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R99: http://geni.us/R99Box | Remote: http://geni.us/S77Remot NordVPN: https://goo.gl/BSq2uL (code: robertojorge) ✅ SUGGESTED VIDEOS ✅ ✴ The Best Android TV Box: https://youtu.be/2Y15HWj…


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Comments 32

  1. What a piece of junk here's the list I tried and failed with because the audio did not play at all or was uncoordinated to the vision and not fixable – morpheus tv, feeflixhq, tea tv, showbox and megabox HD. Just about everything does not work, bad thing is that it's not rooted either. I have bought better $50 AUD boxes than that. I bought it direct from the chinese manufacturer and they seem unwilling to do anything about its issues – shouting at a dragon only produces hot wind.? You should try testing these boxes properly before recommending them.

  2. Hi Roberto, I just bought this box and I'm having an issue where when I put it in standby mode using the remote (both the stock remote and the S77) it won't come back on using the remote. The only way I get get the box to come back on is by removing the plug from the socket and plugging it back in again. Do you have any ideas what could be causing this and how I can solve it? Thanks.

  3. What's the IPTV service you use Roberto? I use gears TV with Mayfair and on my android box it's a lityle laggy opening. Could ve down to my android box. In terms of the R99, do they do updates?

  4. Hello Roberto. I love your reviews especially on the android TV boxes. My question is, if a TV box has bluetooth support, does that mean you can play media from android phone to tv box via bluetooth? Or what is the main function of the bluetooth because i have noticed the boxes that have bluetooth are more expensive than the ones that don't. And is it possible to connect an external bluetooth dongle to the usb port and get it to work?
    Your feedback will be appreciated. Cheers

  5. Hi Roberto, I am watching your TV box videos for last 2 weeks to come at a decision to buy a good, problem free TV Box. How is CSA96 Android 6.0 TV Box? It looks similar to R99 in appearance and specification. Is it worthy to buy. I saw you review on Yundoo Y8 having similar Soc , so is there any issue in this box too. I am getting around $115 on Gearbest .It has Bluetooth remote. I Need your advice for best TV Box under $100 . My main purpose is to record Amazon prime video and other streaming videos in 5.1 ch ac3 audio through SPDIF output. Though Netflix is in SD so it cant output 5.1 ch.. I liked Zidoo H6 Pro and X9S but doesn't seems to have a powerful chip and I fears that It will streams video not smoothly and will stutter..Kindly suggest me. Thank You

  6. I have one of this,can you told me, that Logitech cam can use whatapps or wechat,or line for video conference?I don't have cam now.i play game with ppspp some game for real-time ,like Street fighter is lag.the t860 GPU is little bit slower than mibox 3 w powervr 6250gpu

  7. I just got the R99 a few days ago. I'm pleased with its overall performance, its quick. I only have a couple of issues, one is I cannot get Nova launcher to work, I tried & tried until I completely bricked my box yesterday & had to do a factory reset. The other issue is:- I cannot turn the device off without unplugging it or turn it back on from standbye without unplugging & then plugging back in again. I'm hoping OTA updates in the near future will fix these small issues.

  8. I looking to get a 2nd android box, after the 1st one I got (Minix Neo-U1), which I precisely bought after reviewing one of your videos. However after watching this video it wasn't clear: 1) If this box comes with its own power on/off button (one integrated into the box, like the Minix boxes does?, and 2) If this could be turned on just with the stock remote?

    I've seen other boxes that can be turned on/off ONLY with their own stock remotes, which is completely unacceptable as it just limits its use by using more complete remotes. Could you please clarify this doubt please? Watched some kind-of button located @ one of its corners, but not sure if that was the power on/off button. Thanks for your help. Greetings! 😀

  9. Most import question – does it support automatic refresh change? Does it support 24p? System-wide? Netflix movies should be played at 24p not 50/60. If not – then just go buy Apple TV for that money.

  10. Roberto Jorge It is awesome that you always include an honest assessment of the WiFi performance in your reviews. So many of us require a solid WiFi connection to stream online, so slow connection is unacceptable. Thank you for all you do!

  11. Hi, maybe next time you could testing with MOBA games such as Vainglory, Mobile Legends and Act of Valor because I heard from my friend is not compatible with his Android box (X96 Mini) besides those games quite popular in Indonesia (where I come from). Sorry for bad English.

  12. I got this one but I love the firestick interface from Amazon other than that the WiFi is not strong enough as the regular fire stick the interface is not really good and the price are higher than the Amazon 2 generation fire stick box 4k..my honest comment..by the way great video.

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