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Crowd Control Story 20 (Invisible Deck FAIL) – Viral Trends

Crowd Control Story 20 (Invisible Deck FAIL)

Crowd Control Story 20 (Invisible Deck FAIL) SUBSCRIBE http://bit.ly/SUB2DISTURBREALITY • YESTERDAY’S STREET …


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  1. Jarek, not sure if you are familiar with it but kolossal killer by Kenton Knepper is a great 'out' to carry on you. If fact, it is an incredible effect by itself but can be used to get you out of a tricky situation, such as an ID fail

  2. @disturb reality I think I would have come back to the other card. Pulled the card then took, closed the deck, told them, now did you see a second card flipped over? Then have another guy pick a card and go into something about foreknowledge or predictions ect. Told them I knew the second card also before he even picked it and pulled whatever he picked. You handled it well though and it worked! Good on you.

  3. I have never actually messed up on the number. I have messed up on the suit before though. One time I skipped it by accident and said "when I handed you the invisible deck, nothing was facedown, but after you took the card out and put it back," and I went through again and slipped it out. And when I mess up on the suit, i usually let them take out the card and say "there is one _____" go through again and take another wrong suit and say "there is another _____" again, and finally "and that is the card that you put face down". Most people don't care if they picked 5 of hearts and you pull out club, spade, diamond, then hearts. And didn't you once make a video talking about how people remember things differently than they happen? I mean, it has been a while, but I feel like you have talked about that before. And good job. I have never thought to do a "free" choice trick with my screw up.

  4. Yo great recovery! I'm putting out an impromptu invisible deck effect soon that has no forcing, prior setup, virtually moveless, and the cards are held by the spectator inside the card box. I have shot all of the tutorial footage and now I'm just working on shooting the live reactions but so far the weather in Michigan has been working against me.

  5. I took out the wrong Jack once, I just said that they had started thinking the different suit, but if they changed back the other one would come out, and did that.

  6. I spread the wrong side once, saw they're card, and I just scrunched the cards back together, looked them in the eye while and asked "You said the five of spades, right?" while flipping over the deck and then I went again. They were shocked because they did see their card the first time but didn't know how it flipped over. I keep the king of diamonds and Jack of diamonds on the ends so if I flip the deck they're less likely to notice anything weird because they're similar looking cards.

  7. This is the crowd controlling itself. This is a concept that is not openly discussed but sometimes it's essential for magic to work. There are a lot of really bad tricks out there that you can perform and they will work only because of this principle. Of course the ID is one of the best card tricks in the world, in this case the spectators must have thought "why is that other card there?", but no one wanted to be a heckler, they don't want to be the one that "ruins the show", or they waited for someone else to say something and just didn't happen, or since you acted like nothing wrong happened, they were afraid of saying anything. Greetings.

  8. Duuude yesterday I was doing a card to pocket routine where I nedeed to have card in my pocket in the beginning of the trick. I handed in the deck so the spectator could shuffle but then she said: "show me your pockets" and I had the card so I got in panic a little bit and then I showed one pocket with my phone and then I palmed the card and showed the other "empty" pocket and I knew that possition of the hand was a little weird so what I did is exagerate the fact of showing my pockets and I actually turn 360° and put my hand on the back of my hand then she handed me the deck and I put the card back in the pocket in the action of putting my phone back in my pocket. She didnt notice anything and I did the routine, they freaked out and I am very proud of myself lol… I felt like that escene in now you see me 2 xD

  9. I have done that exact thing man!! You got em to look you in the eye at the right time, I don't think they even noticed you switching it. I think they thought it was the same card. I have just closed it all back up and re spread them, they never notice where you pushed over from. Nice job man!!

  10. You could have showed that there was a (wrong) upside down card (only show that it's upside down, don't show the face), then say 'for the card to be the one you said, you have to place your hand on-top of the deck and think of the card'. This way, you get to close up the deck and let him put his hand on-top to think of the card, then you spread through and find the correct upside down card! 😀 Love these vids, I always like finding a solution to these problems.

  11. 1:42 That's an advantage of performing silently without letting them know what you re gonna do instead of Saying A lot of like"I m gonna do this and this will be your card Blah Blah "!!
    Great Vids As Always !!!
    Much Love Jarek 120 !!

  12. You could pick up the two face down cards, and say like "so, there are two face down cards in the deck, Choose one " and then you could do magicians choice on that…. Just another way to control your crowd

  13. When I made this mistake, I just closed the deck and said: "did ou see? there is one card face down, would be your card? tantantantan" so I opened again and the victim dont realise the card was in another position kkkk

  14. I made my deck with a rubbing stick instead of spray and now and again a face down card will reveal as I spread, If this happens I just ignore it and most of the time it just fly's right by people as long as you reveal there card its still an amazing trick!

  15. I've fucked up soo many times with the invisible deck. Sadly it's quite impossible to save yourself sometimes. I usually just try to play it cool and give an excuse if I flash an extra card that I did this trick earlier today and forgot to unflip the card the other group wanted to see. Nice pull off though Evan. Keep it up.

  16. Hey man you awesome at what you do but see this camera shot could you maybe stick it on af so that it tracks your face cause a 5d should be able to do that . Just a little suggestion but I love your work .

  17. What I would have done in that situation is spread the wrong card, show that there is one card reversed and the close the cards back up and just recap what happened b4 this point and then spread through again spreading the correct card

  18. Maybe in that case another thing you could do is close back the spread, use time misdirection, and come back to the deck to the right card. Unlikely that someone will say, "it wasn't between these card"if you follow me.

  19. Well this is how I see it
    No Matter how full prove your magic trick is if the odds of you missing up are almost impossible y shod always have a backup to save your ass if your read this and you lessen to my advice you give be relief that you did this backup trick

  20. Hey Jarek I like your videos but I think maybe you should aim for 3 videos a week rather than one daily because it seems like that wears out more youtubers than it works out for them, and I think you'd get more views as well. Thanks for the content friend

  21. You should've looked for the eight of spades, which would've told you the card was the five of hearts. In all the times I've done this card trick, I've never shown the wrong card; but that's not to say you're a bad magician because there are probably lots of more advanced card tricks that you can do that I could never be good at no matter how much I practiced.
    Take care. God loves you.

  22. Everybody messes up the invisible deck every now and then. It happened to me as well.
    As I snap my finger before the reveal I just put the deck back together, snap again and reveal their card when that happens to me.

  23. evan this videos are so much cooler than the tutorials you used to do, this videos are so useful, i´m taking notes of a lot of things you are saying on these new videos, another way to fix that mistake you did on that performance is to close the deck and start talking to them again and say like " so let´s recap, you chose a random card bla bla bla…." and then you spread the deck again. something similar to this happen to me one time, i did the invisible deck to a group but at the end i forgot to reset the loose card and i just put it inside the box and went to perform to 2 other people and when i spread the deck out i had 2 cards upside down, but they never said a thing.

  24. One day i was performing magic on the street and i did the same exact thing as u did .. and they didn’t even notice it .. so i think u did the right thing ❤️👌🏻

  25. Here is my crowd control story with the invisible deck fail: On saturday I went to a family party and performed the invisible deck to a random girl, she selected the ace of hearts and while I was spreading out the cards to reveal her card, I realized I mixed up the suits (revealing the ace of diamonds instead), so, she took the card and looked at it, then she said it wasnt her card (and in the meantime I placed the ace of hearts on top of the deck), so I told her: "oh, the ace of diamonds came up cause you are a very special woman with an unvaluable heart, just like diamonds, but let me hold the card for a second" I did a color change, and revealed the ace of hearts. She was quite flattered and impressed!

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