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1987 Ford Fiesta MKII: Regular Car Reviews – Viral Trends

1987 Ford Fiesta MKII: Regular Car Reviews

We drive the SO 80’s Ford Fiesta MKII. Us in the USA never got this car. NITW art by https://twitter.com/lynxgriffin Merch: Keytags : https://motoloot.com/collections/regular-car-reviews-loot…


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Comments 35

  1. Had a friend who had the first Fiesta and was t-boned. Key word there was had. It broke the driver seat loose and put it in the passenger seat. Needless to say, he died. These cars are just a crackerbox with an engine.

  2. Aw you could have compared the XR2 which had the EXP's 1.6 CVH, ECU but not injection and extra gauges plus tighter gearbox, tighter suspension, Recaro interior with the Escort XR3i's quick steering rack and a staple for European boy racers back in the day, Tickfords also produced a prototype 1.4ti for Ford (Cologne) with a smaller CVH and aggressive injection. I love the MK2 Fiesta and the car I drive every day actually has the same front end as the MK2, being aptly called the Reliant Robin MK2 which even used the actual Ford headlamps, indicator lights and profile as the Ford car. The next generation Fiesta's XR2i was frankly so over the top it made the previous XR2's look like tractors hehe, I wished I had a piccie of my Fiesta van which me and a mate bodged a Cologne 2.8 V6 into a rear engine making it a fast fast deathtrap.

  3. Funny how as an American "80's Golf" is the first small European car you think of, and every European watching this (including me) is like "what the hell are you talking about, they're not even in the same class"

    I had a Mk3 XR2i Fiesta, it was incredibly fun. 105 hp in a car this small? Yes, please.

    Also, Mk2 Fiesta is my dream project. I want to do a 2.0L 16V engine swap (Zetec or RS2000i) and do it up all nicely with creature comforts to make it into a perfect city car.

  4. My Mom used to have an original Fiesta, every time it rained, water would get spat up from the wheels and would land right on the uncovered battery… shorting the entire car… every time.

  5. My ex girlfriend had a 1993 Ford Fiesta here in the U.S back in 1994. It was the same stripped down four speed, but slightly different appearance on the outside. I had a 1981 Toyota Tercel at the time and I often joked that my 13 year old Tercel 5 speed ran better that her almost new car.

  6. I have owned two of these. First I had one with 1.0l engine and it was one of firsts made as it was made in 1984. It had different dashboard than the one reviewed in this video and it had thin steering wheel not like at the video. Another one was made in 1988 and had similar dashboard like this one in video, but it also had 1.4l 75 horsepower CVH engine.

  7. you know what annoys the shit out of me? I like to watch some youtube videos on my lunch breaks, and while I don't have the best internet speed at work, the ads load up lightening fast, but the actual video is slow as balls to loan. WTF youtube?

  8. This was my first car – same reg, same colour, everything! 21 years later I've just got another Fiesta, but this time a 2010 Zetec. About as different as it could be and still have the same name…

  9. You were right about about the Bud Dwyer thing…someone told me to look that guy up one time. Hadn't heard of the guy before, so, had no idea what would happen in that video…

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