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Sheryl Sandberg Should Run Facebook, Zuckerberg Has Done A Horrible Job: Jason Calacanis | CNBC – Viral Trends

Sheryl Sandberg Should Run Facebook, Zuckerberg Has Done A Horrible Job: Jason Calacanis | CNBC

Jason Calacanis, Inside.com, and Mark Grossman, Boldstreak, discuss the increasing scrutiny on Facebook following its latest data mining scandal. » Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC…


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Comments 46

  1. She is running the show under Zuckerberg period as COO she came with Disney and Google data experience and marketing duhh!! This guy Jason is he kidding me that she should run it? Where is she while all the questioning of Zuckerberg is being done!?Probably fleeing the country.!

  2. Faceballs should be paying people for their information. They should also hire ethics consultants to help them make decisions that impact society. Make anyone a billionaire and they end up with a God complex. Just take a look around you and you'll see just how unhealthy it is to concentrate too much wealth in too few hands.

  3. Zuckerberg gave all your data to the NSA FBI & CIA and Google months ago, that`s exactly how Facebook makes money. If you believe otherwise your are a total fool, who do you believe Edward Snowden or Mark Zuckerberg?

  4. Last argument was bang on, no private information was lost, it's like blaming AT&T for selling millions of phone books with your name in it.

  5. This is one of the most biased interviews ive seen. You only react for what Trump did when Obama was in the same territory. And you disregard agreement that both the German and the Swedish goverment did to close down critical websites before the election, they got away with it by caling them extreme (2000 of tem), but in most case there was nothing extreme about them. The Swedish elections have not been yet.

  6. I think people in the spotlight are desensitized to their information's exposure, I can find Jim Cramers work history, kids names, kids school address, wife name, house address, Jim education history, net worth, housing history, height, birth date and the list just goes on and on. Maybe he is just comfortable with that….

  7. Juckerturd is from central casting. He's a fake, a phony – a poster boy that the CIA implanted in FB to give an "aw shucks" another smart Harvard drop out guy. Lacebook was created by the CIA/DARPA, NOT by this forgery, Huckersturd. Same with TheTwit and Instagrand… These are all data collection technologies/schemes designed to do 1 thing: Scoop up as much information about you as possible. And you all just give it up to them…for free. You better understand that if it's "free" then YOU are the product!! Sad, sooo sad.

  8. So, Zuckerberg will not be running for President now ? How will we ever survive ?
    I never used Facebook ,does that mean I can not relate to people ? Oh No !

  9. Really? Zuckerberg has done a horrible job running Facebook? He took it from an internet company worth 8.99 (price of the domain) to a half a trillion dollar empire.

  10. What?! I know someone who works for Facebook, they're treated like royalty. Come in late, sick days, paid leave, all the food you want,
    High Employee match 401k, bonuses, lots of vacation. A gym. This guy on here is crazy for saying nobody wants to work for them.

  11. Everyone in Silicon Valley that has a public voice is delusional and very, very out of step with most Americans. Silicon Valley execs live in their own world and have lost sight of what is important to those OUTSIDE silicon valley. The same with DC. The same with Wall Street. They are all so biased to their needs — even as it conflicts with the interests of most Americans. FB is not destroying society; Silicon Valley (and DC, Wall Street) are wrecking society … and that is the real story not understood or discussed.

  12. He overblown how nobody wants to work for Facebook. Many smart people I know through my lifetime has been recruited and work for Facebook. I'll quit my job if they come knocking my door

  13. “People don’t want to go work for a company like Facebook, that’s perceived as destroying society.” Really man? I think this guys inherent bias against the company is showing here. I would assume young, bright engineers would be salivating at the chance to work there.

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