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POLL: Record 62% Of Americans Have Positive View Of Medicare For All – Viral Trends

POLL: Record 62% Of Americans Have Positive View Of Medicare For All

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Comments 47

  1. It is not my responsibility to pay for a 350 pound guy who smokes every day and drinks alcohol like water. Your health care is your health care alone to manage. The prices are so high because the government meddles and interferes with health care. Get the government out of health care and more people can afford it.

  2. If only the Electoral College was abolished! Because there’s liberal phobia, bigotry, and sexism in Trump states, the country won’t vote for that nationally. If there was a popular vote election, the single payer thing would matter more.

  3. Here's hoping universal healthcare happens soon. I'm getting tired of my sister having seizures and me having to live with diabetes. I don't get insurance through work, but I still make too much to qualify for medicare. All of my medical bills are out of pocket and is currently sitting at $350,000. But I'm lazy and therefor don't deserve to be healthy, says stupid people who are stupid. Heaven forbid the right spend a tiny little bit of money to help other people.

  4. Socialized medicine and Medicare 4 all are not identical. Socialized medicine refers to a fully public system like UK. M4A is publicly funded insurance and private institutions like Canada

  5. They actually are not the same thing. Socialized medicine is the system in the UK, where the government owns hospitals and medical equipment, and the doctors are public workers; single-payer is just when the government is the singular provider of a particular service or services, for example Medicare is a single-payer system, but it is not a universal healthcare system; a universal healthcare system or national health plan is when healthcare is provided universally, either though the government or other sources. Medicare-for-All is essentially expanding the services covered by Medicare, and providing it universally, into single-payer universal healthcare; while not, necessarily, being synonymous with universal healthcare. So, those terms are not interchangeable.

  6. Has Bernie Sanders uttered a single word in protest of the detention camps/family separations going on at the border? Btw even if he were pressed to speak on that topic, he’d probably say breaking up the banks is the solution. Haha

  7. You guys just don't know what you are evocing…. I live in a contry with "free healt care" but actualy you have to pay about 30% of your income only for it. And it does not cover everything, you have to pay either premium level or you will have to pay every visit and every with min 5$ and every and 20% of medicins price. Secondly, the system is so corrupt that for every serious intervention you have to give money to doctors so they will get you a bad in hospitals cause they are full. There is one nurse per 60-80people, if you want more or les proper care you have to give somethin to the nurses, money+presents(parfumes, cosmetics etc).
    Thirtly, healt departmet does huge debts and about 30percent of its expences is coverd from taxes, cause hospitals are so corupt, coz thats a source of finances for political parties, everythin is 3-10times overpaid, coz companies which do business with hospitals also makes contribution to the political parties.
    Also, if almost every one who are middleclass or above, they don't use any serveces of public hospitals, althou they make the highest contribution, In public hospitals you can only die. Every good doctor who work in public hospital, also work in a privat hospital, so if you don't want to weight, and sometimes you ll have to wait for some testings for more then 10months, and in the case of some desease you ll be already dead, so you don't have anychoice than to go to privat policlinics, which are such a growing industry, despite we all have a "free health care" I guess you all know that there is no such thing as free health care, either you will make your own choices on a free market, or you want politicions to deceide what is best for you, what do you think will cost you cheeper on the long run??

  8. Why are people so gullible and stupid? Same people who still believe Iraq had WMD's, trickle-down "job creators", AGW is fake-news, and immigrants tuk'r'jerbs!

  9. The UK is celebrating 70 years of medicare for all/universal coverage/socialised medicine. If one thing binds our country together it's the overwhelming support for the National Health Service.

  10. All of those are pretty much the same thing, but some actually have distinctions. Medicare for all/ national healthcare can be seen as still getting a Medicare card, and if you're a citizen you get free healthcare, but not necessarily if you're from Canada and go to the doctor here. A coworker actually said he supports a nationalized healthcare system, but not Socialized medicine, because Socialized medicine would be different in the sense that they actually would cover people going to the doctor here who aren't citizens. It's close, but not exactly the same

  11. The difference in reaction to simply changing the terms used for the same thing (esp the difference between "socialized medicine" vs the others) shows how easily people are swayed by propaganda. Christ, it's embarrassing.

  12. 62% of Americans want Medicare for All but yet our government is still representing their donors over the voters. Time to vote out everyone who takes corporate corruption in the form of doner money.

  13. Just a heads up but single payer is not the same as socialized medicine. They are different systems! Socialized medicine is like the VA in the USA or the NHS in the UK. Single payer is what Canada has or Australia. It's not just a buzz word difference

  14. Even if this poll isn't hilariously skewed, this is pure Argumentum Ad Populum.

    Just because something is popular doesn't mean it's good. A majority of the population at one time supported Jim Crow Laws too you know.

