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Do It Yourself Beads #TrashToTreasure – Viral Trends
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  1. Omg! I found your video on these mix media beads and started making them! I just CAN'T STAND how CUTE they turned out!! Thank you so so much for your inspiration!

  2. Hello hun I'm going to try to make them THANK you for teaching on it YOUTUBE not for sure if I got the right size in cups though love your videos and the upcycling I love the sari ribbon you're making to oh my gosh thanks hun

  3. I like the look of these. I have some wide thick straws that should work well. I love copper wire, but I have not found thick wire yet…I would love to have at least as wide as yours, but I prefer almost twice as thick for the size of beads I will be making. You must have an end cap video, I will look for it. I did subscribe to see your videos as you produce them. Thank you for your time and sharing your creative idea. I have to say again; I love, love, love these beads. YES I enjoyed them, YES they would be a great gift, they would be great dangles on a book, a book marker, a wind chime…

  4. I'm. i think its your voice maybe, anyway it works
    no maybe the colors . thats it , the colors cause i watch it sometime s with NO SOUND . I'msofunny . Merry Christmas darlin' …

  5. this is my fith time i watched this suffing with a horrible cold . So i watch to sooth my soul . then when over i can go lay down ,get some sleep .
    love ti . Thanks sweet ♡.

  6. i talked to my girls at our church and we are getting together to make your beads i use to make them year s ago.
    But thy didn't turn out like yours .So beautifully done.
    I make glass beads ♡'s &
    snowmen. are my specialties.
    love yours more
    But im gonna start adding BIG BAD BUGS .hehe .

  7. i was watching your video from my bed and I freaked out seeing an ANT crawl over the orange plyers , thought it was on my screen. but i rewound it and it was on your table . so i told my husband
    Look she even adds little CRITTERS to her beads (like amber . so cool you are fabulous. thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas . i love them .so God bless you and all you touch .

  8. Ok now I am officially addicted to your channel!!! I just love your gorgeous beads!! They really look like candy! Yum! Yum!!! Oh now I have so many projectsI need to try out!! Lol!! Thank you for sharing your talent girl!! Hugs!!

  9. These are GREAT!!! If people didn't have pens, they could also use straws or even the plastic tubes from Qtips (cotton swabs). It also occurred to me that you could do the base wire twist first, and then just build the bead directly on the wire without any tube at all. They are so beautiful, and I have so much fibers and wires and papers i could use. I love the idea. You could also string seed beads on the wire you are wrapping around the bead. Thanks for inspiring me!!

  10. Hi Secret! I didn't realize these were fabric beads at first glance, then I watched the video. they're amazing looking! So many lovely colors and textures. Beautiful.

  11. Hi Sweetie thank you for the speed up video…. I love these they are so beautiful … I told one of the girls last night that had watched this video and made some   I made fabric beads years ago and I wrapped them around coffee stir sticks they are small and stiff and hold the wire good so go to your local gas station and grab some and try it … love ya barb

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