Hungary election 2018 polls: Experts concede Viktor Orban headed for ‘ABSOLUTE VICTORY’

Hungary election 2018 polls: Experts concede Viktor Orban headed for ‘ABSOLUTE VICTORY’ The polls will open this Sunday April 8 for the Hungarian parliamentary election – deciding the…


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  1. Sometimes I wonder when people around the world like the way Viktor Orbán is doing his job. Some thinks he is a hero. Well the question of migration is very complex and probably this is the most interesting for foreigners as they might be also affected. Funny point by the way that he was campaigning from national financial sources that he won't let migrant into Hungary. He spent 270 billion HUF on the borber defence. Then he let them is in secret and 20 000 more who bougth a special bond to get right to settle down in Hungary )as I remember 1000 EUR is the price for that). Make it worse these people were not checked who they are. But, under Viktor Orbán's reign Hungary became the 2nd most corrupt country in Europe. He is spending billions of HUF (10 millions of EUR) of stadium, futball courts useless investments in order to steal money through his business partners closely related to him, most Lőrinc Mészáros, who miracleously made a fortune of 140 Billion HUF (451 million EUR) literally almost from nothing. The education is on lowest level ever recorded, health care strugles lack of financial support. Many people die due to they cannot get treatment in time (or at all). So in summary he might made good decision in the question of migration (I think it coulod be handled better), but in the past 8 years he was ruining Hungary.

  2. Well done ,you are looking out for your own people, wish we In the UK had a true person like you looking after us,all we have is appeaser, we only small country and cannot take anymore migrants,The EU will punish you for your fences,they are not for own people, hopefully you will allow a referendum, to choose stay or leave the nasty club,Hungary is good country and should not want to be associated with bullies.

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