Detailed Tier List Rankings! Post Update Best & Worst Brawlers! Brawl Stars

In this Brawl Stars video, I discuss who are the best and worst brawlers in the game in this detailed tier list Rankings as of January 2018 after the huge update & balance changes we just had!…


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  1. With all due respect, I don't agree with this list at all. Mortis and Piper both could be used very effectively. For Piper, bounty is her home and she does very well and for Mortis, he can destroy Brawl Ball as long as the right person is using him. I also think Nita should be an A-ranked brawler. For the most part, I agree with the rest of the list but I also think Spike should be an A-ranked player.

  2. I dis agree with piper and barley being at D, because of their big damage capabilities but being harder to hit, if you are experienced and can land your hits they are quite viable and I'm a Mortis main

  3. Darryl is not “ S “ tier, he should be “ B “ maybe “ A “, because he’s a beast at heist. Crow should still be “ S “ because well… he’s crow.

  4. I think Tara should be ranked “ S “ because her super is a game changer. You could be losing with the other team having 9 gems and your team having 1 but if the other team has even two of their members grouped up close enough, Tara with the assistance of another brawler could annihilate them even if they’re tanks. Like I just pushed Tara over 500 because she’s viable in brawl ball, smash and grab, showdown and she’s decent in bounty and heist. She’s an all round good brawler but overpowered when she uses her super

  5. Colt should be in the A tier. He is still used in every game mode including Robo rumble and boss fight. Barley and dynamike are still really good in almost every game mode so they should be in at least the B tier. Spike and Rico should be in the S tier while Darryl should be in the A tier.

  6. I think mike has the potential to be the best brawler. Insane damage. On demand invincibility. Great mobility around walls. In theory he is amazing. If you reach skill cap with him he would be unstoppable

  7. Before, playing with all range was not only viable but was over powered. They are encouraging matches with a diverse range of brawlers (eg. range+tank+aggro) which I think is a huge step in the right direction. The ranking is very accurate, great job!

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