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Top 10 Things School Taught You Wrong – Viral Trends

Top 10 Things School Taught You Wrong

Top 10 Things School Taught You Wrong Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD // Have a Top 10 idea? Submit it to us here! http://watchmojo.com/my/suggest.php You might’ve learnt it from a teacher…


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Comments 41

  1. #2: As a college professor, I need to point out that one of the reasons we don't like students using Wikipedia is that it prevents the students from acquiring the skill set of in-depth research that we want to teach them. Yes, Wikipedia can be useful as a very brief introduction, but proper research requires books, journal articles, and the occasional visit to the library. It requires cross-referencing and collating large amounts of information. It requires distilling all this down to a succinct summary. Wikipedia teaches you none of that.

  2. #1 climate change. teachers for years have taught us that climate change is caused by air pollution which is false. everybody thinks that air pollution is worse now than ever which is far from the truth, our resources and our way of consuming these resources have become super efficient compared to where they were 30 years ago. in fact according to the EPA air pollution has gone down by over 50% since 1980 and the national US AQI is on average between 15-70 compared to the 80's where it was between 60-200. we used to burn lead based gasoline on carbureted engines with a 3:1 compression ratio. now we have cars with fuel injection burning alcohol based gasoline with a 10:1 compression ratio. and coal plants used to spit out black smoke full of all kinds of toxins like mercury and PM, bow all you see coming from coal plants (in the US) are white puffy clouds of water vapor.

  3. Cursive does matter. You learn it to learn how to sign your name. That’s something I’ve done countless times over the years. Besides, why wouldn’t you want to learn cursive? Why wouldn’t you want to be as intelligent as possible?

  4. Unless all my anatomy professors from college had fake PhDs, #6 is actually half true. The tongue has receptors all over it but there are 5 or 6 (can’t remember the exact number) different receptors. Each one has a structure different from the rest; hence they perceive different flavors/tastes.

  5. My cousin went on Wikipedia and messed with the Jesus page. A couple minutes later, it got fixed and his account was banned. So when people say that people can put anything on Wikipedia, this shows that you can't just put anything, as it will get fixed within a couple of minutes

  6. I only use Wiki-pedia for things I don't want to learn but just look up. For example, if I need cover art for a album when I import it to ITunes. As for any Internet based encyclopedia, I prefer the book form. Reason: Back in the day, a whole volume of books, typically 25-28, cost almost a grand, even in the early 70's therefore, with the amount of encyclopedia volumes sold, you bet that Britannica and other brands would make 200% dag gone sure that every t is crossed, every i is dotted and ever ? > < " : | } { ) ( * & ^ % $ # @ + – and ! is in it's place. Unlike today if an error is made, all it takes is a few mouse clicks therefore all accountability gets thrown out the window.

  7. Why in the world wants to taught us to learn every english words but a lot of those words have same meanings like Awesome=Marvelous=Astonishing=Stupendous=Staggering, blablabla. Why not the world teach people basic or simple english so everyone can understand each other and not make things complicated, geez man why? WHY?!!!

  8. College history professor told us forget everything they taught you high school and before because it was all bulls***
    Also I'm surprised they didn't say anything about Columbus discovering American since indigenous people live here and I think Scandinavians show up way before him. And how evil he was

  9. You could write a book about what was taught that ain't right. Like America, Australia and other lands under the commonwealth are such achievements and the way they came about is such a fascinating story(sarcastic as hell)… How shameful to be run by a civilization that had to learn that draining your shit into your drinking supply isn't right…. XD

  10. I remember in middle school my teachers told us to not use the Wikipedia page, go to the bottom and click to links to the websites that the info is from….it literally blew my mind lol

  11. In high school, I learned there were five kingdoms of life, animals, plants, fungi, protists, and bacteria. However, bacteria is a domain of life along with archae and eukaryotes. And protists refer to any one of several eukaryotic organisms, that are not directly related.

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