‘Plans for Adoption’ Deleted Scene | Teen Mom OG (Season 7) | MTV

Maci tells her friend that she and Taylor want to adopt a child. Watch new episodes of Teen Mom OG every Monday night at 9/8c on MTV. #MTV #TeenMomOG Subscribe to MTV: http://goo.gl/NThuhC…


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  1. Maci is a wonderful mom.shes real good with kids.I know shes worried about ryan because of his drug addiction because of Bentley.thats his daddy.ryan needs to stay clean for Bentleys sake.

  2. These two have some serious issues they are trying to feel a void with like wow get some goals and a life quit drinking maci you already don't seem happy and worry about yiur sons father that is a heroine addict you think you and this guy are gonna last forever please no one last forever now a days and all them kids how stupid can you be…these two are very bored with their lives and need children to fulfill them …

  3. love Maci, she is very family oriented. But one thing I see in this video is her friend really doesn't seem to agree with it. She seems shocked that was an option. Did anyone else get that vibe??

  4. Of course adoption is a beautiful selfless thing but with everything going on with Ryan I would put more focus on the son first and making sure he’s okay. This is my opinion before anyone tries it. 🙄 She’s so young and already has too much going on.

  5. And Taylor I'd an amazing dad. I hope she does it. That would help an older child out because most adopt e parents want newborns or babies… they don't want a 4 year old with issues because he feels like nobody wants him.

  6. omg girl take care of yourself and body before more kids. 🤦Jesus Christ yes she's a good mother but I'm starting to think this is bullshit all these females have bad issues I can't stand none of them anymore.

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