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POLL: Americans Don’t Trust Mainstream Media At All – Viral Trends

POLL: Americans Don’t Trust Mainstream Media At All

President Donald Trump is not alone in thinking media outlets spread “fake news.” More than 3-in-4 of 803 American respondents, or 77 percent, said they believe that major traditional television…


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Comments 40

  1. Progressives 2 Years Ago: If you call the mainstream media fake news you're stupid, you're guaranteedly detached from reality.

    Now: Mainstream media is fake news. Screw CNN, Fox, etc.

    Progressives are late as fuck.

  2. Woah?…did you just call the President a liar?! Who the crap are you scumbag? I was in agreement with everything you said up until then. Thumbs down you leftist clickbait. Oh…and if you want to know the ones who do believe the MSM its your friends.

  3. The MSM promotes fake news, and the Democrats attach themselves to those fake news stories, which allows an inveterate liar like Trump to claim the moral high ground by yelling “fake news,” leading his supporters to be able to defend him and to claim that, since he’s being honest about THIS, then he’s an honest man.

    The thing is, this loop is so obvious to see, it’s hard to believe the Dems and the MSM don’t comprehend it… which begs the question of whether they’re doing it intentionally.

  4. One of the reasons I stopped listening to Pod Save America and Lovett or Leave It (besides their obvious bias toward the corporate democratic establishment) is because they constantly refer to Trump as “not normal”, “unconventional”, “controversial” and “unlike any other president we’ve ever had”. Are they really so dumb they don’t realize they’re feeding right into the Trump-supporter belief that Trump is this great, nonconformist innovator whose gonna shake up Washington so hard, all the corrupt swamp people are just gonna fall right out? It’s this American mindset of “this guy is so crazy and different, he just might be the hero we need right now.” So they’re unwittingly making him look like this cool rebel, this Maverick who’s our only chance at saving the Republic. Gee, It’s almost as if Pod Save America and the rest of the corporate democratic establishment media is totally out of touch with what average Americans want, and that is something completely different from what we’ve had for the past several decades.

    Now we Progressives know that Trump is nothing new, nothing special, that he’s not gonna improve the lives of working class Americans. And that he’s just another GOP puppet for the donor class, (albeit an incredibly stupid and incompetent one) in a fake populist shell. But most Trump-supporters haven’t figured that out yet, and the more the liberal media clutches their pearls and acts shocked by every “not-normal” and inelegant thing Trump says, every time they freak out over one of his non-PC tweets, the harder they’re making it for his base to let go of their naive notions that Trump is here to save the day.

  5. Trump supporters, fell for a con man with over 30+ years in the game of the Con.
    This is not conjecture, this is not a myth..it's just a very blunt and truthful fact, because you failed to really know who and what you were voting for , or you did not care to find out.

  6. How Robert Mueller is going to nail Donald Trump:It's not just the books: at this point, see with a criminal RICO Act Violation case it's a person or group of people that has had a history of Criminal behavior:Example:Under the law, the meaning of racketeering activity is set out at 18 U.S.C. § 1961. As currently amended it includes:Any violation of state statutes against gambling, murder, kidnapping, extortion, arson, robbery, bribery, dealing in obscene matter, or dealing in a controlled substance or listed chemical (as defined in the Controlled Substances Act);Any act of bribery, counterfeiting, theft, embezzlement, fraud, dealing in obscene matter, obstruction of justice, slavery, racketeering, gambling, money laundering, commission of murder-for-hire, and many other offenses covered under the Federal criminal code (Title 18);Embezzlement of union funds;Bankruptcy fraud or securities fraud;Drug trafficking; long-term and elaborate drug networks can also be prosecuted using the Continuing Criminal Enterprise Statute;Criminal copyright infringement;Money laundering and related offenses;Bringing in, aiding or assisting aliens in illegally entering the country (if the action was for financial gain);Acts of terrorism.But here is the key point right here:👉Pattern of racketeering activity requires at least two acts of racketeering activity, one of which occurred after the effective date of this chapter and the last of which occurred within ten years (excluding any period of imprisonment) after the commission of a prior act of racketeering activity. The U.S. Supreme Court has instructed federal courts to follow the continuity-plus-relationship test in order to determine whether the facts of a specific case give rise to an established pattern. Predicate acts are related if they "have the same or similar purposes, results, participants, victims, or methods of commission, or otherwise are interrelated by distinguishing characteristics and are not isolated events." (H.J. Inc. v. Northwestern Bell Telephone Co.) Continuity is both a closed and open ended concept, referring to either a closed period of conduct, or to past conduct that by its nature projects into the future with a threat of repetition.👈That's how Robert Mueller most likely is going to nail Donald J Trump.It's most likely being added to again the most likely ongoing criminal RICO ACT Violation case against Trump and his foundation's of both his and his Son's. As well as Trump Tower properties that already had this as well:Trump Mobster Ties 3https://www.google.com/amp/abcnews.go.com/amp/US/story-fbi-wiretap-russians-trump-tower/story%3Fid%3D46266198Trump Tower was infact wire tapped by the FBI because Russian mobsters set up a money laundering enterprise right in Trump Tower not more than three floors below Trumps very own floor and were under surveillance for two + years by the FBI……Now read this :http://whowhatwhy.org/2017/03/27/fbi-cant-tell-trump-russia/🔍Felix Sater fits all of these categories. A convicted felon, Sater worked in Trump Tower, made business deals with Donald Trump through Sater’s real estate firm, Bayrock, cooperated with the FBI and CIA and was subsequently protected by the DOJ from paying for his crimes. And the Moscow-born immigrant remains deeply linked to Russia and Ukraine.🔌Watch this interview with Trump being asked about Felix:https://youtu.be/9N5Kun2sJPAPeople can claim fake news all they want, but court case file news is not fake news. Those are facts. Sorry but with a man like Robert Mueller on this case, it's already looking to be quite a case being built up against Trump and anyone else who was tied in Arms Reach to this corrupted behavior.

