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Trump campaign-linked Cambridge Analytica harvesting Facebook users’ info? – Viral Trends

Trump campaign-linked Cambridge Analytica harvesting Facebook users’ info?

A former Cambridge Analytica employee claims the company harvested information from 50 million Facebook users. The company, best known for its work on Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign…


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Comments 50

  1. Had to scroll through pages and pages of FOX News videos bashing the Left until I found this one tiny, minute-long, hard-to-follow video of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. They tried to make it seem inconsequential as possible. Gotta keep these Trump supporters nice and stupid and uninformed, ya know? lol

  2. You suckers actually believed a seven-time bankruptcy failure of a con man, draft dodging coward, traitorous turncoat. I got some oceanfront property in Arizona to sell some of you suckers.

  3. And you weak minded sheep like cult members of trump fell for it. Trump supporters are proof there's a sucker born every minute. LOL worst president in history

  4. If you got caught up in the Trump hype and voted for him you were completely and utterly hustled.. Big league. You have compromised your values and yourself, and the worst thing is you're all such clueless bitches you don''t even realise despite the continuous stream of evidence that says otherwise!

  5. Hold up if this company worked on the Trump campaign in 2016 then how is it not tied to Trump? Even though members of his campaign like being in and Kushner or heavily involved with Cambridge analytica

  6. Oh Donald, oh Orange One and tangerine faced clown! Now the shite really IS going to hit the fan for you dear! Impeach Trumpo and restore the person who SHOULD have been elected: Hillary Clinton.

  7. And ofc the foxTrolls are defending a company that stole 50M Americans personal information and then abused them using it. All fine, nothing to see here. Deplorable was too nice. Shittard is a better word for that scrap of the barrel.

  8. Why Im Independent. reps & dems different sides of a zionist controlled coin. Not into particpating in plantation wars. Not interested in political parties, only interested in political issues. Stop mislabeling MI.

  9. I'm tired of these news clips that I have to read. If I wanted to read my news I'd buy a newspaper. I watch videos because I want to see the pictures. I don't want to read because then I can't watch the pictures. I don't want to read because I'm eating my breakfast and it's too hard too keep up. HIRE A NARRATOR!!!

  10. I don't use Facebook and neither does anyone in my family. We voted based on listening to the candidates, not from ads. I think people place too much emphasis on the influence of ads on the American people.

  11. What was also mentioned quite catargorically by the CEO of Cambridge Analytica that they use Israeli secret services for gathering dirt.
    This prooves that Israel is getting intelligence classified data from Facebook.
    Then selling it on.
    Thats right folks Israel knows all about you. they even know what you look like.

  12. LOL.  Weird how none of this information is on Foxnews.com.  Maybe the fake news is omitting this information and the Muller information.  Leading with the Austin Bombing and no mention of any of this "Scandal".  Come on Trump Fire Muller so your precious Fox News can omit that on their website also.  Just shows right-wing media lies by omitting the truth from their "Informed" viewers. Turn on CNN for the REAL News.

  13. Trump's IT Guy was a Genius.

    This is not the same as Private Companies, like Google and Facebook trying to put their thumb on the scale by violating their own terms of service.

    They're just mad that Trump's people beat them to it and did a better job with it than they could.

  14. I don't have a clue why Trump speaks highly of Fox. Obama did the same thing but, does Fox offer a "fair and balanced" report? Hell No! Yet another cheap hit piece on the President. Are you queuing for Jeff Flake to challenge Trump in a 2020 primary? Maybe you're working for that empty suit Romney. Whatever the case, FOX SUCKS!!!

  15. Shiffty Schiff & FLAKEY Flake can back off!! Does not mean POTUS was part of the snooping, nor is it his fault if people gave permission to snoop, all on the head of the snoopers, & maybe Schiff & Flake behind this or conjured it up so desperate!!

  16. It has already been established as a fact that the Russians targeted social media during the election campaign. So the big question now is, did they get this same data from the Trump campaign team that had been acquired through Bannon? Interesting.

  17. I'm not sure why this Cambridge Analytica thing is a "scandal" for Facebook, unless its entire business model is a scandal. They make a lot of their $ off of advertisers being able to target users by their personal info. That's what Cambridge Analytica did… Steve Lookner @ RSBN

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