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Is Volvo a True Luxury Car Maker? – Viral Trends

Is Volvo a True Luxury Car Maker?

Today I talk about a subject I’ve been wanting to talk about for ages, and that’s Volvo’s position as a luxury car maker. Are they there yet? Where will they be in …


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Comments 17

  1. I would love to see a car and SUV above the 90 series from Volvo but I think that's
    what Polestar is doing. They'll be the brand name for exclusive cars but they actually will be upscale and sportier Volvos. Their prices will reflect that so I doubt I will be able to move from my S90 to anything from Polestar. I do hear that they will be subscription based so most customers will only have it for a short time before handing it back and moving to something else….not sure if I like that game plan. Regardless, I'm interested in seeing how Volvo changes these first remodeled offerings in three or four years. The 2018 S90 grew by a few inches over the 2017 which shows that Volvo is paying attention to their customers needs and revising accordingly.

  2. Well Kris I loved this video, and I have three points to make regarding it , one, there is a lot of sugar in that coffee you enjoy so much !! a big belly awaits !! lol Two, the load you were carrying in the V90 was badly distributed !! most of the weight was behind the rear axle, meaning this will inevitably make the car poorly balanced !! making the car tail heavy will always make any car wag side to side !! yes maybe air suspension would have helped here, but compared to the way you loaded the XC90 namely you spread the load more evenly from the back door right up to the front seats !! this will always give the car a better balance !! Three, I agree totally about your assertion that Volvo should build a XC100 SUV but also a S100, because the interiors of the latest Volvo's are up there with the best, but I wish they would offer a six cylinder engine as an option, customers in that price bracket tend to look for something more than a four cylinder engine !! even if they dug up and reworked the old straight six they used in the earlier XC60 model !! it would be a cost effective way to broaden the choice on offer !! and they wouldn't have to spend millions designing a new engine !!

  3. Audi, BMW and Volvo are in the same category as they make sedans and wagons for those who want more. I would think Volvo would probably do best in the category with new line up esp if they want to earn customers. Benz and Lexus have a broad range of cars that cater to customers of different tastes (kinda like Buick/Olds back in the 80’s) esp serial owners/lessees.

  4. As far as engines go, forget the big capacity internal combustion engine, a 300kW electric motor with maximum torque from zero revs and near zero noise is the way to go. It would knock any internal combustion engine into the dinosaur category.

  5. I find the Volvo to be the most economical car on washer fluid that I've ever known. It is a result of the jets being on the blade itself and only pumps on every half wiper cycle. No fluid whatsoever is wasted and there are no dribbles up the screen afterwards either. Brilliant!

  6. in your opinion, what leads the buyer to choose a volvo over the big three (Audi, Mercedes, BMW)? Is the price a factor considering that a Volvo costs just as much as the brands listed?

  7. Greetings from Sweden and Gothenburg. There will be more really luxurious cars from Volvo within a not too distant future. New models, new engines, new technology, more luxury… Li Shufu, the chairman of Volvo Cars, has confirmed that Volvo will be THE brand when it comes to luxurious car brands. His goal is to consistently produce Volvos as good as those of BMW, Audi and Mercedes; and eventually outperform these brands. Li Shufu has stated that money is not an issue when developing new cars, new models, new segments… Easy to say for a guy who is one of the richest in China and has a net worth of 17.5 billion US Dollars (2017, Forbes). 😉 Volvo is much more independent and free today compared to when Ford owned them.

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