CBS News poll: Americans skeptical Facebook can protect user data

Ahead of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony on Capitol Hill, a new CBS News poll finds that Americans say the site’s response to privacy issues so far is not acceptable. CBS News Elections…


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  1. Well they could just get rid of all those fun apps that you let have all your user data without looking at what's shared with it… Like Farmville did, and all those others…. Or you could pay attention to what you're allowing those apps to access. Just sayn'.

  2. "Americans skeptical Facebook can protect user data."

    Excuse me? You wrote that as if this were a data leak. They were selling people's data to Cambridge Analytical for at least two years. It's not that they can; it's that they chose not to.

  3. the moment you enter the "internet" you are already exposing yourself. Have you ever shop on Amazon and then start seeing AD's on the internet base on your shopping? Every website you go to will get your IP and by just your IP they can determine your internet provider, your computer hardware ID's and what you was doing during that time and your addresses.

  4. When he says people polled believe that facebook could be doing more, I am under the assumption and personally believe on what that means is Facebook has most definitely been doing more than just what has been exposed of so far!

  5. This is only news now because Democrats think FB somehow "helped" Trump … in 2008 and 2012, FB used user data for the Obama campaign and everyone called Obama a genius but, when the Trump campaign does the exact same thing, it's "concerning".
    Plus, how do people think FB makes money ? They sell your information for ads. That's it.

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