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Tiffany Haddish Rails On TMZ! | TMZ Live – Viral Trends

Tiffany Haddish Rails On TMZ! | TMZ Live

Tiffany was super angry at one of our guys, do you agree with her? SUBSCRIBE: http://po.st/TMZLiveSubscribe About TMZ Live: Subscribe to the TMZLive YouTube channel for new clips Monday-Friday…


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Comments 46

  1. Ok the black dude needs to chill. Black people can be racist too. A white woman could use her privilege to load the van but a movie star black woman cant? Thats bullshit! I got nothing against any race and i do agree the dude couldve helped but dont make it race fueled. That cameraman wouldn't have helped a white chick either. He just dont have manners, doesnt mean he hates blacks. Fuckin stupid ass comment to make.

  2. Wasn't it his job to get the story? Yes. Did he get it? No. Tiffany's job is to get paid to entertain. It's not her job to answer his questions. She did her job we are all laughing at this video.

  3. I wouldn’t hire someone with a “that’s not my job” kind of attitude. You should go above and beyond the job description anyway if you have plans of moving up within a company. If he was smart he would have garnered Tiffany’s attention and interest in speaking to him by offering to help her with her bags. It wasn’t Joe’s job to rap in front of snoop dog but he knew that would have gotten his attention, so he rapped. He was probably too prideful to help her with her bags because he thought that was beneath him, but he ended up looking foolish anyway by not at least offering.

  4. Y’all women tripping stfu.. if he asked for a bj after helping her out then that’s sexual harassment but because he helps her she’ll “give him information” so he has to do something for her to say something nah don’t play that way. Y’all gone head and take this L AND STFU

  5. That’s like when your mama is washing dishes and you creep up and set a dish next to the sink and she looks at you with those eyes like Child, I will beat the living hell out of you if you don’t get up out my space in the next 2 seconds!

  6. I agree with her, I to myself have been in a bunch of situations like this. It's sad, cause chivalry is dead. Are men confused? What the heck is men problem. If u see, women struggling. Help, I help other women. Geesh. If u see anybody struggling. HELP

  7. Thats the problem with society nowadays. If someone clearly needs help then help them she shouldn't really have to ask you to help but I get it it's not his job but let's not forget being a gentlemen will get you places just saying…

  8. If you want help with your luggage pay someone, they're not obligated to help you with all of your luggage..carry less luggage then you wouldn't have this problem.. wtf you got your friends with you they can't help?

  9. I disagree. Black males in the South are treated by black women and racist white males in the same way – as beasts of burden.

    This carries over into the workplace as well.

    Don't pack anything you can't carry.

  10. TMZ you are invading Tiffany’s privacy with your paparazzi mess!! The least your camera man can do is be a GENTLEMAN and help her load her bags…PERIOD. No race card pulled or necessary. Common sense. As she said she would of been more receptive to your questions. Have some respect!

  11. It’s also no one’s job to spill personal info to TMZ Joe! Entitled much? Without them y’all don’t get paid, SOOO it IS your job to give something in return! Kind manners is not hard Joe!

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