  7. Who is Felix ?
    Felix Sater was born in the Soviet Union in 1966, Felix H. Sater immigrated with his family to Brighton Beach when he was 8 years old. At 24 he was a successful Wall Street broker, at 27 he was in prison after a bloody bar fight, and at 32 he was accused of conspiring with the Mafia to launder money and defraud investors.Along the way he became embroiled in a plan to buy antiaircraft missiles on the black market for the Central Intelligence Agency in either Russia or Afghanistan, depending on which of his former associates is telling the story.But in recent years Mr. Sater has resurfaced with a slightly different name and a new business card identifying him as a real estate executive based on Fifth Avenue. And although he may not be a household name, one of the people he is doing business with is: Donald J. Trump.Mr. Sater — who now goes by the name Satter — has been jetting to Denver, Phoenix, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and elsewhere since 2003, promoting potential projects in partnership with Mr. Trump and others. In New York, the company Mr. Sater works for, Bayrock Group, is a partner in the Trump SoHo, a sleek, 46-story glass tower condominium hotel under construction on a newly fashionable section of Spring Street.https://mobile.nytimes.com/2007/12/17/nyregion/17trump.html?referer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F

  8. Paul the Manager Manafort : Example:A) Trump was found to have Money laundering through his Casinos https://www.fincen.gov/news/news-releases/fincen-fines-trump-taj-mahal-casino-resort-10-million-significant-and-longB) since Trump needed money , he needed a way to get such , because US Banks was not loaning Trump.any Money.So let's see how this connects ok:Paul ws working at the Time , for the government of the Ukraine example:C)How Paul Manafort Helped Elect Russia's Man in Ukrainehttps://www.google.com/amp/amp.timeinc.net/time/5003623/paul-manafort-mueller-indictment-ukraine-russiaSo Trump needed Money , what better way to get such by having international Russian mobsters run an illegal betting and money laundering operations right out of Trump towers:D)Trump Mobster Ties 3https://www.google.com/amp/abcnews.go.com/amp/US/story-fbi-wiretap-russians-trump-tower/story%3Fid%3D46266198Trump Tower was infact wire tapped by the FBI because Russian mobsters set up a money laundering enterprise right in Trump Tower not more than three floors below Trumps very own floor and were under surveillance for two + years by the FBI……Now read this :http://whowhatwhy.org/2017/03/27/fbi-cant-tell-trump-russia/🔍Felix Sater fits all of these categories. A convicted felon, Sater worked in Trump Tower, made business deals with Donald Trump through Sater’s real estate firm, Bayrock, cooperated with the FBI and CIA and was subsequently protected by the DOJ from paying for his crimes. And the Moscow-born immigrant remains deeply linked to Russia and Ukraine.🔌Watch this interview with Trump being asked about Felix:https://youtu.be/9N5Kun2sJPASo who were these international Russian mobsters?Well see for yourself:Answers:Mob ties 8April 30, 2014Two Defendants Sentenced for Participating in Racketeering Conspiracy with Russian-American Organized Crime Enterprise Operating International Sportsbook That Laundered More Than $100 Millionhttps://www.fbi.gov/contact-us/field-offices/newyork/news/press-releases/two-defendants-sentenced-for-participating-in-racketeering-conspiracy-with-russian-american-organized-crime-enterprise-operating-international-sportsbook-that-laundered-more-than-100-millionWhat's that?Oh ' yeah they just so happen to be from …the Ukraine!😉The Taiwanchik-Trincher Organization (the “Organization”) was a criminal enterprise with strong ties to Russia and Ukraine. The enterprise operated a high-stakes, illegal sports gambling business out of New York City that catered primarily to Russian oligarchs living in Ukraine and Russia. GOLUBCHIK and TRINCHER were U.S.-based participants in the enterprise. GOLUBCHIK and TRINCHER booked sports bets that reached into the millions of dollars and laundered the proceeds of the Organization’s international sportsbook. Between 2006 and April 2012, the enterprise laundered approximately $100 million in proceeds from their gambling operation in Russia and Ukraine through shell companies and bank accounts in Cyprus; and of this $100 million, approximately $50 million was subsequently sent from Cyprus into the United States. Once the money had been transferred to the United States, it was either laundered through additional shell companies or invested in legitimate investments, such as hedge funds and real estate.The Taiwanchik-Trincher Organization operated under the protection of Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov, who is known as a “Vor,” a term translated as “Thief-in-Law,” that refers to a member of a select group of high-level criminals from the former Soviet Union. Tokhtakhounov used his status as a Vor to resolve disputes with clients of the high-stakes illegal gambling operation with implicit and sometimes explicit threats of violence and economic harm. Between December 2011 and February 2013, Tokhtakhounov was paid at least approximately $12 million for his services by the Taiwanchik-Trincher Organization. Tokhtakhounov is also under indictment in the Southern District of New York for his alleged involvement in bribing officials at the 2002 Winter Olympics held in Salt Lake City, Utah. Tokhtakhounov is a fugitive and is still being sought.Now notice who was the Attorney who got them?Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, announced that ANATOLY GOLUBCHIK was sentenced yesterday in Manhattan federal court to five years in prison, and VADIM TRINCHER was also sentenced today to five years in prison for participating in a racketeering conspiracy in connection with their roles as members of a Russian-American organized crime enterprise. GOLUBCHIK and TRINCHER were also each ordered to forfeit more than $20 million in cash, investments, and real property. They were charged in April 2013 along with 32 other alleged members and associates of two Russian-

