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You NEED to be printing your photos!! Here’s why.. – Viral Trends

You NEED to be printing your photos!! Here’s why..

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What’s up guys!! Have you ever wondered if you should be printing your own photos? Even sending them off to a lab? Not nearly as many people today are printing or sending away for prints – but they SHOULD BE! There are plenty of benefits when it comes to printing your own images that I think will make you a better photographer.

Hope you guys enjoy this epode, and I look forward to sending one of you guys a one of a kind original print!

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Comments 36

  1. It's so sad, I'm on my first year of Photography at high school which I waited forever to do but, the dark room is being destroyed in a couple months (around July) I've only got to use it a handful of times, but I wish I had the chance to use a film camera and develop those images. 😓

    On the flip side we are getting a Lightroom which will be dope but nowhere near as cool. Also my class will be one of the last to use a darkroom in my country. 😞

  2. This is the second time I have watched this video, I totally appreciate all the stuff I have learned from you Peter. I also look forward to learning more and sharing what I learn with others. You have some amazing gear compared to most of us and have access to things that would take some of us years to get but that won't stop me.

  3. you scared me at at 9:09 hahahahaha its the second time you,ve scared me!! ( I swear I jumped a Little bit from my seat)

    this is so true and thank you for reminding me that, I've always wanted like to print a photo but never did it, when i get my camera I will do it. Keep it up!!

  4. I dont have anything hanging in my house. Ive been telling myself i should hang or display something inspirational in the office, but never got around to it. It would be awesome to have a piece from you since this is where I come for creative ideas anyway. Dont worry. Youll still get views from me.

  5. HEY SCHMO! You do this video all about printing… You go to the trouble of linking all your equipment, ACCEPT the printer! HAHA. Ya I know, Im a dweeb if I cannot recall CANNON 1000. Great idea to print my own. Was thinking about just that. However and that said. I really do not believe I am ever going to afford the ability to print my work on Acrylic, or Tin. For that there is Costco. Laugh at that but many local photographers are making some bank doing same. GREAT VIDEO!! Thanks!

  6. Hold on cowboy. Whether you use a lab or print at home its not that easy. For example when you look on your screen at a red image then print it (either lab or home) you may not get the red yoyr monitor is displaying (or a particular shade of gray)
    There is an entire calibration that needs to be done! Even labs vary!
    If you are serious about digital photography you must have everything calibrated.
    To begin you MUST calibrate your display, by obtaining a spider or some other calibration device. Then if you are printing at home you must calibrate your printer as well. Normally this involves using a scanner that will scan a color chart and adjust the scanner profile to match, then you print a test page and place it into the scanner. This calibrated the printer profile to match. Then you can be fairly certain of printing at home with some degree of accuraccy. What about labs I hear you say? Yoy send them the same test page and have them print that. You get the print back and scan it where it will produce a profile for each lab you use. You then need to apply this profile to an exported image that you send to that lab.
    I have seen people waste lots of money on prints that fail to meet thier expectations.
    One of my best friends is a professional award winning photographer and has been for decades and goes though this process for stunning prints.
    When he edits on Lightroom, all his prints match exactly what is on his display. He edits in a room with no windows as sunlight can distort the way we see colors on a display, much the same way different lights will affect the way a print is viewed.
    I worked with him for many uears in his color darkroom, showing me how to obtain beautiful color prints. Of course in those days you had to be a chemist also as chemostry and temp affect the way a print develops.
    Learn from a pro that makes color prints and you will see.
    Repeatable results is what seperates the pros from amateurs

  7. Hey Pete – So, just watched "How to make $$ doing Photography" followed up by this "you NEED to be printing your work". Irony in the order of which I watched. Was crushing landscapes and surf photography, making prints, had a couple shows, even did a whole series where I recycled frames, refinished the wood, cut new glass, matted them myself, some triple matted (sorry for comma abuse) and I loved every minute of it. From image capture to print to final presentation. Then the shows ended. I HAVE PRINTS EVERYWHERE! In my day job office. All over three bedroom home. I got stuck at the part of selling my work and making those first connections. Ironically I'm in sales and damn good at it.

    You're motivating me. Anyway, wanted to let you know that you are making an impact on people.


  8. I feel printing is affordable for anyone. Just eat that initial cost of buying a quality printer, paper, and ink. Depending on your size, you'll save money printing for yourself versus ordering prints. It's similar to cooking, it's far more affordable and healthier than going or ordering out. You're in control and know exactly what you're getting.

  9. i have never think about printing my photos..maybe because i was using my cellphone only. now i own a dslr and i will defenitly do that. and you are absolutly right about peoples at Ikea (my girlfriend,she is just like that 😉 hahaha) i'm going to print the first picture i took with my dslr and see in few months or years my evolution or not hahaha!!

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