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Rick Ross Recovering, Back to Family Biz | TMZ Live – Viral Trends

Rick Ross Recovering, Back to Family Biz | TMZ Live

Rick Ross is looking thinner, but also much stronger after his intensive care health crisis — and he’s even taking time to deal with family matters. SUBSCRIBE: http://po.st/TMZLiveSubscribe…


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Comments 42

  1. Hold up,,, do y'all really know what these black so called rich branded celebs are up against? Hell nawww!!!! Some may know,,, many don't have a clue. Most are signed sealed and delivered like postage stamps. Meaning controlled, owned, scripted on what to say and do, have no control over their so called currency that they are supposedly worth, terrorized and scared to step outside the box, reason because we have no black unity majority of us are owned and controlled just like Ross to abide by what big corps tell us how to think and do or suffer the consequences from either trumped up jail charges or death. The richest of the richest hip hop mogul cried and explained the entire ordeal to me. I know this dude had no reason to lie about that type of shiiii… It's all business and entertainment to sell masters branded slaves to the public. Who are they going to run to and say these organized rich big Corp owners are raping me? Not the hood cause the hood sell dope for the Feds and killing, robbing as well as snitching on each other every chance they get. No support from there,,, so truth is all type of shit is going on behind closed doors. With out Unity these so called big rich dressed to impress owned, branded rap slaves and entertainers are all ass out and directed on what to do and say or face the repercussions.

  2. Don't believe tmz they tells truth n lies to get ppl confused with thier story why u think they are tmz da back up to make ppl believe thier crap yea

  3. Y'all bitches knows he clone datz y he guna sing different n act differently datz y dat hoe said dat cuz they get pay to tell lies n story n make ppl believe dat bullshit datz y they mix truth n lies together to make ppl believe thier bullshit

  4. Hey Brothers and sisters, We all know how the powers that be get down they cloned him, Remember when he lost 75 pounds back in 2011. This is unfortunate since his manager was sacrificed last year. I believe Meek Mill will be next watch to see how he looks when he gets out of jail. Evil lucifarians do not care about human beings anymore. They get to take all their money back with no consequences for murder…..

  5. Really like really TMZ now everybody should know that that's not Rick Ross at ALL, but ok sense y'all seem to go alone with it lmao. That man is MK out this MF!!! God bless him and all he's family

  6. He had one of those procedures done and now he's gotten too small too fast. The body is supposed to lose the weight naturally by just cutting back on how much you eat and how often. It's like his body is kind of traumatized

  7. Fuck your fat ass, by the GRACE OF GOD at that time of morning You were conscious enough to let someone knew you needed help, your Wife brought your Son and it turned into a circus, then you get out and I know you saw all the prayers from fan's and you post a photo of your arm with jewlery??? Did you listen to the 911 call ?? You shited on yourself, you were slobbing out your mouth and the 1st thing you do is do a video slamming your EX WIFE?? I don't like 50 but I'll be praying right now for another day on this earth. Next time you might not make it.

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