  9. At the federal level, Article Two of the United States Constitution states in Section 4 that "The President, Vice President, and all civil Officers of the United States shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors."So is Money Laundering a High Crime?https://www.state.gov/j/inl/rls/nrcrpt/2000/959.htmIs Donald J Trump guilty of a High Crime of Money Laundering?Let's see what the Us Treasury Department says about if Donald J Trump is Guilty of such Crime:https://www.fincen.gov/news/news-releases/fincen-fines-trump-taj-mahal-casino-resort-10-million-significant-and-longSo who can vote to not Expell the President by impeachment, so which party has the Majority right now?So why is Trump still in Office?

  10. This is some Conservative activists' end goal. They are trying to make MSM look bad, which I'd actually get behind with… except that the rest of their plan includes buying up all independent and local outlets (which they're doing right now, see: Sinclair Broadcasting) to turn them into Republican voiceboxes since people still trust these outlets.

    With all the shit that's on some other media, they're at least not running a literal plan to take control of people's most trusted news sources.

  11. I have pointed out some fake articles on 45 and wouldn't you know I was attacked with comments "how's the weather in Russia", trump supporter!, etc.
    I said the same thing about how these fake articles that only strengthen his argument about the media, and they don't want to hear about any of that. Just hate him and do anything to try to hurt him is what they believe is the way it should be.

  12. 77% is honestly lower than I thought it would be. Literally ask anyone, ANYONE if they think that corporate media is telling them the truth and they'll say no. But these polls always manage to find these troglodytes that don't communicate or learn, but always go out and vote and are somehow present for polls. It's the strangest thing.

  13. This is why I watch credible alternative news sources like Al Jazeera, Press TV, American Free Press, RT, Wardo Rants, Blackstone Intelligence Network, Militia Intelligence Report, Veterans Today, Ken O' Keefe, and Brendon O' Connell. Read The International Jew by Henry Ford and The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion. The CMMM is owned by only 6 corporations and the owners are 100% Ashekenazi Jews. It's time to bust it up by Preston James.

  14. By the way, I'm remembering to ring the bell in the top right hand corner of this slot, in case Youtube's algorithms de-ranks you in my list of preferred news outlets.

  15. 77% of people believe mainstream media is pushing fake news. The danger here is that people disengage totally. There's a big rise of: Well you don't know who to believe. However, these people are not going off in search of programs like your show, Jimmy Dore, TYT Politics, they are just giving up listening to anything political. That's exactly where people companies like Cambridge Analytical, Facebook, GOP, Democrats want the population to be – ready to have their moulded to their views as and when.

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