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MY LAST VIDEO for a while… | The Landscape Photography Journals E27 – Viral Trends

MY LAST VIDEO for a while… | The Landscape Photography Journals E27

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Comments 31

  1. All the best Dave. Thoroughly enjoyed series 1 & inspiring to view and learn from. I do not just mean the photography techniques either but the espousal of your clearly defined and self-understood philosophy that sure fits you well. Great to see such discipline, thought and control in action. And thank you for sharing your knowledge and outlook on your life. We are privileged to observe the food for thought you provide and should be driven to find our own sense of place whenever behind or away from the camera. Thank you.

  2. Good Luck and stay creative… Thanks for all the informative videos I have learned a lot… Enjoy your Hiatus come back fresh , creative and happy… most of all have fun see you next episode

  3. Hey Dave – just wanted to say thanks for a great set of videos that I’ve both enjoyed and learnt a lot from. The content has been practical, interesting and well presented. If this is the standard of your projects them I sure of at least two things. The first is I will for sure be waiting to see what the next one will be, and second you will have every chance of success. Cheers and keep in touch.

  4. Dave, thanks so much for all of your efforts in the Landscape Photography Videos. I have learned so much! I will keep my eyes open for wherever you surface next. And I still have a number of lessons to work through in the photo editing course I bought. Like you, summer opportunities have taken priority. On your recommendation, I am also working my way through Cal Newport's' Deep Work'. Funny, a lot of his ideas are things I already use professionally (professional freelance violinist) but had not thought to apply to developing my photography. Thanks for helping me connect the dots! Best wishes in wherever your journey takes you next!

  5. Dave for me LPJ has been a total education and followed you before the series and will do so afterwards. Your teaching content has been another area that has enhanced my knowledge and very much reflected on many aspects of my own life as a result of your candid and thought provoking comments and commentary. I sincerely hope I get the chance to travel to the States for one of your workshops to thank you in person but in the meantime I wish you good health, safe travels and much success. All the Best……Jim

  6. Definitely going to miss you on Tuesdays coming up, but I certainly understand the need for a break. I just want to tell you that I loved your videos, especially the ones where you explain the different techniques for shooting. Some I've done, and some I've not, yet, but certainly will soon.

    I can't wait to see what you come up with next. Stay safe of course, and have fun, of course, but don't forget about us totally. Maybe a couple of 'quick blips' videos (30 sec to 1 min.) letting us know you're ok with a little "B" roll. 🙂 I'm fishing for more here, you see that? LOL Go have fun and we'll see you when you come back! Thanks for the great ride!

  7. Hey Dave, it's been more than interesting following you here and seeing what you're doing and getting your perspective on things. Wish you the best in whatever direction you end up going. Rock on!!!!!

  8. No Dave Tuesdays anymore? 🙀 You’re one of the most inspiring photographers here. For me this channel is not about the photography techniques. It’s about a man who doesn’t scare the hardest adventure for his dreams and of course a great photo. Thank you for all the entertaining videos! Have a great time and take care! See you anywhere!

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