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Flash Photography Battle! Profoto B1X vs Godox AD600 Pro vs Broncolor Siros 800 L – Viral Trends

Flash Photography Battle! Profoto B1X vs Godox AD600 Pro vs Broncolor Siros 800 L

Godox AD600 Pro
Amazon : http://geni.us/NDqJb
Adorama : http://bit.ly/2E6H7UL

Broncolor Siros 800 L
Amazon : http://geni.us/2rS6I
Adorama : http://bit.ly/2ol4d4b

Profoto B1X
Amazon : http://geni.us/profotob1x
Adorama : http://bit.ly/2G22k6P
Join Photography Gear Chat FB Group: http://bit.ly/2qB3de5
Follow me on Instagram: http://bit.ly/2sj7Lsq

I need one more day to make docs, charts, and video test available – will update the description ASAP

My B1 vs. AD600 Article: http://bit.ly/2tZ6KGK

Hypersync/HSS Explained More:
http://bit.ly/2G25EPc (shutter animation source)

Flash Durations Explained More:
http://bit.ly/2GF9JXm (t.1 vs. t.5 graphic source)

Chinese color comparison : http://bit.ly/2GGWxS1
(I didn’t like their power comparison because it was with reflectors). Color should be solid information though.

Profoto B1X Description:
The Profoto B1X off-camera flash is the successor of the award winning Profoto B1. The B1X is no stay-at-home flash; it’s for the adventurous photographer who likes to get out there on location in the real world. The portable B1X offers cordless, battery-powered freedom and flexibility. After all, there aren’t many wall sockets in the middle of a desert or half way up a mountain. B1X provides you with easy light-shaping wherever and whatever your location might be thanks to its dedicated system of lightweight OCF Light Shaping Tools that are designed for maximum mobility and ease of use.

It offers automatic TTL shooting that shines brightest in challenging lighting conditions. It offers HSS that enables you to control and shape light even in broad daylight. And it’s fast to set up so you’re free to explore and create stunning images. Let your imagination set the limits, not the length of your cables. The B1X gives you the power you need in all the right places.

Broncolor Siros 800 L Description:
The Siros L is broncolor’s new battery-powered compact device, which provides ambitious professional photographers with the opportunity to enjoy the perfect lighting, be this in a mobile form in the studio or for external shots – offering up to 440 flashes at full power per battery charge, color constancy and both very fast and also long, flash durations. Easy to control with the bronControl App. Available in 400 and 800 Joules.

Siros L features broncolor HS for syncing at shutter speeds up to 1/8000s. broncolor HS requires an RFS2.2 transmitter, available for Canon, Nikon, and Sony cameras. Existing Siros owners should ensure that their lights the latest user-upgradable firmware has been loaded – available on broncolor’s website.

Broncolor Siros L Features
Siros L is battery-powered: A single fully-charged lithium-ion battery stores enough energy for a Siros 400 L to flash more than 440 times and it does that at maximum power! A miracle? No, quality!
Siros L is fast: In only 0.03 seconds your Siros L is ready again. The flash duration can last less than 1/9000s (t0.1) or 1/19’000s (t0.5). Truly miraculous times.
Siros L is simple: Very simple operation using the single rotary controller. Alternatively you can use the advanced, intuitive app. Either way using Siros L is fun.
Siros L is powerful: The high light output, up to 800J, leaves no photographer standing in the dark – it can even challenge sunshine.
Siros L is LED: With its low power consumption, the 25 Watt LED module provides bright modeling light at a color temperature of 3200K. The light characteristics are absolutely comparable with the modeling light from a mains-operated Siros S.
Siros is Swiss: Do you appreciate quality? In Siros L you have Swiss precision and quality – inside and out. Be inspired!
Siros L is family: Proven meets innovation! The battery-powered Siros L, the Siros studio lights and Siros S are all available in both 400 and 800 Joule versions. Equipped with the broncolor bayonet fitting, they are part of the best light system in the world.

Godox AD600 Pro / Xplor 600 Pro TTL Description:
The compact 600ws marvel invites you to go beyond the straights of wire dependency and soar into the free and easy heights only R2 Radio tenders.

The controls are familiar. But the innovation is outstanding. News breaking features like: recycling in under a second at full power, super stable color output, real modeling light power from an LED, and integrated reflector while maintain the classic Bowens mount, and superior flashtube performance.
The first XPLOR600 proved the power of R2 to master the light wirelessly, and now, the XPLOR 600Pro goes beyond, with sleek design, practical control consolidation and keen responsiveness. True accurate TTL, lithium powered mobile imaging that spurs your creative imagination to conquer distant vistas, solve the challenging lighting situation in any environment, adapt to multiple camera systems right out of the box.


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Comments 37

  1. Robert – Great job on this video. You covered a lot of material and decision factors. Any thoughts about flash/trigger consistency with the power controllers in both standard and HSS modes? Does one have more dropped frames versus another due the flash not firing? Or are all 3 so consistent that this isn't an issue? Thanks for helping everyone out with all your info.

