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10 Consequences You Didn’t Think About in Your Favorite Sci-Fi – Viral Trends

10 Consequences You Didn’t Think About in Your Favorite Sci-Fi

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Comments 46

  1. Not Trust The Government: Adolph Hitler usurped the government run medical care system.


  2. Gotta point out that at the end of Children of Men, the new mother and her baby are delivered to a research team that evidently figures out how to get women pregnant again, as per the sound of children laughing once again, which you hear right after.

  3. why did the aliens come to earth? I have not seen the second one yet but the plot makes no sense. If all they wanted/needed was a molten core of a planet to fuel their ship there are other planetary bodies in the solar system that would work just as well and be easier to get (they don't have humans on them that try and fight back and in the case of the first wave succeeded in doing so).

  4. #2 just doesn't work. First, it was a decision made by the shadowy World Security Council, not the American Government. Second, it's not like "nuke New York" was common knowledge – only a fraction of folks saw a fast traveling incoming missile, and how many of them would realize it was a nuke, and how many of those would be believed? Knowing what we know about Powers Boothe's character from Agents of SHIELD, we know why he was comfortable nuking New York. As for why Loki attacked New York, it's because that's where Stark's Tower was with the power source big enough to start the portal. There's still flaws, just not these ones.

  5. In Children of Men, the idea isn't that she was going to repopulate the planet. Instead, the idea is that she has something in her biology that is different allowing her to get pregnant and give birth. This could be researched and possibly used to develop a treatment to allow other women to get pregnant.

  6. will smith wasnt in the 2nd movie because he wanted his son to star in the movie alongside him, and producers and director was having no part of it, Also..you completely missed the point of Children of Men…there was a reason why women were miscarrying..and it wasnt because the woman was fertile..its because they discovered the method of using cows during the first stages of the pregnancy to prevent miscarriages

  7. I thought the whole point at the end of Children of Men was that they were going to try study her and reproduce her fertility in others? That was why she was going to a medical ship associated with people trying to find the cure. However this is only a little more hopeful really. Also I only watched this once and may be conflating this movie with another.

  8. I don't remember much about the other movies, but for Minority Report if you had watched that movie until the end, it does mention the problem that you are mentionning by saying that those let go prisonners will still be monitored once released, they are not just sent back into the wild.

  9. Finding scientific fallacies in science fiction movies is one of my favorite things to do!
    In Faceoff, Nick Cage and John Travolta surgically exchange faces, and somehow no one can tell them apart any more. Perhaps if they were both slender (Nick Cage) or muscular and stocky (John Travolta) that wouldn't have been so ridiculous, but in the end (SPOILERS) it turns out they have different blood types, which is how the wife figures it out. That would mean INSTANT rejection, and they both would've been too sick for any of the movie to happen.
    That's possibly the most scientifically absurd movie I've ever seen. The action was fun, but the science was stupid.

  10. The message in children of men was "hope", unlike the the Bible nuts who believe in Adam and Eve. Personally I think the world is overcrowded and the solution of having no kids is great.

  11. The predicament in which humanity finds itself in the end of 2012 is also the rebuttal to the central premise in Atlas Shrugged, the favourite tome of rightwing pseudo-intellectuals. If the rich owners of the corporate world took off for a [insert your favourite Elysium-like hideout], who's going to do their cleaning and other grunt work for them in their isolation? Of course now you can imagine AI robots doing all sorts of things, but Ayn Rand didn't have them.

    All in all, it would be an unqualified blessing for Humanity to send all the idle rich arseholes to a moon base and see if they can learn anything useful!

  12. "The neutrinos… are mutating!" – Dara O'Briain on the science of 2012, worth a watch.

    Anyway. What I don't get about 2012 – well, aside from all the other stuff that doesn't make sense – is how exactly even the richest people would pay for these tickets? What exactly would have value in that situation? Money? Land? Gold? Seems to me that the only things that would be of value to whoever built/owned/controlled the arks would be fertile women and people with medical, technical and scientific expertise. Ideally, the doctors, engineers and scientsts would all BE fertile women. Plus, of course, some frozen sperm, equipment, seed banks, live stock, pollinators, and lots of lots of provisions and fuel. What use is a male billionaire, and how on earth would he make it worth it to the ark owner to bring him along? What could he possibly offer?

