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Top 10 Scenes That Almost Ruined Good Movies – Viral Trends

Top 10 Scenes That Almost Ruined Good Movies

Top 10 Scenes That Almost Ruined Good Movies Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD // Have a Top 10 idea? Submit it to us here! http://watchmojo.com/my/suggest.php These movies would’ve been better…


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Comments 47

  1. I loved that Catwoman killed Bane. Batman already triumphed over Bane beforehand which made Bane resentful and so he pulled a cheap trick to reclaim superiority. To have Catwoman come in and turn the tables is similar to the effect Talia had just before- just as soon as we think it's a straightforward brofest of predictable climaxes, these two female characters stepped in. I thought the series needed to touch on the fact that it had been lacking in female characters and it really made up for it, I believe. But yeah, you jacked off to Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman in the 90's while pretending to be Keaton's Batman so you disagree with me probably.

  2. F*ck off WatchMojo, why would you put LOTR, The Matrix Reloaded, TDKR and Start Wars on this list?

    LOTR = It was very satisfying to see that re union. One of the best ending scenes in any movie.
    The Matrix Reloaded = Those special effects were not bad at all and Smith copying / overwriting himself onto others told the perfect story of what was about to come.
    TDKR = This whole trilogy was meant to be very realistic to real life. You take a bullet on your sorry head from a big ass machine gun and come back to tell me how it felt.
    Star Wars = Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  3. The fact that the dance from Deathly Hollows is here as an HM shows that you don’t understand that scene.
    It’s intentionally awkward and incredibly human. It’s beautiful.

  4. I don't see a big deal about tht fake baby either furthermore watchmojo did you miss the part were the producers said they had two real babies but the first was sick and their other ones parents didn't bring him/her to set that day???

  5. Many entries in this list are of bad movies that weren't "almost ruined by a bad scene." In many cases, there were far worse scenes in the movie (Iron Man 3, Matrix 2, King Kong) or the movie was total trash and the scene didn't help, but its removal wouldn't have fixed the other flaws (Star Wars 3, Dark Knight Rises).

  6. There is nothing "good" about Iron Man 3. Shitty villain, over the top but underdeveloped CGI, unnecessary love story, and rubbish plot line involving a kid. Worst film in the MCU, with the exception of Iron Man 2. A paradox for sure, given that Iron Man was a really good film.

  7. Disagree with most of this list…. Examples: Mandarin reveal was clever and funny. Mickey Rooney playing an Asian was funny and it was ACTING. Just like when Eddie Murphy played an old Jewish man in Coming to America. I don’t understand why this and so many lists come down on Breakfast at Tiffanies about that.

  8. Disliked for adding Revenge of the Sith because of “NOOOOO” to me that scene meant it was Anakins final cry before truly being consumed by the dark side sealing his last shred of humanity.

  9. I loved the dance between Harry and Hermione. There was so much tragedy happening around them and it was nice to see them try to be at least a little happy (plus I still think they should have got together!)

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