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200,000 Year Old Ancient Technology That Indicates The History Books Are Wrong – Viral Trends

200,000 Year Old Ancient Technology That Indicates The History Books Are Wrong

It looks like history textbooks may soon be rewritten. Most of the circular, glyph-pattern stone structures were in the past assumed to be tribal ruins from past African communities. But the…


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Comments 23

  1. Enki…annunaki and all the other names given plus their technologies and stone buildings, all before the flood, they are the nephilm, the mythical Greek Roman gods, Zeus etc, like the Hindu God's in the Vada, we're all from the fallen angels, Men of old that the Bible and Torah mentions.
    All wiped out by the gigantic flood that most cultures mention in their religious stories, so I don't know why people keep wondering why where it all comes from you only have to read the Bible to know that that's exactly what it's about it's not a secret, never has been but atheist ignore it most Christians church's can not cope with it that's why they ignore the whole Nephilim giant issue mentioned in Genesis 6

  2. I always love your work.  A south African Tamil finds these research documents extremely relevant and fascinating.  makes me realize our ancestors were not being fantastical in their writings.  Myth becomes History.  the interconnected of the human race!   thank you for your work!]

  3. The only Annunaki that was in Africa was England sucking all of the gold out of it enslaving all the black people sending all their work slaves from their Wars down there they dug giant mines digging out as much gold silver whatever diamonds that they could out of the ground and they are still there you never hear about anything going on down there do you because the bottom half of the world is cut off

  4. While I think a lot of what he "Theorizes" is exciting and has merit, & some of it should be researched better before saying things that are difficult to take. Still, I enjoyed the presentation…lots to think about considering there have been others saying similar things about the pyramids and the whole Healing/Frequency relationship associated with many of the Ancient sites. I do believe we have lost a lot of technologies the ancients used every day and that knowing/using them could change life as we now know it…..& last but most assuredly not least, the untold trillions our oldest Banking families.Cartels would stand to loose….A definite coalition between them & it wouldn't you say…. What if some of the frequency research squirreled away in a few cabinets today could heal cancer…what ever else…do you think the Pharma Monopoly would allow it to advance….hardly! Better yet, what if they could cure corruption from the highest levels, lol…that would be a technology I would invest in!

  5. All ancient worship/ceremony sites were set up to be "switched on" by the sun passing through a window/portal during the summer or winter solstice. How does the whole world get together at the same time to "switch on" this grid weather you're in S America or Egypt. A solar event. The closest and most energy rich thing to our planet at the right spot with the Earth's grid all being switched on all at the same time. The only way to truly experiment with this would be for humanity to go to these sites and try to duplicate what the ancients did with adjustments for the plant shift and see what happens. Maybe Jesus would come back 🙂

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