There's a house full of creepy statues for sale in Detroit, and we have questions

Sick of sharing a house with roommates but worried about getting lonely? 

At 450 W Grixdale Ave in Detroit, you’ll never be alone. Called the “Lion Gate Estate,” the house comes fully furnished with a grand piano, two vintage cars, and an army of creepy statues. 

This house is full of statues. So, so many statues.

“Unique barley begins to describe this one of a kind Grixdale Farms estate,” the listing states. “Every aspect has been articulated with painstaking attention to detail and mindblowing decorative flair.”

The living room is adorned with wall-to-wall mirrors and an array of white and silver furniture. Marc-Grégor, the photographer who took the pictures for the listing, told Mashable that the sunlight bouncing off the walls was so intense, he could “barely walk through the room.”

“Decorative flair” also includes crocheted ceilings and plush velvet walls. All three of the bedrooms in the house are populated with white statues at the corner of every bed, so that you’ll never have to sleep by yourself!

You'll never sleep alone again with these watchful eyes.

You’ll never sleep alone again with these watchful eyes.

The dining room is pretty nice — it’s bright and sunny, with a large glass table and modern clear chairs. But it also comes with gold reliefs of three dimensional cherubs and terrifying elf dolls who will stare at you while you eat. 

What do these elf dolls know? What secrets have they kept?

What do these elf dolls know? What secrets have they kept?

According to the Detroit Free Press, the homeowner wants to make you feel like you’re “dining with angels.” 

We’re not sure where the elf dolls factor into the dining with angels part. 

Who doesn't want to dine with terrifying elf dolls?

Who doesn’t want to dine with terrifying elf dolls?

In fact, there are faces all over this house. The enclosed backyard has a heated pool, surrounded by more creepy Grecian statues. You can get all of the benefits of having company, without the awkward small talk. 

This house: $550,000. The friendship of all of these creepy white statues: priceless.

This house: $550,000. The friendship of all of these creepy white statues: priceless.

According to Marc-Grégor, “it was stressful not playing dominos by knocking over a statue.”

Does it remind anyone else of a certain monster from Doctor Who?

According to Alex Lauer, the real estate agent for the listing, the homeowner inherited the house from his parents and meticulously decorated each room with a theme. He told CTV News that whoever ends up buying the property “is going to find some surprises” since the everything inside the house is included in the listing.

That’s not creepy at all!

Marc-Grégor is a good friend of Lauer, and the photographer said that he “could tell something unusual was coming” when he was asked to photograph the house. Even though Lauer didn’t give him many details about Lion Gate Estate, Marc-Grégor said “he was too happy about that listing.”

Marc-Grégor Campredon says the owner of Lion Gate Estate is just as eccentric as the house decor.

Marc-Grégor Campredon says the owner of Lion Gate Estate is just as eccentric as the house decor.

Lion Gate Estate is owned by Ronald Nassar, a retired industrial designer who insists on showing the property only to buyers who can pay the entire $550,000 in cash. To schedule a booking, you have to prove that you have half a million dollars at your disposal. It’s absurdly expensive for that area, considering surrounded houses range from $27,000 to $138,000 at the most. To be fair, the house does come fully furnished — the baby grand piano, 1966 Cadillac, and 1974 Lincoln are pretty valuable. 

The countless marble friends? Priceless.

Oh, and even if you have $500,000 in cash to toss at this house, which is probably haunted, you can only view the probably on sunny days. Apparently Nassar has a thing for sunny days — Lauer told CTV News that the homeowner even insists on meeting with him exclusively on sunny days. 

Marc-Grégor said Nassar welcomed him “very nicely” when he photographed Lion Gate Estate, but he quickly discovered that the owner was just as eccentric as he expected. 

“He seemed like a normal guy at first, but quickly I discovered his personality. It is in correlation with the house.”

Although Nassar had fascinating stories about his vintage cars and endless artwork, Marc-Grégor couldn’t help but wonder if this was an elaborate prank. “I was seriously wondering at that time if all of this was serious,” he said. “I even wondered if it was a setup from Alex.”

Twitter was pretty divided on how they felt about the house; while the carpeted ceiling made some people nauseous, it was love at first sight for others. 

Whether it’s a dream home or a house of horrors, 401 W Grixdale is still up for sale. Are you in search of a house with plush walls and crocheted ceilings? Or what seems to be an infinite supply of statues? Then maybe Lion Gate Estate is for you!

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