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My Favourite Part of Kyoto | Photography in Japan – Viral Trends

My Favourite Part of Kyoto | Photography in Japan

Photography in Japan has just been a treat. And on today’s vlog we went to my favourite part of Kyoto: Hokanji.
Check out my Japan Photography on IG at @brendanvanson.
Hokanji, in the old town of Kyoto, is one of the best photography locations in all of Japan. There are people wandering around dressed in kimonos which make for great street photos. There is even the occasional Geisha wandering about as well. But, from a travel perspective, there is a great line of Hokanji temple which makes for a beautiful composition.
Photography in Japan is a treat, but in the busy season it’s also really, well, busy. During the cherry blossoms there seem to be double the usual crowds, and that does make it a little bit of a challenge. But, it’s worth it. The photos of Japan that I’ve take so far have been among my favourites. It’s just been such an amazing country to get the camera out. And, this Hokanji area of Kyoto is one of my favourite spots.
Tomorrow, there’s another Japan vlog as we still have a couple days left in Kyoto.


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Comments 28

  1. "You can't come to Kyoto and not to that" Haha. My wife and I did exactly that. Skipped Arashiyama and a couple of other places so we'd have a good excuse to go back, especially as we're less than 3 hours flight time away.

  2. bamboo forest was amazing but have to go very early or its just super busy otherwise its pretty cool climb the hill to see the monkeys as well great views from up there but exhausting climb if your not fit lol

  3. Overnight to Kyoto?! Is it tough hopping from city to city in Japan? I figured it would be quicker than that. Never been to Japan though so I don't really have a concept of size and travellability. Did I just make that word up?

  4. Loving this Japan footage Brendan! Plus, really enjoying your process when you describe how you are capturing your images as well! Also, just a note, what you're seeing around the cities, with the (mostly tourists) women wearing are actually called yukata, which is a more casual version of the kimono. Kimono are used for more formal events, as well as worn more so by geisha. Plus, kimono are much more heavy and ornate. Just an FYI. Keep up the great work and enjoy your time there! Thanks!

  5. Nice video and photos! I spent 6 days in Kyoto and went to photograph the Yasaka pagoda 3 evenings until I got the shot I liked. My favorite spot as well.

  6. If you don't like the way your lens focuses, why don't you try manual focus and use zone focusing in those situations? I used to shoot weddings using fully manual cameras (Hasselblad) and I would zone focus lots of shots. It's really easy! No out of focus shots that way. Don't rely so heavily on technology to do your work and you'll improve your photography 1000%.

  7. Dude! Please check the intro music volume before publishing! It blasts me every time and I have to turn it down. Your volumes levels are way too hot! Otherwise, I really enjoy your videos.

  8. Swear I saw the dude, who dropped his camera in the moat walk by you….street photography can be a real pain, I love to walk round town and snap away for instance, but you can be there all set up, clicking away, and nobody cares, opps was that your tripod I knocked sort of attitude……rant done…lol

  9. You could try preset the focus (use the ground as a reference of distance) and wait till your subject gets in the “sharp” area, then snap the shot. Obviously, anything above 80% success rate is impossible haha

  10. Not liking. LOVING the Japan photography!
    But I had a quick question. When you're clicking pictures of the people there, do you stop everyone and ask if it's okay to take their pictures or is it fine to just click the picture anyway? I don't know how this works xD.

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