  15. It’s a shame issues like this aren’t really big online. Ideally this should be a front runner channel but everyone’s too busy sucking Jordan Peterson’s dick as an “intellectual”

  16. If no context is given, the naming matters.
    "Medicare for all" is self explanatory.
    "Socialized medicine" could imply all healthcare workers are federal employees.
    "Universal health coverage" could include an individual mandate system like Obamacare fails at, or like Switzerland which has private insurers except they are legally required to offer a basic plan as a non-profit.
    "National health plan" could mean anything…

  17. You are obviously correct in saying that the label for the healthcare system is irrelevant to we the people and the majority are also ready for such a program but the reason why the majority are now receptive for us having a "Universal Healthcare System" is what you are avoiding talking about Mr. Kulinski because you don't seem to want to admit how it is that such a program is going to be funded and we can begin the discussion by stop making statements like: "the government can just give us healthcare". It really is starting to look like the majority of we the people have figured out that… we are the government and it is not a question of someone in the elite establishment giving us anything. What also seems to be inevitable is that President Trump will soon be forced to disclose to we the people that our federal deficit is just that, a federal deficit and not a debt and our federal deficit is irrelevant and again, it looks like the majority have already figured this out, without the Kuliskis on the national airways talking about it; even possibly deliberately withholding the discussion?
    I have been contacting you Mr. Kulinski and practically everyone else for years now, about the federal deficit being irrelevant but you, like all the rest have chosen to ignore the obvious while pontificating and making asinine statements like – "the government can just give us healthcare". Now it looks like we the people are ready to give ourselves a "Universal Healthcare System", including dental and medicine and minus the gangsta health insurance companies and no federal income tax monies. Once again I ask that if anyone wants to read the entire perspective on how it is that we can have a "Universal Healthcare System", my quintessential book on this subject and a whole lot more is titled: (*revised 2nd edition*) "All About Equity Spending… With a Love Story". P.O.O.F.O.O.S.I.E.

  18. Think its funny all of them are essentially the same thing.
    The last one may mean a UK style system where most clinics and hospitals are government operated. Which they perform the best and among the cheapest too.
    I can only say the last one differs as the transition to a completely government ran medical system would be chaotic given the fact most dental offices, periodontist, oral surgeons, family doctors, urgent care clinics like doc and boxes, and non-profit often Catholic church owned hospitals, and for profit hospitals may cut back, or go out of business causing shortage in the short and mid run.
    The transition first should be a single payer via the governmental system with pricing negotiation ability on pharma appliances and drugs, and to an extent treatment itself with many of the private clinics owned for profit and non-profit. Then introduce government clinics in addition to ensure competitive pricing and ample supply, shifting toward a UK style system.
    Even going so far as to produce certain appliances and drugs operated directly by the government to do the same for on big pharma. Would save tax payers lots of money and ensure ample supply of various often used drugs/appliances like insulin, or especially the not so often used items that have no true economy of scale thus the per unit price is always high in a for profit system; such an item is in clear violation of competitive market principles and would never provide affordable end user price.
    The entire medical sector violates every competitive market principle. Hence why it needs to be universal publicly organized system.
    A single payer system modeled off of Germany, Canada, Australia, etc. would be the easiest to implement with an introduction of government operated clinics and hospitals particularly where private medical isn't available due to rural areas of not having an economy to scale.

    And I would abandon providing patent protection on all big pharma drugs and appliances. It's adding insult to injury; medical is already not competitive on all principles, then you add a regulation and interference with the market to market making it even less competitive (such is the hypocritical neo-con/neo-liberal recent mindset; you can't fuck with the market let it be, unless it means a rule that allows me to turn it into a racket!).
    Not to mention most drugs and appliances well before the clinical trials done by bio-tech firms, are mostly all researched and funded by state and/or federal government at universities anyways. Reward the biotech with special R&D prize for the researchers and their workers. Currently, the biotech sector often puts in $10 million to $50 million, then sells patent rights to a big pharma for $1 billion to $2 billion; orders of magnitude more. That's an extreme award that harms everyone as the pharma owner now has to charge more per unit to make up for the purchase of the rights, and for several years only one company can supply it so they'll rent seek the fuck off it.
    Give the biotech that gets qualified a good medicine $100 million to the firm as a prize or reimbursing of costs spent on the drug a percentage extra on the cost.
    And give grants that allow universities to fully FDA trial their research too; not that extremely necessary for private biotech firms.

  19. God damn people are fucking stupid. Do people really think all of those things are different? I would expect there to be a small number of idiots who can't tell that their the same, but my god is that a big difference.

  20. If we loved in an actual representative democracy, then its an easy pass. However, currently there is ZERO correlation between voter desires and legislation, UNLESS you are in the top 1% or a corporation, then there is a correlation. This is all statistically significant.

  21. The problem is Republican voters don't get sick. They have no need for healthcare. There is no risk of losing their job if they get sick. Their children are always healthy.

    Of course, Republican voters had to give up their soul in order to avoid getting sick. Also every night they have to spend one hour pooping out of their mouth. And we're not talking about dry boxcars either — it's chunky diarrhea. This is why they have no empathy.

    For the rest of us, Medicare for All sounds like a better plan.


  23. Canada's healthcare system is not socialized medicine. It's mainly private but not-for-profit. Most nurses, doctors, technicians and researchers involved in direct patient care are private providers that are paid by one insurer…the government. At about only 60% of the cost per capita paid by Americans with as good or better health outcomes.

  24. There is an extrapolation here that is incorrect ( I made it also). The question is whether the democratic base, repeat BASE, is willing to vote against party leaders and establishment to get medicare for all. Primary results are answering this question. The answer is NO. Here is the ugly reality many progressives do not want to admit or face. The BASE of the party is not progressive. The base of the party is Hillary, Bill, and Obama supporters pushing a neoliberal economic agenda, along with the same war policies as the gop. The democratic party is not a progressive base captured and controlled by corrupt donors. No. It may be more the case that the base is in line with the donors when it comes to voting. Asking about medicare for all in poll has become more like "do you want ice cream with your cake?" People will answer yes, but are they willing to walk to the store and get both?

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