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Survation Poll places labour 8 points ahead. (Lab 45% Con 37%) – Viral Trends

Survation Poll places labour 8 points ahead. (Lab 45% Con 37%)

A few words on an opinion poll from Survation, placing labour on 45% to the conservatives 37% (their largest lead in a survation poll since 2013). This reads as some pretty good news for Labour…


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Comments 9

  1. Don’t get too cocky.
    This Survation poll was based on a sample of just 1,003 UK adults. Whereas the immediately preceding Kantar poll, which gave the Tories a 4 point lead over Labour, was based on a sample size of 2,437.
    The bigger the sample size the greater the confidence level and the smaller the margin of error.

  2. Survation states in their explanation for this current poll that polling companies have not adjusted their methodologies since before the 2017 General Election (including Survation).

    With that in mind, please note that Survation has moved from -2.5% for Labour to +8%. Other pollsters have moved a similar distance, although coming from a lower starting point.

    Previous monthly polls by Survation since the General Election have been +6%, +4%, +3%, +3% for Labour.


  3. A few points. Survation got it right in the election because they used a different method of adjusting for turnout, but most of the other pollsters have now now switched to methods similar to theirs, Kantar is actually an exception, they had a method somewhere between Survation and the others, and appear to have stuck with it. That's an interesting decision from Kantar perhaps thinking that the rise in turnout from younger voters might subside. The trick is to watch for trends with individual pollsters, before the election though Survation showed a stronger performance for Labour, they ran parallel to the other polls, showing the same narrowing trend as them. As yet the trend with most is pretty flat, while Survation have been pretty erratic, with leads ranging from this 8 point lead for Labour to a 1 point Tory lead.

  4. Seem to remember an internal Tory poll from about a week ago that had Labour 12 points ahead so this sounds about right 🙂 that being said, I'm not sure for how long we can hold this coalition of leave and remain voters together. For all its problems it becomes even more clear to me how much of a self-inflicted disaster that Brexit has already been and we haven't even left yet. The worst possible situation would be this halfway in halfway out idiocy that the uninformed seem to want. I've been saying since before the 2015 election that people would vote for leave, 30 years of various governments blaming everything on the EU via the rightwing press that are still under some kind of delusion to look back on Empire as if it was a good thing and that we could rule the world again one day.

    There are only two viable options the deal we have, where we retain full membership, voting rights and all the other benefits, freedom of movement, and no deal, not paying off the EU, and taking an insane risk that would benefit hugely those at the top and will be used to weaken workers rights even further, more austerity, more xenophobia. Now the only other deal is actually worse, pay the EU best part of 100bn gross, have the majority of the trading rules of the EU but not be a part of any of the votes that set the rules. In effect, we'd be "taking back control" giving it Sven then locking our selves outside the room.

    Personally, i'd love to stay in the EU, but I understand that people have doubled down on their choices and no one wants to admit they made a mistake, so we must continue like lemmings ( strangely they don't jump on cliffs for the record lol) to be sacrificed on the altar of the daily express :p I respect democracy, but I remember Farage saying before the vote that if it was 52/48 remain that it would be unfinished business. I kinda feel the same way.

    I mean can you honestly say that these ever moving goal posts we have currently is what you voted for? 350 million for NHS, gone, Get our fisherys back, Gone, lower immigration, it has gone down this year, but only because many of the people that have lived here for decades have left. Not to forget that insane leaving bill at least 50bn (so that would be all the austerity cuts and disabled deaths for fucking no reason then) and last but not least the potential destabilisation of Ireland/Northern Ireland which is simply unforgivable.

    All this to settle an internal Tory party row thats been going on for 4 decades and will literally never end. Before everyone picked a side, and outside of the immigration issue no one gave an ass either way untill Farage slithered his way onto Tv.

    Lmao, sorry Captain that rants been brewing for a while mate. 😀

  5. I'm hoping Survation is closest once more. Because the average of polls having the two about neck and neck is just awful considering how ghastly this Tory government has been.

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