Khloe Kardashian Gives Birth With Tristan Thompson By Her Side | TMZ Live

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  1. OOOHH… so Khloe met Karma and Tristan is stil a punk for ignoring his 1st born child. U made yor bed Khloe now u gota lay n it, not too comfortable is it?! Wat goes around sure did come bak around real quick. I wonder if Khloes ass thot about how Jordan felt wen she did the same damn thing to her. Tristan dissin his 1st born child speaks volumes on his character as a MAN and that's who Khloe chose to b her baby daddy. The Kardashian women r having black babys like their trophys

  2. I can't. This is my 2nd video. These people are obnoxious, retarded and just out words in each other's mouths.
    This old man in the gray shirt is just talking out of his ass and is FUCKING annoying. Stop cutting people off and shut the fuck uuuuuup

  3. I agree with Harvey all the sisters should’ve name their children kardashians/jenners… Kayla Samantha Kardashian doesn’t sound bad lol

  4. When they say that’s North West . People now it’s Kim’s Kardashian’s daughter. Not that Tristan is the same lane as Kanye. I think whatever the name is?? It will stick! Should be interesting.

  5. I think she should name the baby Kardashian Tristan is just a sperm downer and the reason I said that is let’s say he made a mistake with first girlfriend he did it again two times in a row so that makes him a sperm downer someone who has a heart would never do that to someone Second time in a row

  6. How MUCH MONEY is Kris paying Harvey….? If they were married her last name would be Thompson and in Ohio if he pays support he could make her let the baby have his last name.

  7. There is no age discrimination when coming on to cheating !!!
    And why is everyone obsessing over this story .. How many other dogs out there with pregnant women at home ?!
    There is other news to report come on ….

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