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Tv Adverts Video Pub Quiz – Viral Trends
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  1. (From the author's site)
    1. Skoda Fabia 2. Boddingtons 3. Full of Eastern Promise (Frys Turkish Delight) 4. ITV Digital 5a. Macintosh Computers 5b. 1984 6a. 1990 6b. Johnny Morris from Animal Magic 7. Heineken 8 John West (Salmon) 9. Maxell 10. Castella Cigars 11a. Impulse 11b. Quentin Crisp 12a. Hovis Bread 12b. Sir Ridley Scott 13. Kit Kat 14a. Sony Bravia 14b. Rolling Stones (She’s a Rainbow 1967) 15. Kevin Keegan

  2. Surely if you're going to go the trouble of such a thorough and riveting quiz, you'd give the people that have taken their time to view your masterpiece the chance to know what the f**k the f**king answers are for f**k s*ke 

  3. Join us for the first weekly pub quiz on Thursday night at 7:30pm. £1 each entrant, have as many people on your team as you like, winning team wins half the pot then "Play Your Cards Right" to win the second half. If the second half of the pot is not won it rolls over to the next week. Come on down, bring your family and friends we look forward to seeing you.

  4. 1/ Skoda Fabia 2/ Boddingtons 3/ Full of Eastern Promise 4/ ITV Digital 5/ Apple Mac in 1984 6/ 80s, and Johnny Morris? 7/ Heineken 8/ John West 9/ Um, Maxell? 10/ Castella Classic 11/ Impulse, and Quentin Crisp 12/ Hovis, and…no idea 13/ don't know 14/ Sony Bravia, and the Rolling Stones 15/ Kevin Keegan.

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