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Wildlife Photography | Scotland’s Only Mainland Gannet Colony – Viral Trends

Wildlife Photography | Scotland’s Only Mainland Gannet Colony

Join me as I spend an afternoon exploring and photographing gannets at Troup Head in Aberdeenshire. The only mainland gannet colony in Scotland, these cliff tops are well worth a visit! From stunning views to thousands of seabirds – it really is an unforgettable experience.

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Comments 25

  1. If I lived there I would wander daily…such beauty…that coastline seems to go on and on…serious eye candy and soul filling..so peaceful …what beautiful birds almost as if they had been painted those striking colors incredible images Kim…I saw a seagull colony once in Nova Scotia in the Southern area …eggs were everywhere…I almost felt like an intruder in their little world… some say the shoreline resembles Scotland …especially the Cape Breton area…incredible if you ever have the chance seeing whales everywhere ….actually coming up to your boat…what lens were you using may I ask…handheld?

  2. Absolutely beautiful shots…I also now know of a great place to visit for photographing seabirds. There is a fantastic Birds of Prey Sanctuary just outside Balloch that is really worth a visit. I got a few decent shots there recently and the staff are really helpful and friendly. Great work again.

  3. Great photos!!! You outdid yourself Kim. Your enthusiasm is so contagious, I've decided to travel to Scotland, Inverness and Isle of Sky, to hopefully take some amazing landscape photos. Unfortunately I won't be going to Aberdeenshire. If anyone has some tips or recommendations for photography on the Isle of Skye, please feel free to reply

  4. Again, a wonderful experience seeing this video. I didn't know, that gannets have a colony on the mainland of Scotland. Thanks for the info. I have been to a similar looking place, also in Aberdeen shire, Fowlsheugh RSPB south of Stonehaven. No gannets there, but plenty of razorbills, kittwakes, guillemots and some puffins to photograph. Your pictures of the gannets are very good, I especially like the one at 9:44. Keep on doing both, landscape and wildlife photography. Not uncommonly, they can (or even should) be combined.
    Sadly, my plans for Scotland in may had to be cancelled. But now I have even more time to plan my next, hopefully much longer journey. So please keep giving me some inspiration 🙂

  5. Hi Kim… photographically speaking, this is one of your better shoots to date from my perspective. You are well on your way to becoming a self professed " Naturalist " and a budding " Wildlife Photographer "… It looks like you are using a 300 mm prime, very nice… If you decide to further yourself in this genre further down the road, take a look at the 400 mm primes by Nikon. I use Canon crop cameras & use a EF 400 mm f/5.6L USM on most, but not all my wildlife shooting. ( Canon 1.6 x 400 = 640 mm ) ( Nikon 1.5 x 400 = 600 mm )…
    The gannet shots are very well done & worthy of praise. You have focused tack sharp on the all important " eyes " on these birds, the rest takes care of itself, easier said than done however! I also can't help but acknowledge that you have composed them very nicely in that you have created a nice negative space where the bird is looking, again, easier said than done, very well done. These kind of images are what inspire me to get back out there and try to better myself even more the next time… In summary, wildlife photography is a genre in of itself but shares elements of landscape composition at the same time, making it a real challenge to come away with some genuine " keepers " aka, money shots… ( even if you never sell them )…
    Bill Farr… Vermont, USA… 🙂

  6. Hi Kim great video, Loved the images of the gannets. I spent 3hours on the Bass Rock a few years ago taking images of gannets an experience I will never forget the sights , the sounds the smells awsome. Another bird that is up there with the gannet in my opinion is the puffin. A trip to the Isle of Lunga near Mull is well worth it. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  7. Judging by the images you have shot I would call that a win young Kim. I loved the shallow DOF on those first few pics, well done. What lens were you using may I ask ?

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