and Rebirth too?

  6. Your friend forgot one other thing about Superboy Prime: he managed to break out of the Phantom Zone as well.

    A note on the Central Power Battery, that is the Power Battery that Hal goes into during Emerald Twilight which then turns him into (the host for) Parallax.

    Also, on the Tower of Babel/Doom differences, there was one that went very similar in both versions: Wonder Woman's plan is identical, only the delivery plan is different.

    Next, the reason they killed Superman is actually because Lois and Clark (the TV show) wanted to get Lois and Clark married before the comics, so they killed Superman in order to push the wedding back.

    And here's a challenge for you: cover each of these stories in your regular videos.

    One final note, while Brother Eye may have played a role in Diana killing Lord, it was actually because he had taken control of Superman and wouldn't release him. THAT is why she killed him on live television.

  7. Why did they bring Natalie on the podcast? Is it because one of them is screwing her? Because I doubt it's because of her extensive knowledge of comic books…

  8. I always thought it was funny how the metas sided with superman and the normal humans sided with batman. The ones with power and where death really isn't a possibility as much as the humans. That's why I sided with Batman cause death is something that should be avoided in as many scenarios as possible. Especially since superman is the leader of the group the one that is almost impossible to kill is the one that decided hey lets kill you cause you messed up

  9. Hah. Love Natalie's look on her face when she feels lost and feigns interest when certain plots don't interest All 3 together have a great dynamic, but I still love Gary over Nat.

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