  13. Very entertaining and thought-provoking list. I find myself disagreeing with the conclusions regarding MINORITY REPORT. The "prison" system used is horrific, and ending it can only be for the better. Also, many of the crimes prevented, as we see at the start of the movie, were crimes of passion, and those involved need not return to murderous ways. Also, it only covered a small part of the country to begin with, so there really can't be that many people affected.

  14. Far more likely that Will Smith said no because he could tell ID:R would be a career killing Bomb and didn't want to be associated with it.
    Seriously, there was a heck of a lot more wrong with it than one missing actor and that was obvious from the first trailer.
    As for The Avengers, very few people knew about the Nuke, just those on the SHIELD comms.
    Anyone who saw the rocket could assume Stark's plan was The Plan.
    Plus SHIELD wasn't a government agency and it was dismantled a couple years later when it was revealed that it had been corrupted.

  15. Re. "The Day After Tomorrow", that's arguably not even the worst possible interpretation of the ending. The USA has a population of over 300 million but is comparatively sparsely populated, so exports a vast amount of food. The events of TDAT wipe out all that agricultural capacity, as well as the agricultural capacity of Europe, northern Asia, and the southern tip of South America, while only reducing the planet's population by around a billion at most – mainly in Europe, northern China, the Koreas and Japan. In other words, the planet will suddenly have a MAJOR food crisis on its hands, and the climate refugees of countries like the USA, Britain and Russia will very quickly find themselves at the back of the queue for handouts. Chances are that most of the people who fled south will die of starvation over the next few years.

    But wait, it gets worse. A cold-war era soviet climatologist discovered that if the northern hemisphere was covered by an ice-sheet that stretched as far south as Texas – the situation at the end of the film – the amount of sunlight (and therefore heat) reflected into space by the ice-sheet would cause runaway global cooling, eventually encasing the entire planet in ice – AKA snowball earth. This has happened at least once in the past and, while it isn't permanent, it would still kill all multicellular organisms (even cockroaches) long before it was over.

  16. The inception one i don’t agree, I thought that after he let go of Mal, he was able to go back to being an architect if he wanted. So i’m sure he could go back to some type of dream business, like being an extractor

  17. Lets also not forget the fact that, in 2012, the entire globe was saturated with waves that were big enough to cover the Himalayas. That means the majority of land-based ecosystems, except maybe Africa based on what they said, have been wiped out and most ocean ecosystems have probably been polluted and damaged because of all the natural and man-made contaminants that were washed into them. Not to mention we're talking about the equivalent of a nuclear winter with ash and sulfur dioxide from multiple volcanoes, as well as just the fires from around the world. In other words, even if they had the right people onboard the arks, that era of life on Earth is pretty much over.

  18. There are two concepts you didn't include. Maybe it was to keep the number at "TEN."
    First, A single breeding pare repopulates the entire planet. The old "Adam and Eve" trick, which means that, decades down the road, someone dies alone.
    Second is the ''Secret Atomic Bomb Detonation" trick, the problem goes away, and no one notices. Everything from plagues to alien invasions have be foiled by humanity's greatest cleanser. First off, a bomb big enough to take care of a problem is the worst kind of over kill. Second, not only will seismographs all over the world go crazy, but they will give an exact location to the event.

  19. well Loki open the portal above New York because of his narcissism, he want stage and audience to show his power and pretty much not based on strategy

  20. I'm more concern with aftermath of Captain America: Winter Soldier
    it's revealed possibly half of America government are Hydra sleeper agents, imagine the chaos in America when they must wipe out half of their high power people

  21. It's interesting how the movie Wall-E just assumes that humans would want to give up a life of 100% leisure with all of their needs met forever in order to to eek out a back-breaking subsistence living on a disgusting polluted earth on which barely anything grows.

  22. (Re: WALL-E) Subsequent generations? They are overweight and inactive, not balls of flesh without limbs. It is possible to lose weight and become active gasp in one's own lifetime!

  23. Wait, what did you just say, Simon? Go back, start over… I spent the whole video trying to figure out what's written on the T-shirt you're wearing under your white button-down…

    LOL 8^D

    But, seriously, excellent video. I love the plot holes in so many movies — helps me remember that they're not real, it's all "make believe". Now I have a new game to play while driving home from the movies — What Really Happens Next?


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