  2. Thanks for the comparison man! I have the flashpoint zoom TTL LiOn speedlight and my Evolv 200 broke and the wind took it but I just purchased a replacement. I think for the money it works just fine until I can get into commercial work or higher paying jobs and can justify buying the Pro 600.

  3. Hi Robert.
    Great comparison video!
    I've been testing the Profoto B2 and B1X, last two weeks, and they are both great lights for different needs. My conclusion about the HSS mode in the B1X is completely different of yours. In my tests (i used a grey card at 1,5m and fired the flash to achieve a good exposure) I only measured about 1.2/3 stops of light loss when entering HSS mode. However with the B2 I had a loss of more than 3 stops, just like you did with the B1X. Do you have any clue about this differences (firmware?…)

  4. Great video and I completely agree. I was deciding between godox and Profoto and went godox/Flashpoint because I could afford to have a backup onsite and ready. 2 is 1 and 1 is none method of thinking when it comes to gear.

  5. Thanks for this information and yes it is good that Godox is actually communicating with someone since all customer support is non existent. I just bought two AD600pro and a 860ii to test and compare with my older profoto gear, and yes that fact that you can with profoto drop an email and get a reply basically next day is very valuable. And so far there are the small things that irritates me like the lack of a grip on the head making it very difficult to get a safe grip on the head during normal handling and no information as to when that will be available , and the same goes for the ac power adapter. I think if Godox will stand a chance in the professional users arena they have to take a serious step up on service and customer relations. Right now I am very much in favour of the product but possibly if any problems arise in terms of parts and service I would happily buy the 2x priced profoto for reliability and customer support. AND develop a mac firmware upgrade app….

  6. The cost factor is huge between these lights and if that’s a roadblock then the Godox system is perfect.

    With that being said you may be saving money up front but you could end up spending more should your light fail. Godox treats these strobes as disposable lights, if anything goes wrong you throw it away and buy a new one (sound like Youngnuo?). Service is simply not a option even when buying from Adorama. Adorama will replace the light should anything happen to it within the warrantee period but after that time you will need to replace the light.

    I personally have had two AD600’s get knocked over (long story and in the end it was poor planning on my part) and Adorama quickly replaced both units. When calling in I did ask what the repair charge would be if it was out of the warrantee period and was told they do not repair them.

    When buying any photography gear there are disposable items like umbrellas and gaffer tape but we are talking about a strobe that is close to $1000. Is that something that you are willing to simply toss in the trash and replace should anything go wrong?

    I love my four AD600’s and three AD200’s but after seeing there is no repair service being offered I am starting to question my purchases.

  7. Great video , the profoto looked bad. I find ridiculous that the high end machines do not report power. You can use the app in the Broncolor case, if you are in s studio that is great. The other part of ridiculous is Broncolor not having TTL. One can live without it, but it costs 2k+ dollars. Again excellent review. I will read the numbers

  8. Ok, I watched the whole film. Very nicely done comparison. Very well thought out methodology. Thank you. I also saw somewhere below someone said that you are the only one with whom Godox is still communicating in terms of marketing to the western world :D. Good job then :). And in that regard, I would have a suggestion to pass to Godox in terms of their trigger development. I think it would be nice to add another 5 buttons on the right side of XPro and use it as a preset buttons that allow to remember power, zoom, mode, channel and group mode (5 or 16). And in fact any changeable setting that can be made on XPro. This would be very helpful for event photographers that often times have to work in few different "zones of light", for example – hotel lounge, event promo wall, and event hall.

  9. great job! my problem with GODOX is service. I purchased the AD600 pro from Adorama since they warranty the Flaspoint brand. I can never get a respond from Godox on service which i need for a AD360 and a 685. (display issues)

  10. Thanks for the comparison. I wouldn't compare power output in an indirect silver reflector as these can have a varying beam angle spread / light distribution / etc. depending on exactly where the flash tube is in the modifier, how the flash tube is designed, and which reflector if any is used. I believe that all three lights, when fitted with their default umbrella reflector (meaning in the case of the B1, naked), have a roughly similar beam angle pattern. I'd just shoot them this way in a white umbrella, positioning them so that no light from the flash tube leaks through the sides (ie, roughly at the rim of the umbrella). That said, I don't think that it's that useful anyway, as some modifiers can't easily be used on different mounts (ex : Zoom OCF), and to get a similar light quality, one may choose different modifiers depending on the mount, with different efficiency.

  11. Hey Robert – interesting that you say Godox helped Broncolor to get HS to work… Do you know if there are any plans from Godox for a HS-like option in the X series? I used to use Hypersync hugely with my PocketWizards and if Godox offered something comparable, I could finally sell them off (not that they're worth that much these days!)

  12. Great and useful comparison— thank you so much. I had one question, why specifically do you explain that they are for “different types of photographers, and what would those differences be? I know high end photographers and studios that use each of them, due to their respective advantages.

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