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iPhone 7 – What Apple Doesn’t Want You To Know – Viral Trends

iPhone 7 – What Apple Doesn’t Want You To Know

Every iPhone 7 is not created equal. Yes, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are available in various storage capacities but what about the speed? This video aims …


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  1. Hey! Thanks for the useful video. Could you please tell me where you found that mac skin without cutout? I looked on Amazon and found only ones with cutout. Thanks in advance! 😀

  2. And they couldn't answer a simple question when I first come such as: " Do you know what features that comes with the Apple iPhone 7 Plus? " They couldn't answer except telling me that Touch ID but not Face ID? I was very upset because they know my devices couldn't be able to use anything but they still refuses to answer my question. I don't have no features of Face ID, or anything else compares to a normal iPhone 7 plus. I started to hate to use Apple nowadays.

  3. How come mine look completely different than others' Iphone 7 plus. Although I've come to Apple store and they said it was legit device while the back of my phone is made by glass instead of matte black. I've showed them many differences from my husband phone and their phone until the moment I almost left Apple store, and it was when I ask the technician guy why they don't have any display of my phone in Apple but they sale it under table? I just for sure that I was handed not a legit devices.

  4. Another thing they don't want you to know that there really greedy and take as much money they can get out of you, that's why they charge so much for cloud storage, and that's also why they sell you information, like your fckn email, so know I have a sh*t ton of emails asking if I need dentures and discount vouchers

  5. Fuck the guy hates Apple probably didn’t have one at 2007 because he didn’t money. Do review about you like stop bashing Apple they don’t care about your shit

  6. This is misinformed. Understandable, though.
    Smartphones don't use HDD, or a physical disk to read and write data, rather, they use SSD NAND modules. The MAJOR difference between HDD and SSD, is that the SSD reads and writes data with NAND modules, while the HDD, uses a large metal plate and a light, which you can imagine, is NOT suitable for a small, portable device.
    But this doesn't answer the problem at hand, why are smaller capacities SLOWER than the capacity models? Well, this isn't a clever and sneaky tactic done by companies. What happens, is that a certain size nand module is more cost effective than a smaller or bigger size module. AND the MORE modules you have, the faster the read and write speeds are. So, simple fix, right? Just use lower capacity modules for the lower capacity models. Well.. not so fast. There's a sweet spot, just like anything else. Take for example, looking for a car, you want the BEST possible bang for your buck. Well, the same with SSDs. There is a nand module capacity that is the BEST price compared to being lower or higher capacity. So, what most likely happened here is that Apple was just being more price efficient, since using lower capacity nand modules could have been MORE expensive. And thus, the bigger capacity model is FASTER than the lower capacity, it's because it has MORE nand modules.
    Well, I hope you could take something from this, I am terrible at explaining things.
    And no, this is NOT me defending Apple, I actually prefer Android, but, I don't want misinformation roaming around. I love explaining things and I'm a nerd shut up lol

  7. its not about the storage, its about the RAM. Larger the storage, more the RAM and more the speed will be… Why? Because

    Storage (directly proportional to) RAM (directly proportional to) Speed

  8. Your benchmark app is totally unreliable. From its UI I guess it was created around the iOs5 or earlier, hence totally unoptimized for newer devices. It predicted around a 10 times slower Write speed, while your movie transfer test had just about 30% difference. Every SSD benefits from bigger space, it's well known.

  9. fucking iPhone. My iphone 7 was our of order just after 1 year and they are asking 600 dollars to fix it where as it was completely mishandled by service provider. Arab computers jeddah saudi arabia.

  10. All phones use solid state drives, these include multiple chips inside them to transfer data the more chips there are the faster the read and write speed due to there being more of them working but also with more chips is more storage, all phones will do this and in the pc storage world, think of it as 3 workers being a smaller capacity sd card, and think of a larger capacity sd card with 20 workers (the workers are the chips) and the more workers the faster the job will be done. a small SSD will have a slower read and write than a large SSD it's just how solid-state drives work, And trust me, I'm, not saying this because am an apple fan… I'm not even used an apple device and I hated it, that's why everything in my house is either Google or Samsung. Im, a Samsung sheep.

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