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I don’t have time for photography – Viral Trends

I don’t have time for photography

Fuji X-T2 ➡ http://amzn.to/2pl3Fh9
Fuji 16mm 1.4 ➡ http://amzn.to/2srg30W
Fuji 23mm 1.4 ➡ http://amzn.to/2DUIYMf
Fuji 18-55mm 2.8-4 ➡ https://amzn.to/2veYFhI
KF Variable ND Filter 1.4 ➡ https://amzn.to/2IRyOyb

http://instagram.com/michaelr.sturm/, http://instagram.com/pers_485, http://instagram.com/cochranechris

If you’d also like to contribute to rough cuts of our content, see publicly unreleased footage, or just hang out with us, come join our little community here: http://patreon.com/denae_andrew/



Summer Nights by Oui Lele

Lonely by McKenna Sanford

Wherever You Are by Psalm Trees


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Comments 29

  1. So very true. Yes, to all of that, it's so easy to find a reason not to do something. I think it's all about habit, it's too easy to slip into the habit not doing something, of expecting something to go wrong. I have a friend whose default position is, 'yes, of course, I can do that .. whatever', it's incredibly motivating. I enjoy these philosophical/inspirational videos.

  2. Inspiring video, but more importantly, helpful video. The idea of focus is inspiring, yet I think what touched me the most is showing how you do it every day. Focus may drive you to make certain choices, but you're not saying: 'stop doing this.' You're showing how life is full of those little moments that are not perfect, but that absence of the perfect conditions is what is to embrace.
    Also, you discuss training the eye, finding the strange in the familiar, the insane in the mundane, and that shooting frequently in flat suburbia is a great way to develop that vision.
    Often, when we go to exotic location or are served with exotic situations, the shot just hows itself, but in those situations you described, we have to find the better shot. It's great fun and a great skill to develop.
    I've worked this kind of pattern into my life. I leave a little early for work, so that I can spend 20 to 40 minutes, mid-commute, to shoot pictures. I try to do it every few days, grabbing different lenses. It has helped me tremendously.
    Anyway, enough babbling. Great thoughts and tricks you've shared. Thanks!

  3. I try to do my Photography during my commute. I cycle to work and use the local metro, but try to take different routes to work. This year I have set myself projects for each month for example February I only took double exposures. It’s been tough but rewarding. Just search xt20project on Instagram. I have been watching your videos for over a year and they inspired me to get out more. They were also one of the main reasons I bought the xt20 and stopped using my 100s. Thank you.

  4. "Im not little! Im big. Im 7"…. "ok" lol ….I honestly work my butt off every day and still have no time to have fun with photography. Its become a job to me. I wish I had the passion you have even when you probably have less time than me. Respect!

  5. Excellent! Most bodacious! Speaking of heightened awareness: one of the peculiar results of my deciding to start taking photos for myself in my everyday life rather than just for professional/educational purposes was that I started not just seeing things I never saw before, but started hearing things — what people said in the street, noises by the river, etc etc. An incidental training in awareness. … And as for that element of practice practice practice: amen brother!

  6. I watched this vlog twice and have thought about it a lot. Your point about making time or just creatively using the time you have hit me hard. I thought about all the things that interest me, things that I want to do and learn and grow in. And in each of them, the same thing applies no matter if it is a creative pursuit or something else. I love photography. I also love playing guitar. I get great pleasure from paddling my flat water kayak on the small rivers and large streams that cover our part of Tennessee. And then there are bicycles I really enjoy building, riding, and maintaining. But for each of these things, I have to decide what time I can allocate to be able to really enjoy and embrace each of them. Each interest requires time and practice to have any competence. Organization is the key… And remembering to practice! (In real life, I fly an EMS helicopter. We practice for emergencies in the simulator and in the aircraft at least once a quarter so that if something happens, we can react with a plan. Sound familiar? Just like real life?)

  7. Nice effort of working with whatever time and location one has available. I need to remind myself of that as I yearn to be in a more photographic place as I deal with long winters in Wisconsin. Especially today (mid April) as it is forecasted to get 12 plus inches of snow. Ugh!
    That symbol on your hat represents what?

  8. You are absolutely right. In todays times we always want everything perfect and we are not satisfied what we have around us. Just look on those perfect shots on instagram or 500px and you get easily discouraged because not to be so perfect. The thing about not having time is mostly a excuse. Instead of just taking every opportunity to be creative we focus on these exotic perfect shots.

  9. In my 10 years of amateur photography, it's probably only in the last six months (with the help of your videos) finally got comfortable with the fact, I'm happy with the images I get with the time and location I am given. I love to learn and become educated by masters in photography, but I understand now that I'm never going to be like them due to many factors…and that's just fine. thanks Andrew for speaking to the majority of us that love photography but also have other responsibilities.

  10. Thank you for this video. This was perhaps the best way for me to spend 14 minutes this morning. It was inspiring. I have 3 kids and time is seemingly an obstacle. So that “hour of power” concept is great for loading up on the creative process. Also, I need to take more videos of my kids!

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