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NBA Announcer Says Russell Westbrook Is Out Of His ‘Cotton-Picking Mind’ | TMZ Live – Viral Trends

NBA Announcer Says Russell Westbrook Is Out Of His ‘Cotton-Picking Mind’ | TMZ Live

An NBA game announcer is in hot water after saying Russell Westbrook was playing so well Wednesday night … he was “out of his cotton-picking mind.” SUBSCRIBE: http://po.st/TMZLiveSubscribe…


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Comments 50

  1. Comments full of people saying 'I'm black' with no picture defending the guy. His intent wasn't racist, don't get me wrong. But the word still shouldn't be used from a historical stand point. Especially when it ws directed to someone of color. But maybe I'm being sensitive or 'since its an old phrase' its okay.

  2. Any smart person should be cognitive enough..to control your mouth..Especially in professional settings.

    Black is a color not a race so..Its bigger than that..leave the massive fraudulent slips up too Women..Men should think before,not after..

  3. That announcer was not trying to be hurtful no need to fire the man it was a mistake I wonder how it would be roles reversed? Oh he a sneaky bastard he’s really dawning the sheet tonight! Not all of us were raised to be racially sensitive. Everyone needs to chill out I’m mixed black and white And I never let disrespect fly towards white or black folk…
    Muslims that’s a whole different ball game. Allala snakbar

  4. Oklahoma's white community infamously massacred hundreds of black people in the last century and burned the prosperous city dubbed "black wall street" to the ground (and prevented them from rebuilding it) You want me to believe that old ass piece of shit didn't know what he was saying?!

  5. That's fucking hilarious. Cotton picking is absolutely 100% offensive. There's only one meaning for the term. You don't learn the phrase without knowing what it means. He might have slipped it out, but it confesses that behind closed doors, he learned this because he liked it. The one exception to that is when you call people names to hurt them, i.e. you're a fagboy.

  6. shutup, Harvey u giant kiss ass!! BUT… to me it sounded like he almost said a cuss word, caught his self then was stumped for a second so he blurted that out not meaning a thing about it. I'm sure it was the furthest thing from his mind.

  7. Goodness gracious quit being so dang sensitive. I'm a black woman and find nothing offensive about what he said… He is just basically saying out of his damn mind. Maybe he didn't want to curse because he knows a lot of kids follow basketball. Give me a cotton picking break!!!

  8. Funny I keep seeing comments below like …. “as a black person” or “as a black guy” ….I don’t see it as racist (but they don’t have profile pics) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. we're mad about this but everyone is completely okay with the movie Black Panther which was written by white men and Pitt's black people against black people and in the movie itself has a complete tribe of people who Grunt and act as if they are gorillas the world is f***

  10. Omfg people are you fucking seriously??? Cotton-picking is used by some people to emphasize what they are saying. That means giving special importance or prominence to (something). Now if he said he’s out of his cotton picker mind… we’ll, then it’s a different story.

  11. I am 50 yrs old and have never heard the term Silverback.
    I have heard the term
    Cotton picking mind growing up from parents that is from VA
    I was born in DC raised in Maryland and that term was never used growing up in MD
    I never thought of it as racial
    back then. When I heard it today Yeah it's a racial term because of all the issues in today society. I don't think it was used in a malicious way and I don't think he should be
    Fired. {J S}

  12. Black people are offended by anything as long as a white person says it. People have been using that expression for years and it has nothing to do with race. What's next, are black people going to stop wearing cotton clothes because it reminds them of slavery?

  13. NEWS FLASH!!! There where white cotton picker's and I am sure there were Mexican cotton pickers. How about the term Felicia and a bunch of other terms stop being used. I honestly think we as Americans have gone to far. I also think that if you don't want certain terms used then the terms need not to be used by ANYONE. No one OWNS those words. They shouldn't be used in music or anywhere else if they are SO offensive but I hear them every day used by the very people who are crying about them being used.

  14. Ok in today's climate it was wrong. But it's racist but it's not racist. My family is from the south and I've heard this more than a few times seriously and jokingly by white and black people while talking to each other. So I don't know.

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