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Apple iPad (2018) Review – Viral Trends

Apple iPad (2018) Review

The 6th generation iPad – also known as the 2018-edition or the new 9.7-inch iPad – follows its predecessor in familiar fashion with an irresistible starting price of $329 for consumers….


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Comments 31

  1. I got the iPad 2017 128 Gb just last month and I don't plan on upgrading to the iPad 2018. Although the Apple Pencil support in the new iPad is very tempting, I don't see any reason to upgrade, considering that the iPad 2017 works just fine and I haven't noticed any lag/stutter in my day-to-day use.

  2. The aspect ratio on iPads (and Macs) are for productivity instead of video.

    They have more vertical space, making documents, web browsing etc a better experience. (Landscape mode)

    Books for example, look much better on a 4:3 screen than a 16:9 screen. Drawing on a 16:9 screen has issues too. Not enough horizontal space if used in portrait mode and not enough vertical space in landscape mode.

    Also why Samsung went from 16:10 to 4:3 on their tablets later down the road.

  3. Thanks for your honest review–not all of us can afford an iPad Pro–and some people's reviews have made anything less than that seem like garbage. It seems better than what I could get in an Android at a comparable price.

  4. Your review wasn’t very good. No one expects this iPad’s camera to be on par with iPhone 8/X quality. And full screen videos with no bars? Where have you seen that? Even iPhone X has bars (vertical, but they are still bars), all iPad Pro models have bars watching video, even iPhones 5 ~ 8 if you watch a widescreen movie or content made for iPhone X aspect ration. No device can display all aspect ratios full screen without bars because there are too many aspect ratios. You didn’t just mentioned it, you made it sound like a negative point.

  5. With the latest iOS I agree that iPad is the best tablet out there. Now with enough settings to tweak, split screen apps, gestures and other usability improvements the iPad is really the tablet to go with.

    I wouldn't have said this just a few years ago, when iOS was fairly limited, but now everything is improved. The battery life especially is what counts in a tablet and it is good to hear that the product delivers on that.

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