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Trudeau Liberals’ support drops to new low in latest Ipsos poll – Viral Trends
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Comments 36

  1. The only ones that support this embarrassment of a prime minister are the small minority groups that Trudeau panders too while ignoring the larger Canadian population.

  2. No worries. Decent Canadians who are too smart to be sucked into the evangelical nonsense of the right wing, the hating of the poor, women and anyone who is not white. Canada has been happy. However there are so many enemies of freedom. There are literally thousands of hate sites on Justin Trudeau. Everything from, he is Fidel Castro's son, or the leader of the Muslims and other stupidity. Trudeau is for women. He is for equal pay for women. He is actually helping the middle class. He made half his cabinet women, and it was lovely. Scheer is a religious, pro life, LGBTQ hater, and on top of that he is arrogant and sneaky. There is no one better to try and deal with Trump than Trudeau. He has a great team working their hearts out and one doesn't tell Trump what to do. As for the India trip, big deal. Trudeau did nothing wrong. He may have looked foolish, but honestly so what? He is well educated, has a degree in higher education and is intelligent in both English and French. He is also the only PM to ever stand up for and with the indigenous of this country. He is open minded, smart and fair. He does town halls, and he is very impressive in those halls and dare I say brave to even do them, amidst all these haters who do not understand anything about politics, or what a player Scheer is. Stick together liberals. If we don't, they will take away everything from us. No, we are not the people living in those huge houses, with those big ass vehicles in the driveway, we don't own cottages etc…but we are in the majority. And Trudeau is actually giving us a helping hand up. They have raised the minimum wage because the working poor need help. He gave us the child tax credit. More day care spaces, cheaper day care spaces and so much more. Do not be fooled by the alt right wing nastiness sweeping through every democratic country,. There is nothing good behind that movement. And go ahead, someone ask me what Harper did to the veterans. It was so nasty.

  3. "Something associated with that trip (India) that didn't bode well with Canadians". Really, what a bland statement that is. Don't mince your words. CALL IT. This is a lame, shallow, idiotic PM, and his handlers are just as inept. Laugh at the puppet, but crucify the puppet master. Of course, you're not going to find out who that is, they have no balls.

  4. These people also said that the Conservative party would win the last Election……Of course they lied are were Wrong..must be taking orders from Birtian and America

  5. It's not so much the India trip, although that's a factor. What's bigger is the Liberals windmill scheme in Ontario which has drastically increased electric bills. They have wrecked the budget in Ontario so badly that even liberal Ontario is against them. Additionally, home prices have skyrocketed anywhere within 100 miles of Toronto making many people house-poor with huge energy bills.

  6. Describing Ontarian's opinion of Wynne as "grown weary " must be the understatement of the year. Trudeau's popularity will continue to drop every time he opens his mouth, as more Canadians realize just how stupid he is. I can not believe we elected a person that is this dumb. He has zero real life experience. I still think he looks like Fidel and knowing his mother the idea is not that far fetched.

  7. He's a traitor to Canada and a true idiot. What a true embarrassment to this country, I didn't vote for this flake, I hope he's a one and done and just disappears after he loses the next election.

  8. Even though we are multicultural country, but we Canadians have an identity in which we take pride in. I don't recall Prime Minister Modi ever dancing bangra or wearing a visiting countries attire just for the sake of political correctness. Trudeau embarrassed us, our identity and our values.

  9. Hahahaha, Sunny ways, Peoplekind, Islamaphobia propaganda, paying off convicted terrorists, entitled to entitlements, spending taxpayers dollars on everyone else but Canadians, ethics violations, constantly bashing Conservatives, screwing the middle class, lying globalist 🐷 NEEDS to RESIGN NOW.

  10. no no no if the media says he has a 44 per cent approval rate that means its really about 24 percent and they always say he has fallen since the india trip ,, what about all the other bad stuff he done to our country it started way before india . you can never trust the Canadian media all they do is lie to the people and stick up for the liberals there just like cnn nothing but liars.

  11. Everything they do is the opposite of what they should do.

    Pushing intersectionality horse sht, gender wage gap, gender budgeting is fuking moronic and the vast vast vast majority of canadians thinks its stupid. The liberals are literally pushing the ideas that only the fringest of leftists support. They meanwhile are screwing with our good gun laws that have canada with little gun crime to now punish law abiding gun owners. Then on top of it they cant even pass simple marijuana legislation for their own goddamn base.

    Goodbye trudeau you truly retarded fuckhead.

  12. Mon-sewer Trudeau and Mon-sewer Morneau have now put Canada over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT and we have nothing to show for it except embarrassment on the International Stage.  Canada has never been close to this crippling number before. The only people who will  pay this astonishing debt off are YOU, "The Middle Class and Those Working Hard To Join It"  + all the people-persons and other people -kinds for, it is estimated, the next two generations. When you hear "The Government are spending……." and The Government are investing in……. "   Think the truth……."The Government are about to spend my money and my kids money on……" for example…..Justin Trudeau's next family vacation to….wherever…." and "Justin Trudeau and Family's custom made, in Canada traditional Indian Silk costumes…….which real Indians cannot afford….."  Justin Trudeau and Family's vacation to that famous Muslim, The Agah Khan's private Island." and "Ten Point Five Million dollars to the terrorist Omar Khudr who murdered a US MEDIC."  THAT is who you have spending your future income for you without any chance of you saving it for retirement and without even asking you.

  13. Wow! He's still that popular, 44% in some areas of the country & I hear it's mostly women. C'mon ladies, don't let me down. I know you're really more intelligent this time. Helloooooo.

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