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Has Video KILLED Photography? RAWtalk 244 – Viral Trends

Has Video KILLED Photography? RAWtalk 244


Welcome to RAWtalk Episode 244! This week we start off with a recap of Jared’s Paris trip! We then jump into video news from NAB which leads us to today’s topic: Is Video Killing Photography? And finally, we wrap up the show with another Flying Solo questions & answers segment. As always, thanks for watching!

00:00:20 – Welcome Back!
00:01:28 – We Have a Guest!
00:03:15 – What Have We Been Up To?
00:07:34 – Jared Went to Paris!
00:26:00 – Photo News Fix
00:29:38 – Instagram Update: New “Focus” Mode
00:31:35 – 1TB ProGrade CFExpress Card
00:34:32 – Introducing Apple ProRes RAW
00:36:05 – Apple Mac Pro Update
00:37:01 – Atomos Unveils Ninja V
00:39:18 – BlackMagic Rethinks Pocket Camera
00:44:37 – Bye Stephen!
00:45:17 – Gear(s) of the Week: Canon M50
00:47:32 – Jared’s New Sony a9 Kit
00:50:27 – Topic of the Day: Has Video HURT Photography?
01:03:00 – Flying Solo


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Comments 42

  1. 25:17, Jared stop talking about shit you don't know anything about! I use 35mm equivalent focal length for 90% of my street photography. Just because you have no skills in this arena and are only capable of "stealing" shots of peoples dogs deeming it "street photography" does not mean your are an authority on this subject. In fact you're quite the opposite.

  2. This channel reminds me of 80s NYC cable access channel where literally anyone could make a TV show for broadcast. It was sometimes interesting but it didn’t last. We now live in a world where it seem every single person has their own YouTube show. It too won’t last and people will look back on it like they look back on The Robyn Bird Show (google it) or will look back on the Trump presidency; a WTF was going on with that time puzzlement. Until then FRO KNOWS PHOTO — DOT COM !

  3. I feel sorry when you in america can't get decent butter. Here in britain and europe its just amazing, and not full of crap. sourdough baguettes and butter… mmmm

  4. The question is an individual choice, and to me it is irrelevant. What other people chose to follow in their lives, can never affect what I chose in my own, because my choices are only my own. Only I can affect what I want to dedicate myself to, and I've chosen long time ago to dedicate myself to photography, alone. So just to put it out there, the truth is that there is a void of people who fail to choose what to dedicate themselves to. Some people have killed their own passion for either one, and are simply flailing around in question of what to do next. The reason for this is that most people have comparing issues and most people care too much of what other people think. It's never wrong to choose both videography and photography IF we can manage it on an individual level, and neither one is more right than the other, because the onlything that matters is that we care about something and work at it in our own life. I could never care less if someone was passionate about doorbells, or snowplows or what ever, if only it gives him/her something positive in his/her life. If everyone shared what I like in this world, it would be boring to be honest. It's the differences in us, that attracts more than the similarities, and is what creates the most interest and curiosity all together.
    Just look at all the Sony A7III videos here on youtube. That is a camera aimed at photography. Try to see how many reviewers focus the most attention on photography or videography.

    Jared is actually the first one who see it as a camera for photography, and it clearly shows in his review. Most of the rest is just a random mess of confused people.

  5. I do not recall the actual stat but in the next hour or so, there will be more photos taken than in the first hundred years of photography. Video, including film, will likely never achieve this stat. However, these are two separate arts (only amateurs think they are the same). Moreover, motion is incapable of replacing the still image, because humans physiologically think in still images. While your memory may reconstruct motion, you actually don't think or recall easily in motion. This is why, for instance, symbol or fashion are integral to our mindset.

  6. The phone killed the casual camera point and shoot blister pack camera but when you want to do serious photography you need a proper ILC. I can’t see charging someone a weeks pay and show up with a phone

  7. I agree, smartphone photography doesn't kill DSLR photography. When I bought a Google Pixel and started to give more importance on how I took photos (composition, lighting, bokeh, and so on) I realized I needed a proper camera. A few months later and I have a Nikon D5600 with 3 lenses, 2 flashes, ND filter and a tripod …and I'm loving it.

  8. @25:45…ish. Really like the image of the building reflected on the tabletop. Other than experience (or rather, knowledge of how to get the environment/subject/object to be manipulated visually as you have) how do you set up to capture a shot like this? Maybe a topic for a five-minute deep dive? Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Wow guys, that's definitely not my impression of what I've been seeing coming out of NAB! To me I felt like the Atomos V is HUGE, there was some very impressive new things from Steadicam (motor assisted Steadicam), some very cool lenses, especially in the cine and animorphic space. Additionally Adobe announced auto dipping in Premiere which isn't as big, but is still a big help for those that shoot YouTube like videos. That's just a few of the HUGELY significant releases in my mind!

  10. Marshall McLuhan notwithstanding, let's distinguish between the medium and the message. Humans are storytellers. We always have been and always will be. Stories can be told in many ways. From the first cave paintings to modern digital photography, people have been using still images to tell stories for tens of thousands of years. From shadow puppets around a fire to next month's summer blockbuster film release, we've used moving pictures to tell stories for as long as modern humans have walked the Earth. We use symbols, sounds and other means to convey meaning.

    We communicate emotions, thoughts and messages through every sense. A gentle touch, the taste of chocolate, the fragrance of a rose, the sound of a softly-hummed tune, the sight of a smile…these and all the things we make to stimulate these senses are media through which meaning is conveyed.

    Video (moving pictures) and photography (still pictures) compliment each other. As time passes, the technologies used to create these conveyers of meaning will change. But these media will remain…as long as humans can see, hear, speak and feel.

  11. Those who say that video is useless or that kills photography don't know anything about video nor photography. Photography is writing with light: video is made up with tens of thousands of photographs. A great video is achieved by those who know how to use and shape lights to convey a feeling. In facts in any movie there is a director of photography that works along with the director. The latter is only good at directing the actors and the action, but does not necessarily know how to write with light the message that needs to be conveyed.

    So photography is not killed, nor video is more important. The only catch is that if you do only one of them, you are incomplete. If you do both, you'd acquire a much greater vision of creative and visual arts.

  12. It’s funny you mentioned the difference between the 300 f2.8 and f4. That’s the whole argument between professionals who use APSC instead of FF, despite the subtle difference in background separation and bokeh. Some just prefer the smaller form factor while working. Granted, there’s no arguing FF does do a slightly better job, but it is negligible and APSC is gaining ground as technology advances. But, Canon and Nikon will still command the lions share of professional photography for at least another 4-8 years with their current lineup of dslr’s just because of the plethora of lenses available for those cameras. Video hasn’t killed still photography, but it is awesome to have a camera that can do both well. That’s why Sony, Fujifilm and Panasonic are in the headlines so much. Their cameras appeal heavily to beginner to enthusiasts alike. That’s the biggest reason Canon and Nikon need to enter the market soon before too many of them get sold on these other brands. Because once you buy into an ecosystem, people tend to stay in it for a long time.

  13. Switched from Fuji to Sony awhile back. Looking forward to Canon/Nikon mirrorless but tbh not expecting much. Canon doesn’t cannibalize, Nikon doesn’t care about video and both don’t do IBIS.

  14. I would just like to know where my Stock images are being used. I sell regularly, but it's slow because it's not much $ each sale. But what are people doing with the photos they buy?

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