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My ISO & DYNAMIC RANGE TEST | The Landscape Photography Journals E17 – Viral Trends

My ISO & DYNAMIC RANGE TEST | The Landscape Photography Journals E17



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Comments 23

  1. I worked on the 777, mostly the 747 for about the last 10 years (before I too left the company) and I keep trying to think I know you, probably not.

  2. Just wanted to drop in and say hello. Been really busy working and not shooting. Plan to make a day of it Saturday. Sending good vibes, don't forget me for the Trinity Trip.

  3. This is a good lesson to learn early on. Knowing your specific camera's ISO intimately is a good strategy for shooting wildlife, such as birds in action. It'll help you find your max "acceptable" limits when trying to keep shutter speed above the "blurry feather" zone.

    What was your water temp that day 🙂 ?

  4. Dave, I purchased your Photo Editing for Landscape & Outdoor Photography and I'm loving it. I've used Lightroom for several years now and never have been able to get a handle on the best way to catalog images and keep up with the files. Your method makes more sense than any method I've ever run across. Needless to say, I'm setting up the system on both my desktop and laptop. Have fun on your upcoming sojourn, keep your head on a swivel and stay safe.

  5. Hey Dave, your approach and content to the Journals are just plain awesome! You put us right in the moment, am looking forward to you up coming trip. Gotta sign up for the Expert Package now (Y)

  6. Would be very cool to see a complete video, starting from planning and so on to packing, backpacking and shooting.
    Doesn't need to be a super comprehensive 1 hour long video with crazy filming, just few clips of everything would be enough.

  7. I am curious Dave, how big does the "ship" pack down to size and weight wise? At least you shouldn't have a lot of draft to deal with! : ) The one issue I would be afraid of is not seeing a rock that would take me out like the Titanic!

  8. Dave, first things first, I see you carry your raft in your kit so my stupid question is ….How do you inflate it?

    Secondly, I signed up to your expert package last week and 42% complete and loving the method of learning your teaching. Have a weeks vacation next week but wont be adventurous as yours but have downloaded your pdf guides to continue my education and have a total break from the rat race.

    In terms of your up and coming trip, a video about your preparation would be good and was wondering if some point in the future you would discuss your portfolio and how you decide what goes in it and how you manage it.

    Safe travels

  9. Dave, you are hands down my favorite Photography instructor/teacher.  I have all your PDF's on my MS Surface and read them in my hammock, when I have downtime.  The way you break down all the technical aspects of using a camera and then present in a way that people can learn from is just incredible.  On top of that, you dip into topics of how we each learn/process information, in a way that gives us each a better chance at using the great information you provide to us.  And then in this case, you even provide the means for us to determine our own measurements and learn how to arrive at our own values for our setups and usage.  I struggle with the best way to explain what you are doing, but you are basically taking the whole "teaching a person to fish" a whole other level, like not just teaching us to fish, but how to set us each up to get the best results in fishing with our specific gear. THANK YOU so much for all the time and effort you put into this series.  I completely agree on your previous videos about not wasting time on social media.  By your efforts creating that web series on photography and doing it very well, it is a lasting piece of information that will give value over and over.  Be safe out there and have a great day!

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