Dating A Latina (8JTV)

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  1. Latinas are hot headed and unpredictable though. They will misinterpret shit in a minute and when they do, it’s hard to convince them otherwise. They are also filled with passion when things are going well and rage when you piss them off. Great lovers but very sneaky. What a mix.

  2. Latina???? no such a thing. Latin ain't a race of people, and Spanish is a European language and culture. Hispanic ppl are Iberian not Latin. So quit hi-jacking our culture pls. these portrayals are not
    accurate of our ways. we ain't ghettofied confused native Indians who pretend to be someone we ain't. 🇪🇸 if this ain't your flag then u ain't Spanish.

  3. No thanks. Too much drama and fake bitches are a dime a dozen. I don't give a fuck how fine a bitch is someone is tired of fucking her and dealing with her bullshit.

  4. Dont date latinas especially puerto ricans fatal attraction types , even their men will tell you not to, cubans and colombians tend to be hoes, just steer clear unless you like crazy women

  5. I love Latina's, the most gorgeous women. The hottest in every sense! Even though most of them are crazy af, they call it passionate.. and alot of the times they are all passion , and then…..BOOM!!!! They go off like the hottest lil fireworks display! But it's definitely worth it!!

  6. Please rename this to "Dating a corny ass Lati-Gringa first generation US-Born Latina. HUGE difference from dating an actual Latina. My current girlfriend is South American (Actually raised there) and she's nothing like this. Same with my Previous Ex-Gf who was born and raised in Mexico until she was 23.

  7. LMAO these people are not Latin they are Amerindian mestizo mixed with West Africans, Europeans, Arabs and other races.
    Latin people are only in Sicily and Southern Italy where we still speak a Latin dialect from the Roman empire for we don't speak Italian like they do in Central and Northern Italy. Why don't these Mestizo people speak our language and celebrate our culture? People from the Americas and the Caribbean don't have a Latin culture. Cui va n Palermu e un vidi Murriali, si nni parti sceccu e torna armali. Murraili, cita senza cunfortu, o chiovi o mina ventu o sona a mortu.

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